Sunday 31 May 2020

My May Days

This blog includes advertisement features with Nourish Bud and Cocoa Grace

In some ways I feel like these weeks in lockdown are flying by, yet if I stop and think back to the last time I was sat in a coffee shop or in the office it feels like a lifetime ago. This month has been a challenging one for me and I'll admit I've struggled a little over the last couple of weeks, mostly thanks to our Government whose actions, mixed messages and total disregard for their own rules has left me feeling pretty hopeless. Despite another four weeks of staying close to home our days have been filled with sweet treats and fun discoveries.  Here's what we've been up to in May.

Cakes, Classes and Cutters

Giving up on the never ending mission to find flour on the supermarket shelves I finally got to rustle up some cakes in my kitchen thanks to Cakes, Classes and Cutters.  Based just outside Gosforth this lovely little cake shop have produced their own cupcake making kits and diving into mine has been my favourite lockdown activity so far. The kits are perfect for kids (or adults who never grew up) and include everything you need to make picture perfect cupcakes.  There are loads of different themes to choose from including Dinosaurs, Super Heroes and Flamingos, I couldn't resist ordering the Mermaid kit and despite my questionable icing skills (I attempted to use the piping bag provided but I definitely need a lesson) I am really impressed with my efforts. The cakes tasted so good and had me strolling about my house claiming I'm a baker! The kits cost £15.00 with free local delivery or pick up from Coppers in Gosforth.

My May Days  - Cakes Classes and Cutters

Bees on my PJs

With Simon's side of the family all proud Mancunians it's no surprise I've fallen hard for the city and love to see it as my (other) adopted home. So as soon as I see anything with bees on I immediately think of Manchester and want to make it mine.  My house is slowly filling with beautiful bee prints and after spotting this cute PJ set on the Tu Clothing site I just couldn't resist. With the hot weather we've been having I was in desperate need of some Summer sets and these are the perfect addition to my nightwear collection.

My May Days  -  Bee PJs

Healthy Lunches from Nourish Bud

We've been ordering a lot of sweet treats in lockdown and who can blame us. In a world where every day begins to feel like the last, food deliveries have become the highlight of our week, and we were so pleased to discover a healthier option thanks to Nourish Bud. Their plant based delivery service provides freshly cooked dishes in and around Newcastle and they are perfect "working from home" lunches.  If you order by 9:00 pm they arrive at your door the next day between 10:00 am and 12:00 pm and are perfect for eating at your desk. I went for the Nourish Bud'dha Bowl (£5.95) and Mediterranean Salad (£5.95)) - a great way to kick start a healthier week.

My May Days  -  Nourish Bud

I Wore Real Clothes

I knew eventually something would happen to convince me to ditch the loungewear.  All it took was the arrival of the hottest May we've had in decades to make me forget all about my tracksuits and reach for my Summer wardrobe. Admittedly throwing on a lovely floaty dress is even less of an effort than putting on a tracksuit but it's felt nice to feel a little bit more put together.  My extra large sunglasses and hat have been the perfect way to cover up the state of my hair and face. At this point in lockdown I don't think anything could ever convince me to start using makeup again!

My May Days

Cocoa Grace Cupcakes 

I hope no one is keeping count of how many sweet treats I've had during lockdown - it's hard to resist when doorstep deliveries look this good. These mouthwatering cupcakes arrived from Cocoa Grace with a box of Chocolate Caramel, Oreo, Coffee and Red Velvet which were demolished in one weekend. If you're looking for some lovely homemade treats and live in the South Gosforth area then you can order yourself a box of cakes to collect and enjoy at home. Prices start from £8.00 for 6 cupcakes and they are seriously good!

My May Days - Cocoa Grace Cupcakes

Afternoon Baths 

I got this bath caddy at Christmas but it's taken lockdown for me to start using it regularly and now I can't imagine having a bath without it. It's been lovely to have so much time for long leisurely baths in the afternoon and suddenly sinking into some bubbles whilst sipping on a glass of wine at 3:00 pm on a Tuesday feels completely acceptable. I love diving into my bathroom cabinet, pulling out loads of products and taking a soak by candlelight - I'm sure water, wine, an open flame and a book are a recipe for disaster but so far, so good.

My May Days - Bath Caddy

The Cairns of Whitley Bay

Simon and I have decided to very cautiously start travelling out and about a little more, albeit on our own terms. We're not keen to go anywhere that's busy so for the moment our trips out will be early in the morning or later in the evening.  We started with a late evening visit to Whitley Bay, stepping out of the car we were really nervous but as soon as we got to the sand our worries just vanished - it felt incredible to be back in our favourite place and the sea air really does do wonders. We finally got to see the cairns that have been built since lockdown began and I couldn't get over how many there were - the most incredible symbols of community spirit and hope decorating the shores.  We'll be heading back soon to build our own.

My May Days - The Cairns of Whitley Bay

Pimms O'Clock

In years to come when we look back at this time and all the things we achieved in lockdown, my proudest accomplishment will be perfecting my Pimms technique.  With my Pimms jug fully loaded with mint, strawberries and cucumber, the trick is to freeze pieces of fruit into giant ice-cubes to have in your glass - it makes for a picture perfect cup and keeps you cool in the blazing hot sun. I'm not going to tell you how many of these I have got through.

My May Days - Pimms

Although I am pretty quiet across social media and my blog at the moment my addiction to Instagram continues so you will find a new photo every day on my grid.  You can find me here.

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