Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Why you should follow me on Snapchat

You're definitely not alone in thinking that Snapchat is for teens, for a rather long time I agreed with you and didn't really understand it.

So it's crazy to think that it's now one of my favourite forms of Social Media.  Being a bit of a Grandma I had to look up to how to use it (it's very confusing when you first open the app!) but now I'm addicted. A lot of people use Snapchat just for taking photos with the amazing filters but I prefer to use mine to make little mini vlogs of my day to day life.

New Girl in Toon Snapchat

Here are just a few of the reasons why you should follow me on Snapchat:

Daily Weather Reports

This is definitely nothing to be proud of, but I am obsessed with the weather.  If you want to know what the weather is going to be like in the North East, just pop into my Snapchat in the morning and I'll be there, giving you a more in depth weather report than the BBC - complete with wardrobe options and the effect the elements will have on your hair that day.

Behind the Scenes 

You may think that life of a blogger is very glam but behind the scenes it's a lot of sitting at my desk frantically typing away.  I love to show a little glimpse of life behind the scenes at New Girl in Toon and my Snapchat offers loads of hilarious "at my desk rants" about how tired I am as well as sneaky looks at my upcoming blog posts and photographs.

Events and Openings

Curious about the new bar that's opening in the Toon?  I do my best to snapchat at events that I'm invited to, meaning that my Snapchat followers get a great first sneaky look at the newest places in Newcastle. My most recent first looks on Snapchat have included Naked Deli in Gosforth, the Racing Rig at Lane 7 and walking Alpacas.

Shopping Hauls

My blog is predominantly about life in the North East which means that there isn't always room to share my other passions in life - namely shopping, makeup and fashion.  Snapchat is where I love to share my Boots hauls and my recent Primark purchases .... sometimes I even snap from the changing room!


Which brings me on nicely to outfit of the days! I love nosing in people's wardrobes and seeing what they are wearing so every day that I snapchat I make sure I include an "outfit of the day". If you've been watching me for a while you'll soon realise that I wear the same things all the time!

Weight Loss Inspiration

When people read my weight loss story they often ask how I manage to stay slim when I eat so much cake. It's true that New Girl in Toon does see me pigging my way through a silly amount of afternoon teas and burgers but if you want to see how I manage to keep to my goal weight Snapchat paints a far more realistic picture of my life (ie I spend quite a lot of my time with a bright red face after running!)

If you want to follow me on snapchat you can find me at New Girl in Toon


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  1. and don't forget the comedy gold when you have to sneak food away from Simon to Instagram it.


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