Friday, 16 May 2014

Shoes, Glorious Shoes

Don't ask me why but ever since thinking about this post I've been singing "Shoes, Glorious Shoes" (to the tune of Food, Glorious Food) to myself.  I think I might have finally lost the plot?

I'm here today to introduce you to my latest "must have" problem ... shoes!  I think we all have these moments?  You're happily plodding along with life and then BAM you spot something you like and suddenly it's become something you really "need", you can't stop thinking about it and then you're running with the idea before you can stop yourself.

Out of nowhere I've found myself with a "too large for my bank account" wish list of shoes.  So in an attempt to stop myself from spending money that I really don't have at the moment, I'm going to let it all out here.

Foot fashion is something that's puzzling me a little at the moment.  Seeing a 90s revival in music and clothing has been strange enough (I feel sooooooooo old!) but suddenly seeing people lusting over "ugly, sensible, clompy" shoes has left me very confused.   These were the kind of shoes I used to fight about with my Mother every time we came to buy shoes for the new school year.  I fought desperately hard to try and convince her to let me have pointy toed shoes instead of "good for my feet" shoes.  Fast forward to 2014 and suddenly I'm supposed to be embracing these sensible shoes as a fashion statement? 

However some of the new fashion in footwear is beginning to appeal to me, even if I am slightly late to the party. 

When brogues first started appearing I really didn't get it.  Why would I want to go out with shoes that I'd borrowed from my man?   But now after many months of thinking "no, no, never, no" I'm suddenly realising that I might have judged too quickly and I've found myself wanting some of my very own.   They are the perfect Summer shoe alternative to a sandal or ballet pump, something to put on your feet when the weather isn't quite warm enough for your foot to be completely exposed to the elements.   They particularly look amazing when worn with Summer trousers and dresses.  

I couldn't find any I liked for a while, my requirements being more "cute and practical" than "masculine", but after seeing quite a few blog posts about Clarks Shoes I decided to revisit the shop for the first time since the 80's. 

Bingo!  I've now found so many I can't decide which I like best but here's a very small selection. 

First up is the African Jazz in tan leather, they're £44.99 and are part of the Soul of Africa range so the profits go to charity.    They also come in a lovely cream colour. 

Perhaps a little more out of my comfort zone is the Hamble Oak which comes in Stone (picture below), Black and Tan Leather.  I love the detailing on them but they are definitely more of a masculine shoe and I'm not sure I'd be brave enough to make the purchase.   They range in price from £54.99 to £59.99.

I do like the idea of making a good quality purchase from Clarks, however they do also have a rather great stash in Debenhams.  

There's no chance of being mistaken for a Gentleman with these gorgeous pale pink patent brogues from Red Herring, they're currently on offer for £26.00

Also from Red Herring are these tan brogues which are also £26.00

and, I think my favourite out of the range in Debenhams are these gorgeous caramel coloured brogues from Dolcis and, even better, they are reduced to £17.24.

I could happily spend this entire post continuing to post photos of brogues, but moving swiftly on!

I am loving that patent buckled shoes are back (I can finally win the 25 year argument with my Mother).  Unfortunately a lot of them are too young for my 33 year old feet but these Stone Patent T-Bar Sandals from New Look are a definite possibility and a bargain at £15.99. 

I'm also really craving a grownup sandal, something that looks elegant and sophisticated.  The perfect Summer wedding shoe.  Good job I'm going to a wedding next month so maybe I can justify it?

These are £30 from Next.  I love that sensible chunky heels are in fashion now, it should make standing around at a wedding far more comfortable.

Although really my heart belongs to these slightly less practical mint T-Bar sandals from Next which are £28 and also come in pink and pale pink

and this pair in white from Dorothy Perkins is slightly cheaper at £27.00

And last on my list is a simple pair of leopard print pumps, they're such a wardrobe staple yet I don't seem to own any!

This pair from New Look are my favourite and only £12.99

It may feel like I've been waffling on about shoes for a while now, unfortunately that's not even all of them.  I also quite fancy a few more ballet shoes as I currently only own two pairs and they live under my desk at work and I'd also really like some Converse which will be perfect to wear with my skinny jeans.

Unfortunately my budget is never going to stretch this far.  Let's hope this post has got it all out of my system eh?


Since writing this I have purchased two of the shoes featured in this post .... OOOOOPS!


  1. I can see the dilemma, I have patent brogues and I am never out of them. I love the brown ones African soul and red herring. The leopard skin flats are lovely too. Have a great weekend Lucy x

    1. I bought both of the Red Herring brogues yesterday. I didn't plan to, I just walked into Debenhams and they were both there so I tried them on and before I knew it the credit card was out!

  2. I've never loved shoe shopping but I'm trying to force myself to, so that I'm not walking around with holes in my shoes! I'm a huge fan of brogues and sensible shoes, I love the smart look and I think they look great with jeans. It's just a shame summer is coming, I need to invest in some sandals and pumps! Love the selection you've picked up, and those little heeled sandals from next are very pretty :)

    Jo xx

    She Wears Burgundy

    1. I love shoe shopping but tend to buy myself really unpractical shoes, I'm not good at walking heels and Simon is a little shorter than me so if I wear a big heel I feel a bit like a huge monster ... yet I still seem to be drawn to looking at them, and sometimes even buying them! Very silly!

  3. I love reading your blog - the only problem is that I start wanting everything you post! Like the gorgeous Zara bag, and those stone coloured sandals from New Look are beautiful. I'm going to add them to my 'WANT' pinterest board!!
    Hope you're well!

    Rosie :)

    1. Thank you :) I'd best not start on pinterest, I'd probably spend hours tagging things I wanted :s

  4. You are such a bad influence, I just jumped on to the debenhams website and ordered those pink brogues!

    1. Ooooooooops! Sorry! But yay we're shoe twins :D

  5. you have good taste in shoes! i'm actually saved from spending too much money on shoes, since i have such ridiculously small ones that the adult sizes in the UK are too big for me (i'm a size 2. seriously.) - it's a blessing and a curse! x

  6. I want these all! I'm like you, I hated brogues when they first came out but now I waaaannntt soooooommmeee!! :( My problem is I see a pair of shoes I love - in my head - then can't actually find them in real life. SO ANNOYING!! x

  7. I too, wasn't a fan of brogues when they first made it big.. but a year or two late, I have a like for them, so much so that I bought a pair in the New Look sale at the beginning of the year.. I have yet to take them out, but you may have made me think I should. :)



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