Monday 31 July 2017

July Days

I have to say, so far, this Summer has been a memorable one with so many beautiful sunny weekends. We seem to have spent most of our days pottering about on the coast and I'm loving the beautiful sea breeze, warm air (and Di Meos' ice creams!).

Here's what didn't make the blog this month!

Flamingo Loving 

I have got so much style inspiration from Instagram recently and spotted my friend Kayleigh with this rather special Flamingo Jacket from Primark. It was instant love and I just couldn't resist getting one for myself when I spotted it in the sale. I'm pretty sure my husband thinks I'm bonkers but I love it and it's the perfect throw on jacket for strolls along the seafront in Whitley Bay.

Flamingo Denim Jacket - Primark The Hand That Rocked the Bagel

We've managed to have a fair few date nights this month, the highlight being a trip to Fat Hippo in Jesmond to celebrate 4th July and indulge in their special week long menu. The Hand That Rocked the Bagel was the burger of my dreams with a double patty, pastrami, Swiss cheese and a fried egg. Do you have any idea how long I've been waiting for Fat Hippo to put an egg into one of their burgers. It rocked the bagel and it rocked my world! I can't wait to see what they've got up their sleeve next!

The Hand that Rocked the Bagel - Fat Hippo

Durham Dates

I headed back to County Durham last week for another cake date with my lovely ladies Kayleigh and Lisa. We headed to Homer Hill Farm Shop in Houghton Le Spring where wet weather had me craving all the carbs and I feasted on an epic lunch of Welsh Rarebit and Coffee Cake. We headed in to Durham post lunch for a hike to burn off some of the calories. If you want an energetic walk Durham is the place to go, wow the hills are steep after cake! By the time we'd finished the sun was shining and I realised I looked a bit daft in my bright yellow rain mac.

Lunch at the Killingworth Arms

Simon's Mum came up for a visit and we immediately saw it as an excuse to book ourselves in for a Sunday lunch, something we really don't do often enough. So many people had recommended the Killingworth Arms for their award winning carvery so we decided to see what the fuss was about. Wow! The food was beautiful and my only regret was not being able to fit more on my plate (we had some great fun debating how to fit more carvery onto your plate on the New Girl in Toon Facebook page). Feel free to share any tips!

Killingworth Arms - Sunday Lunch

Going "Out Out"

Simon and I definitely favour a night on the sofa in our dressing gowns watching TV than heading into Toon at the weekend but this month we went on a spontaneous night out with friends which started with me getting ready with a spot of pre drinking. I was transported back to my youth although I'm sure in those days I wasn't drinking anything out of a fancy flute! Our evening began at the new look Boilershop and ended with a visit to new bar Billy Bootleggers and a cheeky cocktail at the Alchemist. We loved going "out out", although both suffered from awful hangovers the following day!

The Grind

I have been wanting to try a burger from The Grind for so long now having heard many people say that they are the best burgers in Newcastle. Every time I mention to Simon that we should try them he gets rage and declares that nothing will ever beat the burgers in Fat Hippo. I finally had my chance to put The Grind to the test during our night out at the Great Northern Soul Food at the Boilershop. I ordered the New Yorker cheeseburger and it was delicious. I'm now nagging Simon to take me to their little popup restaurant at No. 28 to give the Grind a proper go - watch this space!

The Grind Burger

A Tipsy Sunset

On Friday we found ourselves feeling pretty tipsy strolling along the Newcastle Quayside and it was one of those moments when  you truly love life. An unbelievable light evening (this photo was taken at 9:30 pm!) mixed with a spot of rain gave us the most spectacular show of pink skies and rainbows. Despite being slightly intoxicated I managed to take a few decent photos. The evening ended with a few drinks in the Malmaison where I decided I was far too drunk/lazy to make it home and insisted that we ask at reception if they had any spare rooms. Luckily they didn't or I would have been doing the walk of shame in last night's clothes to the hairdressers the following morning.

Fingers crossed for plenty more sunny days in August, I have a giant Summer bucket list to get through!

For more adventures from New Girl in Toon make sure you follow me on Instagram, I post a new photo every day!

Friday 28 July 2017

Cocktails of the World and Asian High Tea - Girls' Night at Sohe Jesmond

SoHe in Jesmond is one of my favourite places in Newcastle to head for an evening of cocktails and food with friends. The Pan-Asian restaurant offers spectacular dishes for a truly colourful experience. Your evening is guaranteed to amaze with a good helping of bright flowers, delicious spices and tempting treats.

The perfect destination for a catch up with my favourite ladies - the Jesmond restaurant is great for an evening of gossip, cocktails of the world and a spot of Asian High Tea.

Here's how you can create your perfect night with the girls at SoHe!

Cocktails of the World and Asian High Tea - Girl's Night at Sohe Jesmond

Cocktails at SoHe

Of course, I can't talk about SoHe without mentioning the delicious cocktails. I like to begin the evening by meeting my friends at the bar - I can't get enough of the colourful tiles and snazzy stools and always end up taking loads of snaps for Instagram

Start your night with a glass of Kwai Royal (£7.95), SoHe's take on the classic Kir Royale, with Kwai Feh, Chambord, Prosecco and Lychee.  All great nights should start with a glass of fizz!

Sohe Jesmond - Kwai Royal

The cocktails at SoHe are so fun with plenty of twists on the classics. My favourite is SoHe's own version of a Porn Star Martini where the Prosecco is poured into a passion fruit shell and floated on the top of the drink. It's almost too beautiful to drink ... almost!

Sohe Jesmond - Cocktails

The cocktails at SoHe feature unusual spirits, plenty of flair, colourful fruits and flowers and a sprinkle of spices - they are unlike anything else you'll find in Newcastle and the cocktail list is so impressive it's quite tough choosing what to try next.

Being a bit of a destination for the most colourful cocktails in Jesmond, you'll be pleased to hear that SoHe are planning on hosting cocktail master classes very soon!

Sohe Jesmond - Cocktails
Dining at SoHe

I've dined in SoHe a fair few times over the years and am a huge fan of their varied menu. It's best enjoyed with the girls and I highly recommend you over order and share the dishes, it's a great way to try as much of the menu as possible.

SoHe is short for "Southern Hemisphere" (something that I only learnt on my last visit!) so on the menu you can expect to find dishes inspired by Asia with flavours of Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, Korea and beyond.

A highlight of the menu for me has to be the Tempura Prawns (£9.95) - the most succulent prawns covered in a perfectly light batter - so moreish that when I'm supposed to be sharing I tend to end up helping myself to extra when no one is looking!

Sohe Jesmond - Tempura Prawns

The Crispy Balinese Rice Balls (£5.60) are to die for! Wild mushrooms, coriander and sesame seeds in a delicious crispy shell. They're tough little things to cut into but completely worth the effort when you get to the scrummy centre (plus I can't help but think working for your food is almost like exercise?)

Sohe Jesmond - Balinese Rice Balls

As a self confessed spice wuss, I'm always pleasantly surprised by the dishes at SoHe as there are plenty that I can choose from that don't set my mouth on fire. I love Kaeng Khiao Wan (£13.90) - Thai green curry, chicken breast, peppers, aubergine, water chestnuts, bamboo shoots, spinach and jasmine rice. The flavours are just out of this world.

Sohe Jesmond

Asian High Tea at SoHe

For those, like me, who have a sweet tooth,  SoHe now serve Asian High Tea (£17.99 per person) available every Friday to Sunday from 12:00 pm - 5:00 pm.

The perfect accompaniment to a long, leisurely afternoon with the girls, Asian High Tea is served with a pot of infused tea and two cocktails chosen from a selection.

Sohe Jesmond - Asian High Tea
The bottom tier of the Asian High Tea is made up of Asian bites created by the chefs at SoHe. A wonderful alternative to the traditional, you'll discover some of the best bits from SoHe's  menu including filled wraps, chicken satay and rice balls.

Of course no afternoon tea is complete without scones and as you work your way up you'll find then hidden away in the middle with pots of jam and cream on the side.

Sohe Jesmond - Asian High Tea

The top tier of the Asian High Tea arrives courtesy of the Geordie Bakers and features mini desserts including macarons, lemon posset and chocolate torte. Of course, this being SoHe the stand comes fully decorated with the most beautiful coloured flowers, I've never seen such a beautifully coloured afternoon tea! The talented chefs at SoHe are hoping to create their own sweet treats to include on the tea very soon.

Sohe Jesmond - Asian High Tea

The SoHe High Tea is proving to be very popular and obviously takes a bit of work to put together so if you want to try it for yourself make sure you pre book.

Of course that's not all that SoHe has to offer, they also do a rather delicious looking brunch menu on a Sunday morning and host rather fabulous events (be sure to follow SoHe on Facebook so you don't miss out!)

SoHe invited us down for the evening for complimentary food and drink in exchange for this honest review.


Wednesday 26 July 2017

The Sunderland Airshow with DFDS Seaways

You may be surprised to hear that, despite living in the North East for over four years, I've never been to the Sunderland Airshow! So when DFDs Seaways invited us to join them for a mini cruise to watch the airshow from on board one of their huge ships we were thrilled.

I'm pretty sure attending the annual airshow is a right of passage for any North East resident, so it may seem a little strange that I've never visited the Sunderland Airshow before. If I'm being honest the thing that has put us off is the amount of people. Simon and I aren't huge lovers of large crowds and we're also not too fond of queuing, standing or fighting for space (I know, we're a barrel of laughs!) So the thought of joining the masses at the seaside in Sunderland has always put us off the airshow, despite the fact that we both love a bit of plane spotting.

This year, however, thanks to DFDS Seaways we discovered a way to beat the crowds and enjoy a spectacular view of the Sunderland Airshow without any of the hassle and, in all honesty, it's a bit of a game changer.

The Sunderland Airshow with DFDS Seaways - North Shields Port

DFDS Seaways day cruises to the Sunderland Airshow are ideal if you really want to bring an extra little something to your experience of the show. I don't know why we've never done it before!

No fuss, no crowds and no queues.

Care to join us?

We visited the Sunderland Airshow on Sunday and our day began with a short journey to the Port in North Shields. We were feeling pretty smug about not having to battle the traffic to Sunderland and had a care free journey where we easily parked our car in the free carpark and headed towards the DFDS Seaways terminal. Check in was so simple and in no time at all we were sitting in the waiting room with lattes in hand.

The Sunderland Airshow with DFDS Seaways

Unfortunately any dreams we had of enjoying the Sunderland Airshow in shorts and sun hats were well and truly scuppered when the weather decided to bless airshow weekend with dark clouds, torrential downpours and threatening storms. But the show went on, since when did an event in Britain stop for rain?

Our ship, the King Seaways, set sail at 12:15 pm, giving us a good hour to relax and enjoy some lunch before reaching the airshow. Every ticket included a different type of lunch experience onboard including a packed lunch, help yourself buffet or an a la carte menu. Lunches were well organised and we were given a set dining time to ease congestion and prevent delays.

The Sunderland Airshow with DFDS Seaways - King Seaways

Our £55.00 ticket included a three course a la carte lunch, served in the beautiful Blue Riband restaurant. Away from the hustle and bustle of the ship we enjoyed table service in the peaceful restaurant complete with wine and plenty of bread on the side (you all know how much I love a bread basket!)

I wasn't too sure what to expect from the food onboard the ship, and I have to admit we were both pretty stunned when we were presented with dishes that looked really beautiful - for once we weren't the only people taking photographs of our food!

Our lunch began with Hot Smoked Bourbon-cured Salmon served with green herb cream, corn and wild rice. We weren't too sure about the addition of popcorn on our plates but it actually worked really well with the smoky salmon.

The Sunderland Airshow with DFDS Seaways - Blue Riband

This was followed by a main course of Fillet of Beef with braised oxtail grill served with onion and mushroom medeira glaze. The beef was so tender and the gravy was deliciously rich. It was my first try of oxtail and I wasn't too fussed by it, but it was great to have the opportunity to try something new.

The Sunderland Airshow with DFDS Seaways - Blue Riband

Our meal ended with Strawberry Mille Feuille served with citrus and vanilla cream. We were surprised when dessert appeared as it wasn't a traditional mille feuille. Instead of the usual pastry the layers were built with meringue but it tasted so good that after one mouthful we really weren't bothered by its name.

The Sunderland Airshow with DFDS Seaways - Blue Riband

Just as we finished lunch, and I'd announced that I'd quite like a Sunday afternoon nap after all that food, we'd arrived at the Sunderland Airshow. We dropped anchor just off the coast of Seaburn with perfect views across the sea. We could easily make out our favourite landmarks like the Souter Lighthouse.

Despite the miserable weather we decided to head up to the outside decks to enjoy some aerial views of the displays. As the planes appeared I barely noticed it was raining I was so entranced by what was happening in the sky.

The Sunderland Airshow with DFDS Seaways

We couldn't get over how amazing the view was from aboard the DFDS ship, we could see for miles and being higher than ground level meant that we got a great view of the jaw dropping stunts put on by the display teams. At times the planes flew right over the ship giving us such a buzz as the noisy engines roared over our heads.

There was lots of room on deck to really appreciate the displays with plenty of passionate fans fully armed with camping chairs, binoculars and giant camera lenses. The atmosphere was great with no worries about fighting for a space - the very best way to view the Sunderland Airshow!

The Sunderland Airshow with DFDS Seaways
After a little while I realised that the rain had started dripping off my hood and was pinging off my nose so we decided it was time to head indoors to dry off. We loved having the ability to duck in and out when we pleased and once we'd decided we'd had enough of getting wet we easily grabbed a comfy seat in the bar by a huge window where we could still appreciate the planes without getting soggy.

There were plenty of families at the tables around us enjoying the displays and the views from the huge windows meant that we weren't missing out. I even managed to get a few more snaps.

The Sunderland Airshow with DFDS Seaways

Armed with cups of coffee to warm up (good old British Summer!) we spent the rest of our DFDS journey enjoying the displays inside and taking enough videos on our phone to use up all of the memory.

We were very lucky to get the better of the two days, we heard that many of the displays were cancelled on Saturday due to the bad weather but most of the planes managed to complete their stunts for us before the weather got too horrendous. Keeping our fingers tightly crossed definitely paid off!

The Sunderland Airshow with DFDS Seaways

For those who didn't want to spend two hours watching the planes, plenty of other things were happening onboard throughout the afternoon including wildlife watching, children's entertainment and live music. Simon and I didn't make it too far beyond our coffee cups, we were too busy pressing our noses up against the windows watching the planes!

Before we knew it, it was 3:15 pm and the Captain announced that it was time to set sail and head back to the Port at North Shields.

The best thing about our DFDS Seaways Sunderland Airshow Cruise was that it was a perfect bite sized experience of the day that perfectly suited our requirements. The two hours of plane watching was a good amount of time and we truly appreciated having so much room to move around, a great view and, of course, plenty of comfy seats in the dry once we'd had enough of the elements. I honestly can't imagine wanting to experience the Sunderland Airshow any other way and if we had that much fun in the rain I can only imagine how fantastic it must be in the sunshine.

The Sunderland Airshow with DFDS Seaways
We will most definitely be returning next year and I have spent the last few days telling everyone I meet what a great time we had onboard the DFDS King Seaways - there really is no better way to enjoy the Sunderland Airshow.

Let me know if you made it to the Sunderland Airshow this year and what your highlights were. I'd also love to hear from anyone who's done an Amsterdam trip on DFDS Seaways, we're so tempted to book a trip!

Find out more about day trips and mini cruises with DFDS Seaways here.

Huge thank you to DFDS Seaways for treating us to complimentary tickets onboard the King Seaways, we had a truly magical time! 

Monday 24 July 2017

Colmans Seafood Temple, South Shields - Menu Review

Having spent most of our Summer so far enjoying the sandy beaches and delicious ice creams of South Shields, it was only a matter of time before we paid Colmans Seafood Temple a visit.

Colmans Seafood Temple opened on the South Shields sea front a few months ago and has already been hugely popular with Colman's army of fish and chip loving fans. Housed in the iconic Gandhi's Temple on Sea Road it has to be one of the most beautiful places in the North East to enjoy a "chippy tea".

Colmans Seafood Temple, South Shields - Gandhis Temple
Colmans have been a proud resident of South Shields for 90 years, winning loads of awards for their fish and chips so you may be quite surprised to hear that when we visited the Ocean Road restaurant back in 2014 we didn't have the best experience and so haven't been back since. The food was fantastic and we both agreed that the fish and chips were worth the hype but the service was pretty bad (you can read all about our experience here).  Four years have passed and the beautiful Seafood Temple looks like a much calmer dining experience so we decided it was about time to give Colmans another go.

Turning our evening into a double date, we went with South Shields resident fish and chip expert, Katie (I think she's practically moved into Colmans Seafood Temple!) and her boyfriend in tow, excited for a sunny evening at the coast indulging in some seaside treats.

Arriving before our friends we were greeted warmly at the door and taken upstairs to the bar to wait. Already we were impressed by the high level of service and memories of our previous bad experience were beginning to disappear.

Colmans Seafood Temple, South Shields

Colmans Seafood Temple is split between the restaurant on one side (offering the beautiful seaside views) and the bar on the other (with the not quite so nice views of pavements and car parks).  The bar is well stocked with cocktails and fizz, plenty of choices of wines, largers, beers and cider and mocktails if you don't fancy the usual soft drinks.

Once our dining companions had arrived we were shown to a comfortable booth in the middle of the restaurant. Although I felt a little jealous of the people with the tables right by the windows I have to say that the views were there for everyone to enjoy and there really isn't a bad table.

The menu at Colmans Seafood Temple is, as you'd expect, predominantly made up of fish dishes with traditional battered fish served with chips alongside dishes like Grilled Lobster, Scampi and Seafood Curry as well as Lindisfarne Oysters.

Colmans Seafood Temple, South Shields - Menu
In absolute seafood heaven I struggled to make a decision but in the end decided to go for a classic and ordered Prime Cod cooked in Colmans famous batter and served with chips (£8.75) with a side portion of Mushy Peas (£1.50). I'll admit I really wanted to add some bread and butter to my dinner, but decided to put my sensible hat on and not be overly greedy (first time for everything!)

As we settled down to wait for our food I couldn't help but notice how busy the restaurant was. Every table was taken and those who hadn't booked were being turned away, Colmans Seafood Temple is very popular! Despite it being busy we never felt rushed, and our evening was so relaxing - the perfect place to catch up with friends.

When our food arrived I couldn't wait to get started, as it was placed in front of me my mouth was watering in anticipation. It looked perfect!

Colmans Seafood Temple, South Shields - Cod and Chips

Quickly covering our dishes with the obligatory extras (a squeeze of lemon, a dash of salt and a silly amount of mayo for me!) we all fell silent as we tucked into our food.


The fish and chips at Colmans really are something to shout about. My piece of fish was chunky with plenty of flakey cod coated in the most deliciously light batter. It felt never ending, no matter how much I put in my mouth there always seemed to be plenty left on my plate. It was an absolute battle to defeat it and I almost gave up several times but it was just too delicious to quit.

Colmans Seafood Temple, South Shields - Fish and Chips

The chips were mammoth, the largest cuts I've ever seen and the perfect combination of crisp and fluff - so hard to get right but Colmans have well and truly nailed it.

Half way through my meal and I was seriously struggling to finish. The portion sizes were so generous that even a pro like me was finding it difficult to eat everything. In the end I had to leave a small bit of fish and a couple of chips - I just couldn't find the room for them!

Colmans Seafood Temple, South Shields - Cod and Chips

Of course, being a dessert addict I always like to check out the sweet menu even if I am feeling full. The pudding menu at Colmans Seafood Temple isn't too exciting, not really a great surprise as I can't imagine many people can manage it.

If, like us, you can't finish a meal without a sweet treat then I'd recommend making the very short walk along the seafront to Minchellas for an ice cream - a cone and a seaside stroll is the perfect finish to a South Shields date night.

Colmans Seafood Temple is open from 11:30 am until 20:30 every day (Sundays until 19:00) - it's the perfect location for a picture perfect fish supper at the seaside.

For more coastal adventures check out our Day Trip to Amble and our Guide to the best Ice Cream Parlours in the North East.

Friday 21 July 2017

Northumberland Beach Huts, Harbourside Shopping and Spurelli Ice Cream; A Day Trip to Amble

Despite having lived in the North East for 4 years now, my list of places to visit is still pretty long. It seems when it comes to ticking off the "to do" list we're pretty laid back, it's certainly not getting any smaller. So when we saw that the North East was due an unexpected weekend of hot weather we decided to make the most of it and plan a day trip to Amble on the Northumberland coast, somewhere that we'd never been before.

Amble, Northumberland
We have passed signs to Amble so many times when adventuring up the Northumberland coast, quite often I'll point at them and tell Simon that we "really must visit one day" and then it's forgotten about until the next time. A few people had said to us that there wasn't a lot to do in Amble, but anywhere with a harbour immediately has me curious so we decided to go and check it out for ourselves.

Amble Day Trip
We found a small free car park just under a miles walk from the centre of Amble which was more than OK with us as the weather was beautiful. We strolled along the sand dunes happily people watching - with so many dog walkers and families out and about there were plenty of people to stop and chat to along the way and the views were beautiful.

Amble North East Coast
In no time at all we'd found the Amble beach huts. The eight colourful huts have only recently arrived in Amble and are some of only a few in Northumberland. Sitting pretty in the most beautiful shades of green, yellow and pink they have adorable names like Pier View and Seashell. I was in my element skipping around them with my camera. I guess when you're wearing a dress as colourful as beach huts it's only right yes?

Amble have some of the loveliest beach huts I've ever seen and I'd love to hire one some day soon. Available for only £20.00 for the day, they'd make such a great treat for a family day at the beach. If you fancy hiring one yourself you can hire a beach hut here.

Amble Beach Huts
A short stroll from the beach huts and we found ourselves at Amble harbour - a huge stretch of water lined with fishing boats and heaving with people all enjoying the Summer's sunshine. It was around this time that I began to get a little giddy at how much I was loving life. Nothing beats a walk out in the sun on a Saturday and discovering somewhere new in Northumberland to explore is my favourite thing to do!

Amble Harbour
My favourite part of Amble had to be Amble Harbour Village, a collection of independent shops housed in picture perfect wooden pods. The 15 stores sell a huge range of locally inspired gifts, crafts, food and drink. Decked out in bunting and with the cutest trinkets on sale I found myself wanting to spend all of my money within moments of arriving.

The real reason for our visit to Amble was to finally tick Spurreli Ice Cream Parlour off our foodie list. I've made it my mission this Summer to try all of the best ice creams the North East has to offer and so many people have told me that Amble's offering is one of the very best. I went for a delicious Cherry cone which proceeded to melt all over my hand as soon as I stepped outside of the shop the weather was that hot.  Luckily Spurelli has a handy outdoor seating area right next to the Parlour so we quickly found ourselves some seats to prevent any further ice cream spillage.

I am so happy that we finally decided to stop and explore the cute little harbour town as it turns out Amble is a fantastic place to mooch about and had so much more to see that I ever expected - we left wanting more and I can't wait to go back and try some of the fish and chips (it was so hard to resist getting some when everyone we walked past seemed to have a tray of something delicious)

Sometimes it pays to stop and explore somewhere new, you never know what you might find!  Let me know your favourite discoveries in the North East, we'd love to plan our next adventure.

Apologies that some of these photos are a little blurry, it could perhaps be because it was such a hot day my camera was sweating but in reality I'm guessing I probably put my sticky fingers on the lens - such a professional!

Wednesday 19 July 2017

A Guide to Newcastle Restaurant Week - August 2017

It's that time again! When those of us living in Newcastle can justify eating out every night of the week. Yes, Restaurant Week has been announced and, although it's not until 7 August, the list of restaurants and deals have been released (check out the full list here) and believe me it pays to be organised and get your table booked now. The popular restaurants will fill up fast.

As I'm busy researching where we're going to book (this involves a lot of menu studying!) I thought I'd pick out some of my favourites to share with you. I just wish I could book a table at all of them!

Guide to Newcastle Restaurant Week - August 2017

Dobson & Parnell

The Deal: 2 courses for £10 or 3 courses for £15

My favourite new restaurant in Newcastle, the food at Dobson & Parnell is beautiful and Restaurant Week is an ideal time to visit with a delicious 5 dishes per menu to choose from. The Rope-grown Mussels with chips sound fantastic and I know that Simon will be all over the sticky toffee pudding served with vanilla ice cream and salt caramel.

Read my review of Dobson & Parnell

Newcastle Restaurant Week - Dobson & Parnell


The Deal: £10 Beer and Burger

There are definitely more chain restaurants involved in Newcastle Restaurant Week than there used to be and Byron is one of our favourites from the selection. Their burgers are lush (pink and juicy!) and if you're yet to give them a go then this is a great excuse. Unfortunately the Restaurant Week menu is a little limited (come on Byron, give us some more choices!) but if you like a classic cheese burger you are in luck!

Read my review of Byron

Newcastle Restaurant Week - Byron


The Deal: 2 courses for £10 or 3 courses for £15

Chaophraya definitely isn't the cheapest place in Newcastle to eat so we save it for special occasions. So it's great that they have a good deal for Restaurant Week for those that want to give the Thai restaurant a try without breaking the bank. Theres a choice of three dishes on each course including my favourite Steamed Pork Dumplings.

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Newcastle Restaurant Week - Chaophraya

Chez Mal 

The Deal: 2 courses for £15 or Burger and Drink for £10

If you are yet to visit the Chez Mal at the Malmaision since the beautiful refurbishment then Restaurant Week presents you with the perfect opportunity. The Restaurant Week menu offers some delicious Summer dishes and the Banoffee cheesecake for desert sounds heavenly. If you prefer something a little more casual then why not enjoy a Mal Burger and drink in the Bar?

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Newcastle Restaurant Week - Chez Mal

Colonel Porters

The Deal: 2 courses for £10 or 3 courses for £15

One of the newest places to open in Newcastle, make your first visit to Colonel Porters during Restaurant Week for a pretty large menu of options including what's probably my favourite dessert menu of the week.  Jam Roly Poly and Black Forest Brownie? Yes please!

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Newcastle Restaurant Week - Colonel Porters

La Yuan

The Deal: A Hot Dish for £10 or Appetiser and Hot Dish for £15

I had the pleasure of trying La Yuan for the first time a few months ago and they serve the most delicious Chinese food you'll find in Newcastle. The Restaurant Week menu is extensive and includes my favourite, Yu Shiang Pork!  All dishes are served with a bowl of rice (which are huge!)

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Newcastle Restaurant Week - La Yuan

Marco Pierre White

The Deal: 2 courses for £15

Wear baggy trousers! Whenever I eat at Marco Pierre White I end up having to roll myself home, the food is so good! The Restaurant Week deal offers a choice of four dishes per course including my favourite Lightly Curried Smoked Haddock Risotto served with a Free Range Poached Egg and Chocolate and Salted Caramel Tarte served with Pistachio ice cream.

Read my review of Marco Pierre White

Newcastle Restaurant Week - Marco Pierre White

Believe me that is only a very small taster! With over 100 restaurants taking part it's worth having a good long look through everything on offer before making your decision.

Restaurant Week takes place between 7 August and 13 August.  All deal information is correct at the time of publishing, however Restaurant Week menus and deals are subject to change so be sure to check the website for the latest information.

Let me know where you decide to go and to see where we end up make sure you follow me on Instagram.

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