Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Golf for Beginners at Matfen Hall, Northumberland - The Par 3 Course

For Simon's 40th birthday last year I decided to surprise him with a voucher to play Golf at Matfen Hall in Northumberland. A perfect place for beginners to give it a go or out of practice players to revisit forgotten skills, an afternoon on their Par 3 Course is a real treat if you've been wanting to try out golf but was never sure where to go.

Golf for Beginners at Matfen Hall, Northumberland - The Par 3 Course
When Simon and I first moved in together I was surprised to discover that he had a set of golf clubs. In the time that we had got to know each other, he had never once mentioned that he played golf and I had to question why this set of golf clubs was taking up room in our new home.

I didn't realise how special they were!

Simon's Dad was a keen golfer and as a young lad Simon would often caddy for him, hopeful that if he behaved his Dad would let him hit a few balls.  Simon was thrilled when his Dad gifted him his own set of clubs for this 30th birthday and promised him that they'd go out and play together.

Little did he know that the clubs would be the last thing that his Dad gave him before he passed away.

Matfen Hall, Northumberland - The Par 3 Course
When Simon told me that he'd barely played since his Dad died, I was keen to get him back on the golf course. Knowing that the game held special memories, I always felt it important that one day he took the clubs out on a course and played again but having not played for years he was understandably a little nervous about being back on a golf course.

I was thrilled to discover that Matfen Hall was the perfect place for Simon to brush up on his skills. Their Par 3 course offers a beautifully landscaped course of 9 holes with an attached Driving Range, perfect for short game practice. With a relaxed environment, no dress code and open to any ability it was just what I had been looking for.

Golf for Beginners at Matfen Hall, Northumberland
We decided to visit on a beautiful clear day, the sky was a stunning shade of blue, the sun shone down on the course and if hadn't been for the very cold wind we could almost have convinced ourselves it was Summer.

Our afternoon began at the Driving Range where we had a bucket of balls each to practice our swing and knock a few balls out. Having never held a golf club in my life I putted a few before it became very apparent that the small children in the bay next to me were far better and were putting me to shame.

So I let Simon have most of the balls as he brushed up on his skills and by the second bucket he was looking pretty good. For someone who hadn't played for many years he seemed comfortable and we were ready to head out on the Par 3 course.

Golf for Beginners at Matfen Hall

As I don't have my own clubs and didn't fancy using Simon's the Driving Range leant me some lighter clubs, perfect for a beginner, free of charge and we headed out into the sunshine and made our way to the first hole.

Golf at Matfen Hall

The Par 3 Course is a short drive from the main Matfen Hall Estate, definitely a comfort for me as I didn't want to run the risk of smashing any of the hotel's windows. Although the course is short and ideal for beginners it definitely still has its challenges as I realised when I was struggling to keep my ball on the green. I definitely need to work on my swing as I couldn't get any height at all and spent most of my time putting my ball around and landing mostly in long grass or the bunkers.

I decided to let Simon play on his own for most of the afternoon (I could definitely benefit from some of the Matfen Hall golf lessons) and played caddy for him. I'm pretty sure I was supposed to be carrying his clubs around but most of my afternoon was spent creating hilarious boomerangs of him for Instagram and telling him how cold my toes were getting.

Golf at Matfen Hall Driving Range

The best part of the Par 3 Course at Matfen Hall is that it's the perfect place to have an informal and relaxed game for beginners. I didn't feel out of place at all striding about the course dressed like an eskimo, swinging my club around like a complete novice. If you're keen to learn more about golf or give it a go with no pressure it's a fantastic place to be.

Golf at Matfen Hall - Par 3

Although Simon also spent a bit of time in the bunkers (I secretly quite enjoyed it as I liked raking the sand after!) he had a pretty good game and found his stride quite quickly. I was impressed by some of his longer shots and it was lovely to see the huge grin on his face as he turned back to check that I'd been watching.

Golf at Matfen Hall - Par 3 Course

We had a fantastic afternoon and I was chuffed that my present had gone so well. Safe to say Simon has now caught the bug and is very keen to get himself back into golfing, somethings tells me I'm about to become a golf widow!

Find Matfen Hall Golf Club at:

Matfen Village
NE20 0RH

01661 886 500


Friday, 16 March 2018

Lunch at Elder and Wolf, Whitley Bay - Menu Review

As every great foodie in the North East knows, Whitley Bay has become a bit of a destination over the last year. The most amazing independent cafes, bars and restaurants have opened their doors all receiving glowing reviews on Trip Advisor (and we all know how difficult it is to impress people over there!) and making our tummies growl with delicious food photos on Instagram. It was only a matter of time before I headed to the coast myself to see what all the fuss is about, starting with lunch at Elder and Wolf.

Lunch at Elder and Wolf, Whitley Bay - Menu Review
A lot of people joke about how I'm yet to have a night "on the Toon" despite having lived in Newcastle for five years! Apparently it's a right of passage to get mortal on the Bigg Market before stuffing your face with a kebab.

To some the kebab is a bit of a Geordie right of passage, but I decided for my first (yep, I've never had one!) what better place to start than Elder and Wolf, winner of the Best Newcomer UK Kebab Restaurant!

Elder and Wolf, Whitley Bay - Menu Review
We visited Elder and Wolf on a particularly grey and miserable day in the North East, fighting our way through the fog that had covered Whitley Bay we pushed our way through the doors to be greeted by the most delicious smells from the wood burning oven - we knew we were in for a treat.

The place was very busy for a wet Saturday at the coast, a true testament to how popular Elder and Wolf is, luckily they had a table for two available and we made our way through the maze of hanging greenery, colourful lights and exposed brick to our table. We immediately felt at home.

Elder and Wolf, Whitley Bay
The menu at Elder and Wolf is small but an absolute dream with everything prepared using fresh local ingredients which are cooked to perfection on their wood burning oven. The temptation to cover our table in "one of everything please" was overwhelming but after seeing the size of the portions go past us we thought we'd best not be completely daft.

I ordered the Posh Lamb Kebab (£13.95) - Northumbrian Lamb served on a huge woodfired flatbread with homemade aioli, cocoa chilli sauce, salad, red cabbage, pomegranates and a side of Jalapeno Slaw. When it turned up I was amazed at its size, it was so huge it was falling off the wooden slab it came served on.

Elder and Wolf, Whitley Bay - Kebab
Simon was quick to point out that kebabs I'd find on a night out in the Toon were definitely nothing like this, and so I've decided that if that's the case I'm only ever going to eat kebabs from Elder and Wolf thank you very much! It was one of the best meals I've had in a long time - packed with so much flavour, beautiful tender meat and the sweetness of the pomegranates really added something special to it.

Elder and Wolf, Whitley Bay

Simon decided on the Chilli Beef Taco Platter (£14.95) - three handmade tacos that came covered in chilli beef, cheese and garlic, chives and cocoa Mexican chilli sauce served with little dishes of salsa, slaw and roasted charr peppers.

Each dish at Elder and Wolf is dressed to impress, I don't think I've ever seen such colourful and eye catching food turn up at our table before and Simon's taco platter looked seriously impressive. I managed one delicious bite before he wolfed the rest down with a grin on his face and beard slightly covered in cheese!

Elder and Wolf, Whitley Bay - Taco Platter

As if we hadn't ordered enough food we couldn't resist sharing a portion of Halloumi Fries (£5.95) after hearing from so many people how good they are. Proof that you should always listen when endless people recommend something to you, they were to die for although unfortunately so filling on top of our dishes that we couldn't quite squeeze them all in (gutted!)

Elder and Wolf, Whitley Bay - Halloumi Fries
We were seriously impressed with our first visit to Elder and Wolf and can finally understand for ourselves why everyone has being so crazy for this special place. We don't like to follow the crowd, but Elder and Wolf fans, can we join your club please?

Find Elder and Wolf at:

171 Whitley Road
Whitley Bay
NE26 2DN


Wednesday, 14 March 2018

A Guide to Sunderland Restaurant Week 2018

Clear your diary, it's that time again! Sunderland Restaurant Week returns for the third year, giving us all the perfect excuse to turn off the oven and dine out every night. Running from Saturday 17 March to Sunday 25 March, there are over 35 restaurants taking part and it's a fantastic chance to try somewhere new in the city.

With so many restaurants and deals to choose from deciding where to book can be a little overwhelming so today I'm sharing some of my favourites to help you out.

Don't forget to check the website for any terms and conditions and be sure to book your table in advance!

A Guide to Sunderland Restaurant Week 2018
El Nido Mexicana

The Deal: Starter and a Burrito or 2 Tacos for £10.00 / add a side and dessert or cocktail for £15.00

If you love Mexican food then you need to get yourself to El Nido Mexicana for Restaurant Week for a chance to try some deliciously fiery homemade tacos and burritos. The only authentic Mexican dishes you'll find Wearside, the dishes at El Nido are packed with flavour and a real kick (this spice wuss always needs a jug of water by her side!) Washed down with some perfectly made cocktails, El Nido is a great choice for Restaurant Week with friends!

Find El Nido at: 46A Frederick Street, SR1 1NF

Sunderland Restaurant Week 2018 - El Nido
The Engine Room at the Fire Station 

The Deal: 3 courses for £15.00

The Restaurant Week Menu at The Engine Room is full of tempting treats including Deep Fried Halloumi with Chilli Jam, The Fire Station Burger and The Chocolate and Orange Torte (yes please). My personal recommendation is the Traditional Fish and Chips served with mushy peas and hand cut chips (I swear I've never seen such huge chips!). If you didn't already know, Wills and Kate visited The Fire Station a few weeks ago, so follow in the footsteps of Royalty and get yourself booked in for Restaurant Week.

Find The Engine Room: High Street West, SR1 3HA

Sunderland Restaurant Week 2018 - The Engine Room

No. 2 Church Lane

The Deal: Burger and Fries for £5.00 / Burger and Fries with a Starter or Dessert for £10.00 / Burger and Fries with a Starter and Dessert for £15.00

No. 2 Church Lane has become Sunderland's most loved burger destination since opening its doors last Summer and with over 15 burgers to choose from (including veggie and vegan) it's no surprise. Each burger comes fully loaded with a variety of toppings, all with really cool names (the Big Mackem really made me chuckle!) and the fries need to be seen to be believed. Cheesey Fries, Mega Fries and Holy Fries - this is the perfect place to head with your other half!

Find No. 2 Church Lane at: 2 Church Lane, SR1 3PT

Sunderland Restaurant Week 2018 - No. 2 Church Lane

The Peacock

The Deal: 3 courses for £15.00

My highlights of the Restaurant Week menu at The Peacock include Homemade Cheesy Nachos with Salsa and Sour Cream, Pan Fried 8oz Rump Steak and Warm Chocolate Brownie with Jaffa Ice-Cream. If you have a sweet tooth then make sure you book yourself in for Sunderland Restaurant Week because their desserts are something else!

Find The Peacock at: 287 High Street West, SR1 3ES

Sunderland Restaurant Week 2018 - The Peacock

For all of the menus and details of the restaurants taking part be sure to check the website! Make sure you let me know where you're planning to go and don't forget to share your foodie picture on social media using the hashtag #eatdrinksunderland

I was invited to a Safari Supper showcasing menus of the restaurants mentioned in this post and enjoyed a complimentary selection of dishes. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

Monday, 12 March 2018

Volunteering with Marie Curie in the North East - The Great Daffodil Appeal

Every single one of us has experienced or will experience the devastating effects of terminal illness at some point in our lives. For me, it was having to watch my best friend lose her Dad when she was still only in her 20s. That feeling of being powerless to be able to stop her from hurting is something that will remain with me forever.

So when the Whitley Bay Fundraising Group for Marie Curie got in touch to ask me to help them with their fundraising in North Tyneside as part of the Great Daffodil Appeal, I thought of my friend and immediately said yes. I have always wanted to do more for charity, but, as I'm sure we all do, I'm forever making the same old excuses - not having enough money to make a difference and not having any spare time to volunteer.

How very wrong I was!

Marie Curie offer care and support to those with terminal illnesses and their families. Nurses work night and day offering much needed free support in people's homes and in their nine hospices across the country (we are very lucky in the North East to have a hospice in Newcastle). Last year Marie Curie helped more than 50,000 people living with terminal illnesses.

The Whitley Bay Fundraising Group for Marie Curie are a group of volunteers who host events and organise collections to raise funds for the charity around the North Tyneside region. They invited me along to help them out with a collection at Morrisons in Tynemouth, it was easy to sign up online and I could pick a location and time that was convenient for me. Shifts are only 2 hours long so easy to fit into your day.

My shift began at 10:00 am on Saturday morning and I was instructed to turn up at Morrisons in Tynemouth for a quick briefing and to collect my essentials. I will admit I was very nervous! As an introvert I'm not a huge people person and the thought of talking to complete strangers was a little scary. Talking to people I don't know definitely isn't high on my agenda for a Saturday morning but I'm a great believer in pushing yourself out of your comfort zone, and knowing how important the cause was I put on my most confident smile and strode my way out to the checkouts at Morrisons.

Before I began my shift I'd been worried about annoying people by having to rattle my tin and approach them but volunteering for Marie Curie really isn't like that. All I had to do was offer people a friendly smile and they approached me. I was overwhelmed by the amount of people that came over to say hello and buy a daffodil.

Within the first five minutes a Dad with his two young girls came over to put some money in my collection tin. My heart went out to him as he explained to his daughters that they were giving me money because Marie Curie had helped their Nana when she was very ill. The longer I stood collecting money the more I realised how many people Marie Curie have helped.

I loved the children that came over to say hello and how happy they were when I offered them a daffodil in exchange for their money. It immediately reminded me of something that I had long forgotten - my Mum always gave me coins for the charity tins when I was younger, I loved the feeling of pushing the money into the tin and getting a sticker, badge or flower in return.

I had been a little worried before volunteering that people would come up and ask me questions that I didn't know the answer to but before my shift I was sent a really helpful pocket guide with answers to the  most frequently asked questions and although I didn't end up needing any it was great to know exactly what the charity does and why we were collecting money. Knowing that every £20.00 I was collecting was paying for a nurse to help someone for an hour was a great incentive to carry on smiling!

I'm usually busy rushing about the supermarket and barely notice charity workers who stand by the tills so I was amazed by the amount of people who struggled to put down their heavy shopping bags to take a moment out of their day to buy a daffodil. It really made me take a few moments to think about myself and how I really should take more notice of what's happening around me.

Why I loved Volunteering for Marie Curie

Here are just some of the reasons why I loved my morning volunteering for Marie Curie:

* I met some really lovely people, complete strangers who stopped for a chat (even if it was just to tell me how brave I was for wearing my hat!)

* It was the perfect way to people watch! Who wouldn't love 2 hours to just stop and watch people - I saw all sorts!

* I felt like I was doing something to help my local community and as someone who is very passionate about the North East and how great our region is that was pretty special.

* I'm pretty sure my arms got a very good work out as soon as my tin got heavy!

* Don't tell anyone but I quite enjoyed nosing at what people were buying in the supermarket (why did that young couple need a huge bag of spuds and a 12 pack of water?!)

* It did wonders for my self confidence and pushed me out of my comfort zone. I felt very proud of myself when I realised that I'd spent 2 hours happily chatting to people

How you can help!

* Volunteer your time - click here to find out where your nearest collections take place and to sign yourself up for a shift

* Joint your Local Fundraising Group - click here to find out more about your nearest local fundraising group and you can join them.

* Go Shopping! click here to find your nearest Marie Curie charity shop

I left Tynemouth feeling like a different person, volunteering with Marie Curie changed everything. It's made me realise that we can all do something to make a difference. I felt powerful and so overwhelmed by the love and kindness of strangers. In every day life we're too quick to judge, we get angry and mad over nothing, bury our heads into our phones, ignore what's around us .. I'd like to think that thanks to Marie Curie I'll take the time to stop and think more about others and play my part in trying to make our home in the North East a better place.

When I received an e-mail I was shocked to discover that I'd managed to collect £145.86 in my two hours collecting, that's enough to pay for just over 7 hours care!

We truly can all do our bit to make a difference, no matter how small it may be and I would encourage anyone reading this to take a couple of hours out of their lives to volunteer for Marie Curie.

If you need help or support from Marie Curie you can contact them on 0800 090 2309

Thursday, 8 March 2018

Sunday Lunch at the Earl of Pitt Street, Newcastle

I'm making a real effort to tick more places off my North East list this year which, luckily for my food loving hubby, includes plenty of "must try" places for Sunday lunch. Last week's Snowmaggedon gave us the perfect excuse to book ourselves in for our first Sunday lunch of the year at The Earl of Pitt Street in Newcastle.

Sunday Lunch at the Earl of Pitt Street, Newcastle

Many people have recommended the Sunday lunch at The Earl of Pitt Street and with a nice easy bus ride through the snowy streets of Newcastle we happily left our car behind in hunt of giant Yorkshire puddings, tender cuts of meat and a rare opportunity to both enjoy an alcoholic beverage.

Sunday Lunch at the Earl of Pitt Street - Wine

The Earl of Pitt Street is an independent pub close to St James Park that's as famous for its decor (think Alfred Hitchcock meets Vivienne Westwood) as it is its scran. As a huge fan of anywhere quirky and delicious I was looking forward to enjoying a wonderful lazy afternoon.

If you prefer to snuggle in the pub then food is served at tables in the bar, however we enjoyed our lunch upstairs in the restaurant where we discovered a large room full of families, groups of friends and couples all eager to tuck into some grub.

Sunday Lunch at the Earl of Pitt Street

Sunday Lunch at The Earl of Pitt Street is served from 12:00 pm, and as with any popular Sunday Roast in the Toon it's best to book a table early doors to ensure the best menu options (nothing worse than arriving with a growling belly only to discover that everyone else has already demolished your favourite meats!)

Slow Cooked Sundays at The Earl offers four different cuts of meat (as well as a veggie option) all served with seasonal veg, roast potatoes, mash and giant Yorkshire puddings.  If you're feeling extra hungry they also have an epic amount of Sunday Sides at £2.50 each including Pigs in Blankets, Duck Fat Roasties and Cauliflower Cheese.

Sunday Lunch at Earl of Pitt Street

Simon opted for the Feather Blade of Beef (£13.50), no surprise to me as he always orders beef when we're out whereas I'm always too nervous about the meat being tough to risk it. I tend to carefully watch Simon as he cuts into the meat and if it looks good I'll steal his fork off him for a big bite. The beef at The Earl of Pitt Street was spot on and I had that fork out of his hands before he had time to object. It was so tender!

Sunday Lunch at Earl of Pitt Street  - Beef

I decided to order the Roast Chicken Breast (£11.50) and was also presented with a perfect cut of meat. Luckily Simon isn't quite as quick at stealing cutlery as me so I let him try a tiny bit before ignoring him for the rest of my meal and tucking in to my dish.

Sunday Lunch at Earl of Pitt Street  - Chicken
Ever dreamt of Yorkshire Puddings as big as your head? Well dream no more folks because you'll find them at The Earl of Pitt Street. The real show stopper of the Sunday lunch, I've never seen Yorkshires so huge in all my life and they were so light and crispy too. We were also thrilled to discover double potato on our plate with crisp roasties and buttery mash fulfilling our carb cravings and broccoli, cauliflower and mashed parsnip ensuring that we were getting a healthy does of veg.

Sunday Lunch at Earl of Pitt Street  - Yorkshire Pudding

With plates completely cleared we were nursing huge bellies by the time it came to looking at the dessert menu and I will admit I wasn't really feeling it. Dessert is my favourite course and if the menu isn't packed full of my favourite dishes I tend to sulk and not bother ordering. The puddings at The Earl of Pitt Street didn't really shout out to me.

As soon as Simon spotted the Sticky Toffee Pudding with Butterscotch Sauce and Vanilla Ice Cream (£5.00) he wanted to indulge and using the excuse of "but you'll have more to write about if we get dessert" (funny how he suddenly takes interest in the blog!) he managed to twist my arm.

Sunday Lunch at Earl of Pitt Street  - Sticky Toffee Pudding

He was a happy chap with his pudding in front of him, swimming in sauce and ice-cream, I've often said that if Simon were ever to write a blog of his own he would definitely write a feature on the best places in Newcastle for sticky toffee pudding because having tried them all he really is quite the expert. He commented that this one was very enjoyable but perhaps not the best he's ever had (apparently you can find that at The Botanist!)

I decided to order the Double Chocolate Cheesecake with Chantilly Cream (£5.00), the only thing on the dessert menu that really appealed to me. It was a nice enough slither of cheesecake packed with loads of chocolate to satisfy my sweet tooth, but wasn't really anything to sing about.  The Earl of Pitt Street certainly won't be my destination of choice for dessert, but if I'm being honest the Sunday Roasts more than fill you up so it's not like you really need afters!

Sunday Lunch at Earl of Pitt Street  - Double Chocolate Cheesecake

Our first Sunday Lunch of the year was a huge success and we're so happy that we've finally visited The Earl of Pitt Street!

Make sure you let me know where we should try next!

Find The Earl of Pitt Street at:

70 Pitt Street


0191 261 7744

Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Whitworth Hall, Durham - Deer Feeding

If I'm looking for inspiration for things to do in the North East Instagram has become my number one reference guide and it's how I recently discovered deer feeding at Whitworth Hall, the perfect activity for any animal lover. Six miles from Durham, Whitworth Hall is a country hotel that boasts its own deer park and ornamental lake - a perfect place to blow away the cobwebs and fight those Winter blues.

Whitworth Hall - Deer Feeding
We turned up on a pretty chilly Saturday afternoon and made our way into the hotel reception to get ourselves some food for the deed feeding. You can buy deer food for £1.00 a bag (or complimentary if you check in on Facebook) and you're welcome to make your way into the paddock to feed the deer.

Clutching onto my huge brown paper bag of pellets I was very happy to have my wellies on as I made my way through the gate into the deer paddock as the ground was thick with very deep, wet, sludgy mud. I soon realised that muddy ground also meant muddy deer and as they gathered round me I was aware that their cute mud covered noses were wiping all over my coat (good job they were cute!) Their cheekiness didn't end there and before I knew it one very greedy deer had ripped my entire bag of food and had flung it on the floor.

Whitworth Hall - Deer

Whitworth Hall, Durham - Deer Feeding

Damn it!

I made my way back to Reception, lesson learnt I decided to buy a second bag and this time keep my wits about me, these deer aren't silly, they know exactly when someone is heading their way with food.

Second bag purchased and we decided to approach the gate with more caution this time, casually talking about the weather and last night's TV we thought we'd try and throw them off the scent. The Whitworth Hall deer aren't stupid though, despite hiding the bag of food they knew exactly why I was there.

Whitworth Hall, Durham - Deer Park
This time I entered the paddock with my hand of food high in the air, there was no way they were wrestling the paper bag off me this time!

Whitworth Hall, Durham - Feeding the Deer
They were crowded around me immediately, all jostling for my attention, their hungry eyes focussed on me and their muddy little noses pressing into me. One thing I would say about deer feeding at Whitworth Hall is that it's not for anyone who's a little nervous around animals. These guys weren't messing about! They were very tame and friendly but definitely enthusiastic and I think they would make some people pretty nervous.

Whitworth Hall Deer

Whitworth Hall Deer Feeding

I soon learnt that when they got a little intense taking a handful of food and throwing it over my shoulder got rid of some of the crowd leaving me with just a few deer to fuss over. Sprinkling food into my hand I loved that I could feed them straight out of my palm and it took me quite a while to realise that I was actually getting pretty messy!

As well as a dirty coat I now also had very very dirty hands! Ooops!

Feed the Deer at Whitworth Hall

Feeding the Deer at Whitworth Hall

Simon who had very sensibly decided to stay the other side of the fence was having a great laugh at my expense, watching me trudge about in the  mud with a huge flock of deer at my heels covering me in dirt was his idea of a great way to spend a Saturday!

But I didn't care how dirty I was getting, I was having too much fun to notice. As a huge animal lover I was in my element surrounded by the deer and I loved fussing over the tiny babies, chatting to the stag (luckily his antlers were only tiny!) and telling off the over enthusiastic who were desperately trying to steal food off the others.

Deer at Whitworth Hall

It wasn't long before my bag of food was empty and I reluctantly made my way back over the fence to reality. I realised pretty quickly that washing my hands was going to be pretty tricky as a bride had just turned up at Whitworth Hall and I really didn't want to ruin someones special day by trudging through the hotel in my muddy boots with dirty hands. Thank goodness for baby wipes!

Deer at Whitworth Hall Country Park

On another day I think it would be great to enjoy some time at the hotel after feeding the deer, with an open fire in reception and a delicious looking afternoon tea menu (at a very affordable £14.00 per person!) I highly recommend making an afternoon of it (just make sure you take a change of footwear and check there aren't any brides about!)

We loved our experience deer feeding at Whitworth Hall and we're hoping to return one day soon to try out some of their food.

Deer at Whitworth Hall Country Park Durham

Find Whitworth Hall Hotel at:

Whitworth Hall Country Park
DL16 7QX

01388 811 772


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