Friday, 13 October 2017

The Botanist Newcastle Mezzanine

Just when I thought that the Botanist Newcastle couldn't get any bigger or better, they've surprised me yet again by opening up a brand new area for us all to enjoy!

The Botanist Newcastle Mezzanine
As well as boasting Newcastle's best roof terrace, the sweet Granny Smith's Room and, of course, the Toon's most famous indoor tree, the Botanist have now added the Mezzanine to their impressive collection of spaces.

We were invited along to the launch night of the Botanist Mezzanine to learn some more about what we can all expect from the Botanist's latest creation.

The Botanist Newcastle Mezzanine
The Mezzanine at the Botanist will be used primarily as a private function space for events accommodating up to 80 guests (so you all know where to host your next office party!) When it's not pre booked for an event the area will offer additional restaurant seating, adding up to 60 covers on the existing capacity!  Great news as the Botanist continues to be one of the most popular places in the Toon!

You're probably wondering exactly where you'll find the Mezzanine and how the Botanist have actually managed to find the space for it.  Well! If you venture up the spiral staircase to the balcony overlooking the bar, you'll discover the Mezzanine hidden away in the corner with the most perfect views of the bar below.

With a ceiling covered in beautiful blooms and hanging lights, I was stunned at how beautiful the Mezzanine is.  Perfectly matched to the rest of the Botanist, the new area is like a little indoor garden - picture perfect and a must for any Instagram loving Geordie.

The Botanist Newcastle Mezzanine

Easily the best spot in Toon for people watching, we had a wonderful night enjoying the views from the Mezzanine and sinking our body weight in Prosecco and endless glasses of The Botanist (still my favourite cocktail from their delicious menu!)

I have to say I always feel pretty damn lucky that we have the Botanist in Newcastle, with an enviable amount of bars and restaurants in the city, it really is the jewel in the crown and somewhere that I continue to return to time and time again!

The Botanist Newcastle Mezzanine
Let me know your favourite thing about the Botanist!

The Botanist, Monument Mall, NE1 7AL

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Thursday, 12 October 2017

Sachins - The best Indian Restaurant in Newcastle? Menu Review

I could never claim that I'm an expert in Indian food, in fact it's a type of cuisine that I've only recently started to enjoy. For years I avoided it, worried about my nut allergy and inability to eat anything spicy. It's only been in the last year that I've learnt that there's far more to Indian food than Vindaloos and Chicken Tikka Masala.  So I'm slowly working my way round all of the best Indian restaurants in Newcastle and my latest adventure took me to Sachins, one of the most popular in the Toon.

Sachins - The best Indian Restaurant in Newcastle? Menu Review

Sachins specialises in Punjabi cuisine and are well known for their delicate use of herbs and spices sourcing only the best ingredients. Having made their home in Newcastle over 30 years ago, Sachins is very popular with fans of Indian cuisine in the city so it was definitely time for me to head to their restaurant on the historic Forth Banks and discover if they truly are the best Indian restaurant in Newcastle.

I've come to learn that enjoying Indian food is all about finding truly great restaurants with expert chefs who use traditional cooking methods and fresh ingredients and Head Chef, Bob Arora, certainly knows a thing or two about preparing delicious dishes.

Sachins Indian Restaurant in Newcastle

There are two type of menus to choose from at Sachins, the a la carte from £8.95 and set menus from £45.00 for two. We decided to choose from the a la carte which was a perfect sized menu with plenty of dishes to choose from without being overwhelming.  The menu is easily split into different type of meat, vegetable, rice and breads which makes navigating it effortless - a "must" for someone like me who finds it so hard to make menu choices! With each dish clearly marked for dietary requirements I felt instantly relaxed about my nut allergy and the notes on spice levels was also very welcome.

Our evening began with a mountain of poppadoms (95p) with a fully loaded pickle tray, perfect for absentmindedly chomping our way through whilst having a gossip and perusing the menu.  It's crazy how easy it is to munch your way through poppadoms without realising how many you've had.  They are so moreish.

Sachins Indian Restaurant in Newcastle - Poppadoms

Although everything in the menu is clearly marked I made sure to double check with the waiter that I was able to order what I wanted and he was great at reassuring me and even recommended some dishes that could be customised to meet my dietary requirements. I love being able to relax when I'm eating out knowing that I have nothing to worry about.

For my starter I decided to start with a seafood dish and ordered the Salmon Kofta (£7.95) - delicately spiced salmon and potato koftas coated in breadcrumbs, shallow fried and served on a bed of salad.  It was the perfectly sized starter and it was so delicious it was gone in seconds!

Sachins Indian Restaurant in Newcastle - Salmon Kofta
Most dishes at Sachins are served medium level spice or above but some dishes can be prepared with milder spices so it's worth asking if you aren't too keen on hot dishes. That said, I decided to go for a medium spice dish and found it the perfect level for me - I'm feeling very proud of myself for having got a little braver in my spice journey!

I opted for the Lamb Pasanda (£11.95) - diced lamb cooked with mango and cream. I can easily say that in my great adventure to discover my favourite Indian dishes, this one has been my favourite so far.  It was so beautifully creamy and the flavours really hit the spot. I literally wanted to tip the bowl upside down and drink the left over sauce, it seemed a shame to leave it!

Talking of bowls - how amazing are these dishes?  I loved how the food was presented at Sachins.

Sachins Indian Restaurant in Newcastle - Lamb Pasanda
Of course no Indian feast is complete without some sides and we decided to share a bowl of Pulao Rice (£3.50) and a Tandoori Naan (£2.45)

I'm never sure how much food to get when it comes to ordering sides but sharing the two dishes was the perfect amount of food with our mains and left us feeling pleasantly plump without being overly stuffed.

We both agreed that the Naan was particularly amazing and like nothing we'd had before. The bread was so light and packed with flavour - I could have happily eaten a huge stack of them as a completely separate course! 

Sachins Indian Restaurant in Newcastle Menu Review
So what was the verdict? Is Sachins the best Indian restaurant in Newcastle?  I think it might be!  The food was fantastic with the most delicious flavours and I can't wait to tell everyone I know what a delicious dinner we had!

Have you ever been to Sachins? I need to know what to order on my next visit!

Sachins, Forth Banks, NE1 3SG

We were invited to Sachins for a complimentary meal for the purposes of this review.  All thoughts and opinions are our own. 

Tuesday, 10 October 2017

The Best Halloween Events for Adults in the North East

I love the idea of Halloween. Wearing a fun costume, eating toffee apples and carving pumpkins definitely appeals to me, but when it comes to the scarier side of the holiday I am, unfortunately, a complete wuss!

So this Halloween you wont find me staying up late watching horror films, getting chased by zombies or going on a ghost tour, the chances are I'll be safely tucked up in my bed.  Therefore I plan to enjoy my Halloween through all of you! Here's my round up of the best Halloween Events in the North East, and what I'd be doing if I wasn't such a chicken!

The Best Halloween Events for Adults in the North East

Photo c/o The Scream Factory

Terror in the Trees at Beamish Hall

Enjoy (?!) a terrifying journey through the woods at Terror in the Trees at Beamish Hall guided only by the light of a head torch. You can expect an underworld of terrifying adventure with all manner of nasty creatures hiding behind the trees ready to chase through the woods. Run for your life to escape! Definitely one for the brave!

The Halloween Drive In at Wynyard Hall

Watch true classic horror movie, Halloween, at the Halloween Drive In Cinema at Wynyard Hall.  On 29 October they'll be hosting a very special screening complete with "live scary surprises" - do you dare?

The Scream Factory, Redcar 

The ultimate night of scares, I was invited to review the Scream Factory last year and very politely replied with a "HELL NO!".  If you love your scares with plenty of shocks and surprises then this will definitely be up your street. The North East's biggest live scare event promises to be better than ever this Halloween  - take a walk through the Scream Factory and face all of your biggest fears. Just don't blame me if you have nightmares, it sounds truly terrifying.

The Best Halloween Events for Adults in the North East - Scream Factory

Photo c/o The Scream Factory

Halloween Haunted City Tours, Newcastle and Durham

Fancy exploring Newcastle or Durham after dark this Halloween? Join the Halloween Haunted City Tours as they make their way round the cities sharing gruesome tales and true ghost stories guaranteed to give you a fright. Explore the dark lanes and old ruins of Newcastle's Castle Garth or a lamp lit tour of a haunted farm in Durham on an award winning tour.

Experimental Diner, Sunderland 

The Experimental Diner is back and this time there's a slightly spooky twist. Enjoy Halloween at the North East Land, Sea and Air Museum. Enjoy your war time themed meal in an aircraft hanger and have a spooky guided tour of the museum. Food will be prepared by some of the regions top chefs who rise to the challenge of serving their dishes in the strangest of places! For a little taster check out my review of the Experimental Diner at the Newcastle Castle.

The Best Halloween Events for Adults in the North East - Experimental Diner

The Linskill Chase, North Shields

Ever fancied being chased through an abandoned school by terrifying creatures?  I definitely haven't, but if that's what you're into you will love the Linskill Chase, the live action event promises to be one of the scariest in the North East with plenty of nightmares coming true as you battle your way towards the exit. 

Mine Shaft Thirteen at Brocksbushes

Every year Brocksbushes put on one of the scariest events in the Halloween calendar and every year I do a little shudder and think to myself "no thank you!"  It's hard to believe that the place with the epic cakes becomes the scariest place in the North East, and this year they are hoping this event will be their scariest yet. With reported sightings of mystery figures, odd illnesses and haunting whispers in the old abandoned mine - are you brave enough to enter Mine Shaft Thirteen?

The Best Halloween Events for Adults in the North East - Brockbushes

Horror Movies Quiz Night at No 28, Newcastle 

One for the movie buffs, No. 28 at the Grainger Market will be hosting a horror movies quiz night and free movie screening of the classic movie "Halloween" on 30 October. Entry costs £1 per person and the winner gets a £50 bar tab. If that wasn't enough to tempt you, Newcastle favourites The Grind will be there serving up the best cheeseburgers in the Toon.

Adult Halloween Party at Lumley Castle

Lumley Castle is supposedly haunted (I have to admit I've had a few chills wandering around the corridors in the dark!) so what better place to celebrate Halloween than with an adults only Halloween Party at the Castle featuring a five course banquet, entertainment and disco. Who knows, maybe you'll even bump into the Ghost of Lady Lumley.

The Best Halloween Events for Adults in the North East - Lumley Castle

The Baltic Night Time Zip, Newcastle 

One for only the most brave! Zip wire from the roof of The Baltic to the Sage at up to 40 mph in the Baltic Night Time Zip on 27 October! Tickets cost £50 and you can grab yours here.

Halloween Late at the Centre for Life, Newcastle

Centre for Life in Newcastle will be hosting their annual Halloween Late adult only event, promising a full on horror immersive experience. There'll be organ dissection demonstrations and a dinosaur themed house of horrors as well as the chance to enjoy the 4D motion Dracula ride.

 Best Halloween Events for Adults in the North East

Alnwick Castle After Dark

Explore Alnwick Castle After Dark this Halloween when the Castle throw open their doors at night for the first time! Brave adventurers can learn about the lost souls of ancient Northumberland with plenty of scares along the way. Limited tickets are available for this once in a lifetime Halloween night of fun.

Scary Burgers at Fat Hippo

The scariest burger in the Toon is back at Fat Hippo! Be prepared to see a burger like none you've ever seen before. The Burger Lab have been busy creating the Hail to the String; a double 4oz patty, Monterary Jack, dry cure bacon, pumpkin hash, roast garlic and bone marrowanise and sweet potato string fries served in a charcoal bun. I've already got my table booked!

Photo c/o Fat Hippo

Halloween Open Air Cinema at Middleton Lodge

Check out the Halloween Open Air Cinema at Middleton Lodge where you can enjoy a screening of classic movie Ghostbusters. Snuggle up under a blanket and enjoy popcorn, toffee apples and hot chocolate. Take your own carved pumpkin along to help light the night.

 Best Halloween Events for Adults in North East

... and for those who are wusses like me:

Eat all of the Halloween Cupcakes at Pet Lamb Patisserie

One part of Halloween I can definitely get involved with is demolishing a plate of creepy cupcakes from Pet Lamb Patisserie in the Grainger Market. They have the best selection of treats in Newcastle and I plan on filling my boots before returning home before all of the ghosts and vampires have a chance to get me!  (Please note that Pet Lamb is closed until 19 October as the lovely Kay is getting hitched!  So please don't go banging on their door for Halloween cupcakes until they're back cos they'll be after me!) 

 Best Halloween Events for Adults in North East - Pet Lamb Patisserie

I'd love to hear about your Halloween plans and if any of you make it to any of these events make sure you let me know all about your experience, I'd love to hear from you!

For more adventures across the North East be sure to check out New Girl in Toon on Facebook and Instagram

Monday, 9 October 2017

Lunch Menus and Deals on the Newcastle Quayside

This week is the end of an era for me. After 4 years working on the Newcastle Quayside, I'm moving offices to a completely different part of the Toon. Whilst I'm looking forward to having a new area to explore in my lunch hour I will definitely miss my beautiful strolls along the River Tyne and enjoying all of the tasty lunch menus and deals that can be found on the Quayside.

I'll be spending quite a bit of this week trying to eat my way round all of my favourites while I still have the chance and so thought I'd share with you my inside knowledge of the best places to go for a great lunch deal if you work on the Newcastle Quayside.  These places are all perfect for quick lunches with your colleagues and offer purse friendly prices and speedy service (although we have found that ordering ahead does help get you back to the office on time!)

Lunch Menus and Deals on the Newcastle Quayside

Pitcher and Piano

A favourite with office workers on the Newcastle Quayside, the Pitcher and Piano offers a welcome office escape with their beautiful River Tyne view. Their Lunch for Less menu is available Monday to Friday between 12:00 pm and 3:00 pm where you can tuck into a lunch dish with a soft drink for £6.50. If it's been a particularly hard day you can swap your drink to a pint of Amstel or a glass of wine for an extra £1.50. It's also worth noting that if you sign up to their website they send out vouchers for free drinks each month.

Pitcher and Piano, 108 Quayside, NE1 3DX


My restaurant of choice if I feel like a slightly fancier lunch, Gusto is the perfect place to unwind after a busy morning in the office. Their lunch menu offers a selection of some of my favourite dishes from the main menu and you can enjoy 2 courses for £12.95 or 3 courses for £14.95 Monday to Saturday 12 noon to 5:00 pm. The best news is that my obsession, the Gusto Burger, is available on the menu along with some very tempting desserts including the very popular Bombolini.

Gusto, 106 Quayside, NE1 3DX

Slug and Lettuce

In the past you may not have considered the Slug and Lettuce a lunchtime destination but following a refurbishment last year the place is looking tip top and the cute velvet chairs and tiled walls has had me sharing photographs on Instagram on more than one occasion!  There's a set menu offering 2 courses for £11.95 or 3 courses for £14.95 (has to be prebooked) with plenty of lush dishes available on each course. If you're determined to stay healthy during the week the Slug have also introduced a guilt free lunchtime tipple with their skinny prosecco.

Slug and Lettuce, Exchange Buildings, Quayside, NE1 3DW

Las Iguanas

One of my favourite places to head for lunch on the Quayside is Las Iguanas, their lunch menu is fantastic with a great variety of food - so much so I'm still working my way through it. Served until 6:30 pm every day, dishes are all a very reasonable £7.50, £8.50 or £9.50 and I highly recommend the Cuban Sandwich! The perfect place to inject some flavour into your lunch hour!

Las Iguanas, 106 Quayside, NE1 3DX

Head of Steam

Formally the Eye on the Tyne, the Head of Steam on the Newcastle Quayside is the best destination for a cheap and cheerful lunch. With a lovely new makeover and purse friendly prices, a lunchtime sandwich with chips and a drink will give you more than enough change to go out for drinks after work!

Head of Steam, 11-17 Broad Chare, NE1 3DQ

Dobson and Parnell

Perfect for a business lunch, Dobson and Parnell offer a daily set menu served from 12:00 pm - 2:00 pm Tuesday to Saturday  at £15.00 for two courses or £19.00 for three. Lunch includes complimentary still or sparkling water and tea or coffee. The menu changes but always serves up locally sourced, seasonal produce perfectly prepared.

Dobson and Parnell, 21 Queen Street, NE1 3UG

Caffé Vivo

If you fancy a spot of Italian during your lunch hour then CaffĂ© Vivo is the place to head on the Quayside for a bargain. Their Express Lunch Menu is available from 12:00 pm to 5:30 pm Tuesday to Saturday and is a perfectly formed menu of sandwiches and salads. If you're feeling particularly hungry you can pick up a Soup and Sandwich Special for £10.00 or a Soup and Salad Special for £12.00.

Caffe Vivo, 29 Broad Chare, NE1 3DQ


Treat yourself to a lunchtime of indulgence at 21 where you can enjoy 2 courses for £19.00 or 3 courses for £22.50 as part of their lunch menu served Monday to Saturday 12:00 pm - 2:30 pm. The menu changes weekly which sounds like the perfect excuse to become a regular if you ask me!

21, Trinity Gardens, Quayside, NE1 2HH

So there we have just a few of my favourite lunch meals and deals on the Newcastle Quayside - make sure you let me know if I've missed out your favourite!

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Friday, 6 October 2017

John Lewis, Newcastle - The Beauty Retreat and Beauty Hall

When it comes to all things beauty, I'm a bit of a late bloomer. Up until a year or so ago I applied my makeup with clumsy fingers and took it off in the evening with face wipes (shock horror)! I have my addiction to beauty blogs to thank for teaching me the basics and now I have a full skincare routine, a ridiculous collection of eye palettes and love a trip to the John Lewis Beauty Retreat!

You'll find the John Lewis Newcastle Beauty Retreat on the ground floor of the store in Eldon Square and it's heaven for the beauty lover. Despite being only a few steps away from the bustle of the high street it's a great way to escape and the perfect place to pop to after a busy day shopping (anyone else get shopping rage or is that just me?)

The John Lewis Beauty Retreat in Newcastle boasts a spa for luxury treatments as well as counters for some of my favourite makeup and skin brands including Liz Earle, NARS and Dior.  They also happen to be one of the friendliest beauty halls in Newcastle, something my hubby would definitely agree with as whenever he's shopping for my Christmas stocking, John Lewis is the only place he'd ever consider heading to (it takes a brave man to ask for an Orgasm blush at the NARS counter!)!

John Lewis, Newcastle - The Beauty Retreat and Beauty Hall

Beauty Retreat Treatments 

In our John Lewis store in Newcastle we're lucky to have six treatment rooms to choose from, each with their own individual treatments perfectly suited to a busy working lunch, a girls' shopping trip or a birthday pamper session.

The Blink Brow Bar

The Blink Brow Bar is my go to in a lunch hour when I'm in desperate need of a quick tidy up before rushing back to the office. They offer a full range of threading, tinting and lash treatments as well as a full selection of wax treatments.

Step this way for a full list of treatments 


Beautiful aromatherapy and natural ingredients are the order of the day at Decleor. Essential oils perfectly blended for the face or body  make up the treatments at the Beauty Retreat and there's an extensive list of facials available with a little something for everyone including anti-ageing, hydration, sensitive, oily and only for men as well as a range of body massages.

Step this way for a full list of treatments


Clarins are one of my favourite skincare brands and I use a huge variety of their products every day but when I want that little bit of extra pampering I head to the Clarins Skin Spa at the John Lewis Beauty Retreat.  Providing amazing treatments for the face and body they offer massages, facials and even a 65 minute hot stone massage!

Step this way for a full list of treatments

John Lewis, Newcastle - Beauty Hall


Bring the spa to your shopping trip with the expert therapists at Elemis who are masters in helping you escape the pressures of every day life. There are plenty of treatments to choose from at the John Lewis Beauty Retreat including power boosting facials, BIOTEC treatments and skin radiance boosts.

Step this way for a full list of treatments


Jessica are one of the world's leading authorities on natural nail care, helping their clients achieve and maintain naturally beautiful nails. Treatments at the John Lewis Beauty Retreat include manicures, GELeration, pedicures and deluxe hand treatments.

Step this way for a full list of treatments


Experts in beautiful healthy skin, the Espa Beauty Room at John Lewis Newcastle offer natural restorative products to deliver long term results for every skin type. Their range of in store treatments include personalised facials, aromatherapy massages and hot stones.

Step this way for a full list of treatments

John Lewis, Eldon Square Newcastle - Beauty Hall

To book yourself in for a treatment at the John Lewis Newcastle Beauty Retreat call the team on 0191 211 3440 or pop into the store.

For the Beauty Lover

Beauty lovers step into heaven when they enter the John Lewis Beauty Hall with a huge range of beauty counters to choose from.  You'll find many of the leading brands in the Newcastle store including Benefit, Dior, Clinique and Bobbi Brown - each offering a great selection of products and services for the beauty shopper.

If you have a passion for a  particular brand, have been curious to try something new or simply want to seek advice from the professionals then it's worth taking the time to fully explore the Beauty Hall at John Lewis Newcastle.  Many people don't realise what services they provide and you can enjoy everything from full makeup overs to complimentary demonstrations and tutorials.

I could sit here all day telling you about my favourites but here's just a little teaser of what you can find in the John Lewis Beauty Hall.

John Lewis, Eldon Square Newcastle - Beauty


John Lewis Newcastle boasts a large NARS counter stacked full of the most beautiful products. I'm a huge lover of their blushes but have never really tried anything else so it's great to be able to go to the counter and explore their full range of lip products and eye palettes.

NARS offer several flash makeovers including creating the most gorgeous smoky eye using only two eyeshadow sticks. The Soft Touch Shadow Pencils blend so well together that creating the perfect eye look using just the pencils and your fingers is super simple. I can't wait to give this a go myself!

John Lewis, Eldon Square Newcastle - NARS


I've owned GHDs for years but have never really given much thought to how I use my product and if I'm using it to its full potential. On the GHD counter at John Lewis you can try before you buy and learn how to get the most out of your styling tools.

I've always struggled to create curls using my GHDs so it's great to be able to enjoy a full demonstration at John Lewis. The Platinum Styler is perfect for curling as they have an easy to grip handle and are set to the perfect temperature for heat styling. Curling hair away from the face creates the most beautiful natural curls that take minutes to create.

John Lewis, Eldon Square Newcastle - GHD Contour

It's always worth asking if GHD have any new products and they currently have a limited edition GHD Contour that, I have to admit, immediately gave me flashbacks of my childhood crimping days.  The new GHDs are however a very clever way of contouring your hair, adding depth and texture and  enhancing the shape of your face.  Sounds crazy but it's a genius idea and definitely worth swinging by the counter at John Lewis to ask for a demonstration.

John Lewis, Eldon Square Newcastle - GHD

Liz Earle

One of my very favourite skincare brands, Liz Earle have a counter at John Lewis Newcastle and I love popping into store to restock on my favourite Cleanse and Polish. The lovely ladies will offer you great skincare advice and recommend what products you should be using on your skin. Having only ever used the cleanser I'm looking forward to heading back for a consultation soon to hopefully add some more products to my bathroom cabinet.  I also have the new Sweet Orange and Mint Cleanse and Polish on my Christmas wish list.

John Lewis, Eldon Square Newcastle - Liz Earle


Chanel are one of the most luxurious makeup brands in John Lewis Newcastle and I love popping  by the counter for a flash lip makeover. As I'm not very bold in my lipstick colour choices it's really fun to try some colours that I'd probably not usually think about wearing. Experimenting on the Chanel counter is a great way of updating your look especially if you're after something new and different for the changing season or, of course, the upcoming Christmas celebrations.

Chanel offer full makeup experiences and lessons from £25.00 with the booking fee redeemable against purchase made on the day of your appointment.  They also offer complimentary walk in flash services including Flawless Face, Expressive Eyes, Defining Brows or, my favourite, the Signature Lips.

John Lewis, Eldon Square Newcastle - Chanel

With Christmas fast approaching the John Lewis Beauty Retreat and Beauty Hall is going to be my safe haven away from the madness of the high street when the inevitable shopping rage hits and my bags get too heavy. I'm looking forward to completing my shopping this year without the worry of sore legs and aching shoulders!

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Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Meet and Treat, Newcastle - Taiwanese Gua Bao & Noodle House

I visited Meet and Treat in Newcastle when it very first opened. Simon and I dashed in for a quick coffee at the beginning of a very busy Saturday and immediately loved the feel of the place. We decided to head back for a proper look as soon as we could, but days turned into weeks, weeks turned into months and soon we'd more or less forgotten about this cosy little place on the edge of China Town.

Then suddenly, Meet and Treat were everywhere! Fresh from a menu relaunch I saw images of the most beautiful looking food pop up all over my social media and, just like that, Meet and Treat were back on my radar and I was desperate to visit.

Meet and Treat, Newcastle - Taiwanese Gua Bao & Noodle House

If you've not heard of Meet and Treat then you need to listen up because you are seriously missing out. The cosiest little cafe at the edge of Newcastle's China Town, they take inspiration from the quirky coffee houses of Penang and offer a snug little hideaway where you can lose hours of the day enjoying the most amazing pan-Asian food and sweet treats.

Comfy sofas, wall paintings, quirky cushions, hanging tea cups and exposed lights make Meet and Treat the kind of place that you'll want to explore before you've even opened the menu.  It's perfect for the upcoming colder seasons. Winter is coming, and Meet and Treat is the ideal hideaway from the rain and will definitely be my little haven when the evenings get dark.

Meet and Treat, Newcastle
Oh, did I mention "that floor"?

If you're a regular on Instagram then you will have seen plenty of feet appearing on Meet and Treat's picture perfect tiled floor! It's proved so popular it even has its own hashtag. I couldn't wait to get my feet ready for my #meetandtreatfeet moment and was slightly gutted when I somehow managed to get my boots covered in muddy water just before I arrived at the cafe.

Make sure you check out the hashtag on Instagram for plenty of fancy feet that aren't covered in mud!

Meet and Treat, Newcastle  - Meet and Treat Feet
My long overdue visit to Meet and Treat was for a much needed girls night with my besties, made even better by the cafe celebrating hitting over 2,000 likes on Facebook (amazing!) and offering BYOB with no corkage charge for the whole of September. We brought along a bottle of wine and some, oh so classy, tins of G&Ts to fill up our ice bucket which got our evening off to a great start.

The menu at Meet and Treat is amazing! One of the very best in Newcastle and an absolute nightmare for the indecisive foodie. I wanted one of everything, in fact I know that I'm going to have to make many many more visits to work my way through all the dishes I want to try.  Small Bites (perfect for over ordering and sharing), Soup Noodles, Gua Bao and Rice Dishes - the list of food seemed endless and as I glanced down the list my tummy was growling. I need to reach a decision fast!

We each decided to pick something off the Small Bites to start with and I went for the Deep Fried Vegetable Dumplings £4.90. They were little pieces of heaven, so delicious I could have devoured plate after plate of them!

Meet and Treat, Newcastle  - Vegetable Dumplings

For the main event I decided to go for the Teriyaki Chicken with Rice (£9.50). Perfect for my sweet tooth, it was really sticky with a beautiful sugary kick. The meat was cooked to perfection and the rice was the perfect accompaniment.

One dish down, a whole menu left to try!

Meet and Treat, Newcastle  -  Teriyaki Chicken with Rice
Guys, I think I can feel an obsession coming on!

Meet and Treat exceeded my expectations, lived up to the hype and I'm now on a mission to try as much of the menu as I can. I'm already making a plan to visit with Simon as I've heard a lot of whispers that the desserts are fantastic and the waffles and milkshakes have to be tried. I think we know that has our name all over it.

Meet and Treat, 41 Bath Lane, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE4 5SP

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Saturday, 30 September 2017

My September Days

I'm feeling so happy right now! With Autumn round the corner I am constantly daydreaming about cosy knits, pumpkin candles and hot chocolates and I love it. This month has been pretty busy and I don't see any sign of things slowing down any time soon!  Here are a few of the things that didn't make it to the blog.

Our First Wedding Anniversary

The highlight of our month was definitely celebrating our first wedding anniversary. As well as enjoying our luxury stay at the South Causey Inn we spent the first part of our day retracing our steps and saying "this time last year" to each other. We enjoyed pancake stacks at our wedding venue, the Parlour at Blagdon and then had a little stroll round Northumberlandia, where we had our wedding photos taken. I loved wading through the thick grass where our photographer Katie Byram took our favourite photos.

September Days- Northumberlandia

Cream Tea for Two 

I am so happy! This month I finally got to try out Violets on the Newcastle Quayside. I've been wanting to try the cute cafe ever since it opened but it's damn hard to get a seat, it's so popular. I was thrilled when a spontaneous stroll past paid off and I managed to bag myself a prime table by the window. Cream tea was ordered, the scones were perfect and I can definitely say that it was worth the wait. I can't wait to go again! I need to try the brunch and afternoon tea.

September Days - Violets Cafe Newcastle Quayside

Northern Wedding Jam

I know what you're thinking! Yes, I did celebrate my first wedding anniversary last week but it doesn't stop me from being very passionate about the North East wedding industry.  So when my lovely friend Kayleigh recently got engaged I pounced on her and organised a visit to Belle Bridal Magazine's Northern Wedding Jam at The Baltic. Showcasing some of the best wedding creatives in the region we had a fantastic afternoon pottering around watching bridal fashion shows and admiring amazing cakes.

September Days - Belle Bridal Northern Wedding Jam

Staycation Lusting at Middleton Lodge

After attending a team building event at Middleton Lodge this month I am desperate to book myself in for a luxury staycation. A beautiful country house snuggled away in the North Yorkshire countryside, this has to be the ultimate romantic break! The bedrooms look so cosy, the food in the Coach House is supposed to be superb and they even have a little treatment room. Let the heavy hinting to the husband commence!

September Days - Middleton Lodge

Pumpkin Spice Lattes

It really isn't Autumn until you've had your first Pumpkin Spice Latte of the year and I was keen to grab one as soon as they reappeared in Starbucks. I love them so much but have to limit myself to one a week or I'd be in there every day drowning in cream and overloading on sugar.

September Days - Pumpkin Spice Latte

Changing Seasons

I love Autumn! The beautiful colours and crunchy leaves never fail to put a smile on my face. I really noticed a change in the seasons during a lunchtime walk along the Newcastle Quayside last week. The sun appeared after a morning of rain showers and the reflection of the blue sky in the puddles alongside the red and orange trees was stunning. Safe to say I took a lot of photos on my phone that day!

September Days - Newcastle Quayside

Wardrobe Updates 

This year I was in desperate need of new boots for Winter as well as a snuggly coat so a lot of pennies have been spent. Whilst I like to invest a bit more money in the practical parts of my wardrobe I've also been purchasing a few bargains from Primark and my latest obsession is my new camouflage jacket (my smart arse husband likes to pretend he can't see me every time I wear it!)

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