Friday, 22 September 2017

Discovering Durham Distillery - Strawberry and Pink Pepper Liqueur

I know, I know, Summer is over and days in the sunshine enjoying cocktails, BBQs and bowls of strawberries probably seems a bit of a distant memory but I can't be the only person still secretly hoping for an Indian Summer in the North East?

I'm still clinging on to the last few days of Summer and am very happy that locals Durham Distillery are helping me with a rather special bottle of Strawberry and Pink Pepper Liqueur which tastes so good splashed into a glass of Prosecco!

I'm definitely not limiting this baby to Summer and am already dreaming up some rather special Christmas cocktail creations so I can carry on enjoying this as the colder months arrive.

Discovering Durham Distillery - Strawberry and Pink Pepper Liqueur
If, like me, you've never heard of Durham Distillery then allow me to introduce them to you.

Durham Distillery are a small batch craft distillery with a huge passion for creating handcrafted gin, vodka and liqueurs right here in the North East. Using traditional methods, each small batch creates only a few hundred bottles at a time which are bottled and labelled by hand. It's this extra little bit of love and care which made me really fall in love with this wonderful local business.

Durham Distillery are the creators of Durham Gin. Handmade in a copper pot still, the gin is created with hand crushed juniper berries mixed with botanicals including Angelica and Pink Peppercorn, locally sourced Durham spring water and pure grain spirit. If Gin isn't your tipple of choice then the Distillery also produce Durham Vodka using the tails of the Gin slowly filtered through a custom built filtration column.

Their Strawberry and Pink Pepper Liqueur launched this year and since getting a bottle it's been a huge hit at our home bar (the fancy word I use to describe our cupboard in the lounge that's full of bottles). Fresh pressed strawberry juice combined with their signature Durham Gin, the fruity liqueur has a lovely warm finish.

Durham Distillery - Strawberry and Pink Pepper Liqueur
You'll find Durham Distillery stocked nationwide and at some of my very favourite spots across the North East including Jesmond Dene House, Fenwick Newcastle and The Lord Crewe Arms. For more information on where you can taste some of their delicious drinks check out their stockist list here or if you want some for your own bar at home you can.

Rather excitingly just as I was about to publish this post I discovered that the "Finance Durham Fund"; a venture by Durham County Council to help local businesses grow, have invested £250,000 in Durham Gin which will help it move to a new site to include a visitor centre (so exciting!)

Love Gin? Check out my recent visit to the Botanist Gin Masterclass.

We were sent a complimentary bottle of Strawberry and Pink Liqueur as a treat but our love for Durham Gin is very real!

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

How to Spend a Week in Anglesey and North Wales - Our British Staycation

Despite being a great supporter of a British Staycation even I have to admit that sometimes when you're stood in freezing cold winds with soggy jeans and wet feet it can feel like your holiday has been a bit of a washout and that maybe you were a bit silly not to jump on a plane and head for the sun.

How to Spend a Week in Anglesey and North Wales - Our British Staycation

This was us as we stood on top of Mt Snowdon last week. Feeling slightly annoyed after an uncomfortable train ride to the top only to be stood at the summit surrounded by such thick cloud that we couldn't see any of those stunning views.

If you're planning a staycation in the UK it's always best to pack your waterproofs and your sense of humour, something that we almost forgot during our recent staycation to Anglesey when, after a few days of rubbish luck and awful weather, we were ready to call it quits and go home early.

Anglesey and North Wales Staycation - Beaumaris

Luckily we didn't return home to the North East when things started to go wrong because we would have missed out on discovering the wonderful things that Anglesey and North Wales has to offer, despite the ever changing weather.

Here are just some of the wonderful places that we discovered on our staycation and where you should visit if you're planning a holiday in Anglesey and North Wales.


Our base for the week was Little Hideaway, a gorgeous little cottage in the centre of Beaumaris booked through Boltholes and Hideaways. It took me forever to find our perfect snug home for our holiday but the website was an absolute treasure trove of cute instagrammable places to spend your holiday, I'd be lying if I said I didn't book our accommodation solely on this lush sofa.

Anglesey and North Wales Staycation - Boltholes and Hideaways

Beaumaris was our perfect home for the week and had the most beautiful views (once the rain had cleared!) - if you were going to jump into a painting Mary Poppins style I'm convinced Beaumaris is where you'd end up.

Colourful houses, lush hills, picture perfect sailing boats and streets full of beautiful old buildings - it was a dream destination.

Anglesey and North Wales Staycation - Beaumaris
Wet afternoons were spent on mini bar crawls around Beaumaris where a huge variety of bars, pubs and hotels kept us occupied for hours. We got quite the taste for gin during our staycation and I became addicted to Rhubarb Gin and Ginger Ale.

When the sun shone we were keen to get out to explore the surrounding area. During a short break in an afternoon of heavy downpours we had a lovely time skimming stones at Penmon Lighthouse, a hidden gem that was completely free of tourists.

Anglesey and North Wales Staycation - Penmon Lighthouse

Caernarfon Castle

There are so many stunning castles in Wales and we only had time to visit a few so we were sure to pick out the very best. Caernarfon is a lovely little town and home to one of north Wales' largest and most impressive castles.

Anglesey and North Wales Staycation - Caernarfon

Exploring Caernarfon Castle involved strong legs as we climbed up and down the towers keen to see the breathtaking views and history came to life with an impressive amount of visual displays.

Our visit was kept pretty brief due to my inappropriate wardrobe  (I did not succeed in packing a sensible amount of warmer clothing for a British Staycation!) but one day I'd love to go back and have a proper explore!

Anglesey and North Wales Staycation - Caernarfon Castle


If I were to describe Llandudno to you, I'd say it's very much somewhere people come to retire. The streets are crowded with gossiping Nans and Grandads but it's also the perfect destination for a romantic stroll or for family seaside fun.

We spent a lot of our time walking along the beautiful seafront, admiring the buildings, stuffing our faces with donuts and watching the very cheeky seagulls dive bombing tourists and stealing their food.   The odd glimpse of the sun gave us the most beautiful views across the sea and with the dark and stormy clouds overhead everything looked very dramatic.

Anglesey and North Wales Staycation - Llandudno

We were keen to adventure to The Great Orme, a massive chunk of limestone rising out of the sea and offering fantastic views of the North Wales countryside.

Enthusiastic walkers can enjoy a short hike up to the top of the mini mountain but we wanted to travel in style with a journey on the Great Orme Tramway.

Anglesey and North Wales Staycation - Great Omre Tramway

The Tramway is Britain's only cable-hauled street tramway and travelling up the hill in an original Victorian tramcar is quite an experience. As we journeyed up the steep hill, the views behind us were very impressive and it's a definite "must do" if you are planning a staycation in North Wales.

Anglesey and North Wales Staycation - Great Omre Tram

When we reached the summit of Great Orme we were greeted to a pretty chilly and very windy hill top so quickly rushed to the peak to enjoy some beautiful views before hurrying indoors to warm up with a nice hot cup of tea.


My favourite day trip of our staycation had to be our visit to Conwy. All thoughts of bad weather flew straight out of my head as soon as we drove into the beautiful medieval walled town. Day trips like this remind me how perfect a British Staycation can be.

Anglesey and North Wales Staycation - Conwy
I've never seen such a perfect example of a medieval walled town before, almost all of the walls are intact and you can more or less walk the whole way round the town with plenty of aerial views of Conwy Castle from the highest points.

You know you're onto a winner when you're stopping every few minutes to take yet another photograph, there was so much to see and it felt so great to be getting plenty of steps out in the fresh air (much needed when you've been indulging in far too much holiday food!)

Anglesey and North Wales Staycation - Conwy Walls

If we thought the walls were amazing, we loved Conwy even more after exploring the castle which was easily my favourite of the week.  With every spiral staircase we climbed we were greeted with an even more stunning view than we'd had before. I think I took pictures of the same view from every tower but I just couldn't help myself.

Anglesey and North Wales Staycation - Conwy View

Eat North Wales

Of course it wouldn't be a holiday if we didn't stuff our faces and we found some real treasures in North Wales that would have had our Weight Watchers leader gasping in horror.

Beaumaris Food Festival

Our holiday perfectly timed with the Beaumaris Food Festival, a yearly event held on the green in Beaumaris every September. Being eager beavers we bought a two day pass and spent a very enjoyable weekend eating as much as we could possibly manage.

Anglesey and North Wales Staycation - Beaumaris Food Festival

The most frustrating part about a food festival is not having the stomach capacity to eat more food but we gave it a good go, enjoying one of the best burgers I've ever had from The Little Food Hut, a huge apple crumble waffle from A Lot of Waffle and washing it all down with prosecco cocktails from the The Tipsy Mare and very potent cider from Jaspels.

Anglesey and North Wales Staycation - A Lot of Waffle

Beau's Tea Shop, Beaumaris

As soon as we spotted the tea shop a short stroll from our holiday cottage we knew we had to visit. Stepping into Beau's Tea Room was a little like spending an afternoon in your Nan's cosy lounge. Fitted out with beautiful antique style furniture and colourful teapots we enjoyed the most delicious slabs of cake that kept us going for hours!

Anglesey and North Wales Staycation - Beau's Tea Room
Fortes Ice Cream Parlour, Llandudno 

When we stumbled across Fortes Ice Cream Parlour in Llandudno my promises of not being a crazy blogger on holiday flew out of the window. With its cosy booths, neon signs and instagram worthy waffles and crepes it was impossible not to take a few snaps and it took a lot of willpower not to have a full on photo shoot.

Anglesey and North Wales Staycation - Fortes Ice Cream Parlour
The menu was epic, we wanted everything but in the end settled for a banoffee waffle for him and a cherry crepe for me.  Don't you hate it when you find amazing places on holiday and then realise they are 5 hours away from where you live! Booo!

Anglesey and North Wales Staycation - Fortes Ice Cream Parlour Waffle
The Red Boat Ice-Cream Shop, Beaumaris

Having become complete ice cream addicts this Summer it's probably no surprise that we managed to sniff out an ice cream shop a few minutes away from our holiday cottage. The Red Boat Ice Cream Parlour offered a huge variety of flavours and most days we'd find ourselves popping in just for a quick look at the counter.

Anglesey and North Wales Staycation - Red Boat Ice Cream Parlour

We let ourselves indulge on a very wet afternoon and my delicious Black Forest cone gave me Summer back for just a few moments. It really wouldn't be a proper holiday without a cone and personally I think on a British staycation they taste even better out in the rain!

Anglesey and North Wales Staycation - Red Boat Ice Cream

The one thing we learnt from our staycation in North Wales is that a British Staycation is what you make of it. Sure it might rain and it could be freezing cold, you will possibly find yourself stuck up a mountain wearing inappropriate clothing with water dripping off your nose but where else can you find beautiful towns rich in history, cosy pubs with hidden corners and friendly people to grumble about the weather to.

I'd love to hear your experience of British Staycations - love them or loathe them?

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Tuesday, 19 September 2017

5 of the Best Pizzas in Newcastle

Following the success of my guide to the best burgers in Newcastle, I decided I should start doing more of these mini food guides (any excuse to eat more delicious food!) and so I've decided to turn my attention to pizza. Newcastle has an abundance of Italian restaurants, and with a pizzeria appearing on almost every street corner in Newcastle, when it comes to grabbing a slice we are overwhelmed with choices. I became inspired after Deliveroo recently shared their guide to the UK's best pizzas and it's got me thinking, where can you find the best pizzas in Newcastle?

Here are just a few of my favourite places in the Toon for a pizza date.

5 of the Best Pizzas in Newcastle

Cal's Own 

You really can't talk about the best pizza in Newcastle without mentioning Cal's Own! I will admit it's been a while since I visited and shamefully I've not been since they relocated to Jesmond but Simon and I are determined to get there very soon for a date night. The authentic Neapolitan pizzas cooked in an Italian wood-fired oven are the talk of the Toon.

You can find Cal's Own at 1 - 2 Holly Av, West Jesmond, Newcastle

Herb Garden

When you're welcomed in from the street by a roller skating horse you know you've come to a great place. Snuggle in the cosy railway arch, dine under a ceiling of beautiful lanterns and fight with your other half about who ordered the best pizza. The toppings are plentiful, the base is thin and crispy and they even serve brunch pizzas.

You can find Herb Garden at 8 Westgate Road, Newcastle

Check out my review of the Herb Garden

5 of the Best Pizzas in Newcastle - Herb Garden


The place that has us queuing in our lunch hour, Pizza by the Slice in Grainger Market is the best place to grab a pizza slice on the go and keeps everyone coming back for more. The pizza is freshly cooked and served on paper plates to give that authentic market experience, well known for being the best and cheapest pizza in Newcastle it's no surprise it's the "go to" place for a quick bite.

You can find Slice at The Grainger Market, Newcastle


When I'm not scoffing my way through the Gusto Burger, my other menu obsession at Gusto is the Peking Pizza. Roasted crispy duck sitting on a hoisin base, it's unlike any other pizza in Newcastle. Gusto is my favourite place for a romantic pizza date, but if you tend to dine with the whole family in tow the kids will love the opportunity to play chef and cook their own pizzas!

You can find Gusto at 106 Quayside, Newcastle

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5 of the Best Pizzas in Newcastle - Gusto

Central Oven and Shaker

Central Oven and Shaker is a pretty new addition to the Newcastle restaurant scene and has fast become of the best places for pizza . All their pizzas are served on a 12 inch sourdough base with homemade sauce and plenty of toppings. I'm a big supporter of pizzas so huge they fall off your plate and that's exactly what you get at Central.

You can find Central Oven and Shaker at 8 Neville Street, Newcastle

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5 of the Best Pizzas in Newcastle - Central Slice

Have I missed out your favourite?  Let me know where to find the best pizzas in Newcastle! I know there are loads more places in Newcastle that serve up fantastic pizzas and I'm always happy to discover new treats.

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Friday, 15 September 2017

8 Things I've Learned Living in Newcastle

Moving to Newcastle has taught me a lot! The city that I barely knew before I arrived used to be somewhere so far north it seemed out of reach. The land of Cheryl Cole and Ant & Dec, where people greet each other with a "Wey Aye" and kids hang out at Byker Grove.

The reality of living in Newcastle is somewhat different to what I expected so today I thought I'd share with you 8 Things I've Learned Living in Newcastle.

8 Things I've Learned Living in Newcastle

Always run under the Tyne Bridge

The Tyne Bridge is as pretty as a picture and just as spectacular in real life. The memory on my phone is constantly taken up with photos of the iconic landmark. But what you don't see in the photographs is all the birds that live under the Tyne Bridge! If you're going for a lazy stroll along the Newcastle Quayside make sure you break into a run as you pass under the Tyne Bridge or you will get covered in poo (it happens to me frequently!)

Geordies dress according to seasons not weather

Whilst I plan my wardrobe out according to what I see on the weather forecast, Geordies very much dress for the season. Therefore in the Summer they all wear shorts and sandals even if it's chilly and the rain is throwing down. Seeing a Geordie with soggy feet is completely normal in the Toon and I'll always look like a bit of a tourist in my waterproofs.

8 Things I've Learned Living in Newcastle - Tyne Bridge
Stotties are the best

A stottie from Greggs is the best kind of sandwich to have and once you've had one nothing else will ever compare. Stotties are huge, soft and squidgy and are amazing dipped in gravy or filled with hot chips. I can now smell them from a mile away and they are my favourite kind of naughty treat.

Geordie is a whole new language

Whilst it seems funny that Americans couldn't understand Cheryl Cole on TV, believe me not understanding a Geordie is a very real thing. I've often found myself the only southerner in a group of slightly tipsy Geordies and once they're in full flow I can't understand a word anyone is saying! I dread to think what I've agreed to in the past just from nodding along in a conversation.

8 Things I've Learned Living in Newcastle - River Tyne

It's always windy

One thing no one ever tells you about Newcastle is that it is always so windy!  Even on baking hot Summer days there'll be a good amount of wind and it's a good idea to make sure you're always wearing a long skirt and have your hair tied up or things will start to get messy!

Don't go to Toon on match days

Newcastle is a very passionate football city so it's pointless trying to get into Toon on a match day. The roads will be jammed, the pubs will be full and the city becomes a busy sea of black and white. Despite living in Newcastle for 4 years this is still a mistake I make and only last week I found myself stuck in a sea of people trying to get home.

8 Things I've Learned Living in Newcastle - Monument

My favourite things were invented in the North East

Did you know that Ringtons Tea, Greggs and Fenwicks were all created in the North East? No one likes a show off but I think that's something to be pretty damn proud of!

Manchester is in the South!

My husband is from Manchester so I love to wind him up by telling him that Manchester isn't actually in the north.  When you've living all the way up in Newcastle most places seem pretty southern to us!

8 Things I've Learned Living in Newcastle - Tyne

I'd love to hear from any other Honorary Geordies - what things have you learned since living in Newcastle?

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Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Do the Grind serve the Best Burgers in Newcastle?

Do the Grind serve the best burgers in Newcastle?

A question I've asked myself a number of times since I first heard the whispers that they serve up the best cheeseburgers in the city, a bold and proud statement that you'll even find written on a blackboard outside their temporary home at No. 28.

The Grind have been a regular on the North East street food scene for a while now but it was once they opened a pop up restaurant in No. 28 at the Grainger Market that I first started to hear a real buzz about their burgers. Rumours of amazing patties, epic amounts of cheese and lush sides began to pass between the Newcastle foodies and I was keen to see what the fuss was about.

So what took us so long to get to the Grind? Simon is fiercely loyal to our favourite burgers in the North East, Fat Hippo and he was adamant he didn't want to cheat on them!  Whilst it's great that I've married a guy that's so faithful I was keen to be a little naughty and give the Grind a go and eventually I managed to wear him down. I was ready to make the Grind my cheeky little "bit on the side"!

Trying to find a menu for the Grind online is tricky, I've seen them at various food festivals and markets across the region so had an idea of what was on offer but was curious to see if the menu at No. 28 would be bigger and better! I couldn't wait to see exactly what was on offer!

So when we actually got our hands on the full menu when we sat at our table in No. 28 I was feeling pretty chuffed (for those of you who are curious there's a full menu displayed outside No. 28 I don't know why I'd never thought to look before!) The menu is made up of an impressive seven cheeseburgers as well as sides, sharers and sweets. We were happy and everything sounded so good that making a decision was tough.

After a lot of thought (and Simon almost accidentally ordering a vegetarian burger - hilarious) I opted for the Mid Western (£7.00) - Grind style butter burger with French onions, whipped garlic and miso butter and Simon went for the West Coast Classic (6.00) - served with lettuce and secret sauce. Deciding on what sides to order was even tougher than choosing a burger. I almost went for the amazing sounding Truffle & Parmesan Fries (£4.50) but in the end we both chose the Solo Beef Dripping Fries (£2.50). As a cheeky extra we also ended up with Buffalo wings (from £5.00) as they accidentally added them to our order in the kitchen! Result!

Our food turned up on a huge tray to share, it looked pretty damn impressive but I have to say sharing a tray of food with my husband can be a little stressful as he eats so much faster than me.  If I don't keep an eye on him I end up with no fries!

So how were our burgers?

They were amazing! Firstly I loved how the burgers came perfectly wrapped up in a little parcel, it made picking them up to eat almost effortless - sure I still ended up with hands covered in sauce and cheese but it encouraged me to really make a good go of eating with my hands (I'm usually one of these annoying people who eat burgers with a knife and fork!).

As soon as I'd taken a bite of my Grind Cheeseburger I could understand what the fuss was about. The meat was served slightly pink and was so full of flavour, the cheese was plentiful and oh so stringy and as for the French Onions - Oh wow!

I think my favourite part of the meal however was the Beef Dripping Fries. They were so crispy and very moreish and we almost fell out a few times over who got the last few off the tray. They were lush!

We weren't quite so taken with the Buffalo Wings but I know that many others rave about them. Neither of us are really that fussed with chicken on the bone and we also found the sauce covering them to be slightly too spicy. That's just our personal preference and I know that others love them as much as the burgers!

So I cheated on Fat Hippo and how do I feel? Pretty darn good!  Being a girl with a huge appetite, there's plenty of room in my life for two burger loves.

We loved our first visit to the The Grind and we'd love to see them open up a proper restaurant in Newcastle soon!

So, the big question! Where do they serve your favourite burger and, if you're in the North East, do you prefer Fat Hippo or the Grind?

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Monday, 11 September 2017

An Instagram Guide to Newcastle

If you're planning a visit to the North East what you really need is a handy Instagram Guide to Newcastle. I don't know about you but whenever I'm planning a trip to somewhere new I do a lot of my research on Instagram.

If you want to be guaranteed the perfect spot to get a shot of the Eiffel Tower, find the best cupcakes in London or enjoy a great view of the Hollywood sign Instagram is the ultimate tour guide. So I thought I'd throw together a few hints and tips to the best Instagram locations in Newcastle, just in case you are planning a visit or you're a local and fancy making your Instagram look a little prettier.

I'll let you know the best spots for those iconic photos of the bridges across the Tyne, where to get the most Instagrammable sweet treats and some of the things that have gone viral in the Toon.

For more inspiration you can, of course, follow New Girl in Toon on Instagram here!

An Instagram Guide to Newcastle

The perfect Rose Latte at Navaho

Whilst the Instagrammers of London love to pose outside Farm Girl with their speciality lattes, here in Newcastle we have our own Instagram worthy coffees to share with the world. The Rose Lattes at Navaho in Jesmond are forever popping up on Instagram and it's no surprise as they are beautiful. Scattered with rose petals, the latte taste as lush as they look! A must for any Instagrammer visiting Newcastle.

An Instagram Guide to Newcastle - Navaho Jesmond

Bubble Waffles at Bread Point

Seeing the Bubble Waffles of Bread Point in Newcastle's China Town pop up on Instagram was enough to send me on a mission to discover them for myself. They're a real talking point and certainly make your Instagram grid pop. Oozing in cream and covered in colourful fruit, they're the must have food for your Instagram grid and they taste so good!

An Instagram Guide to Newcastle - Bubble Waffle

The iconic bridges on the Quayside

Every city has its iconic landmarks and you can't really put together an Instagram Guide to Newcastle without including the Tyne Bridge. Whilst there are plenty of places to take a snap the prime spot for me is from the middle of the Swing Bridge where you get perfectly lit views of the Tyne Bridge. On a good day the reflection in the water can make the most eye catching photo.

An Instagram Guide to Newcastle - Tyne Bridge

The Spotlight at Kiln

Forget the angel wings wall of LA that have instagrammers queuing up round the block, here in Newcastle we have our own way to shine in the spotlight. New café Kiln in Ouseburn have a very quirky wall that is a must for anyone wanting to make their grid look fun. The little coffee shop is well hidden within Ouseburn but worth hunting out for that perfect Instagram shot.

An Instagram Guide to Newcastle - Kiln Ouseburn

Meet and Treat Feet

You can't have the perfect Instagram grid without a shot of some pretty tiles and here in Newcastle we have a spot that's so famous for its floors it has its own hashtag. Chinese noodle bar Meet and Treat found that so many customers were taking photos standing on the tiles they invented #meetandtreatfeet which has been a  huge success on Instagram. So put on your fanciest shoes and head to Meet and Treat for the best shofie in the Toon.

An Instagram Guide to Newcastle - Meet and Treat

Unicorn Cupcakes at Pet Lamb Patisserie

I have always loved Pet Lamb Patisserie in the Grainger Market but recently their cupcakes have got even more instagrammable since the arrival of their Unicorn Cupcakes that have got the residents of Newcastle demanding more! Seriously cute, the perfect excuse to use the unicorn emoji and a guaranteed way of getting lots of likes on your photograph!

An Instagram Guide to Newcastle - Unicorn Cupcake Pet Lamb Patisserie

Avocado on Toast at Naked Deli

Can you really call yourself an Instagrammer if you haven't got some avocado toast on your grid? Photogenic brunches are hugely popular on Instagram and in Newcastle we have the most beautiful dishes at Naked Deli. Their café in Gosforth has fantastic lighting and their dishes are beautiful - perfect for Instagram.

An Instagram Guide to Newcastle - Naked Deli

Street Shots at Grainger Town

The streets around Grainger Town in Newcastle are stunning and show off the city wonderfully yet they're surprisingly hard to capture. Busy pavements, endless flows of traffic and tricky angles make it a mission to get the perfect Instagram shot. But take your time, have a good look and you can get some truly stunning photographs that show off Newcastle to all of your Instagram followers. It's well worth the time!

An Instagram Guide to Newcastle - Grainger Town

Where are your favourite locations in Newcastle for your picture perfect moments?

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