Monday 17 July 2017

My Happy Places with Butterkist Popcorn

My happy place is somewhere that I try to visit often. Smiling, laughing and feeling the joy in the every day is so important to me. I probably drive Simon slightly crazy when I get in one of my hyper happy moods but it's the part of my personality that I love the most.

I've always been very fortunate to be able to find the happy in little things so when Butterkist got in touch to tell me about their new happiness campaign I was very eager to jump on board their happy train. 

My Happy Places with Butterkist Popcorn
Butterkist have discovered that the average Brit feels true happiness 432 times a year with cuddling, eating Mum's roast and enjoying a box set night at home with a huge bowl of popcorn being some of the nation's favourite happy places.

Researchers found that more than eight in ten said they preferred a night at home with loves ones to a raucous night out and, apparently, our early forties are the happiest we'll ever be with 41 being pinpointed as the best year of our lives. 

So I thought I would share with you my happy places and I can't wait to hear yours!

An Empty Carpark

Slightly strange I know but just try singing in an empty carpark and I promise you it will make you happy. I am one of life's frustrated singers, I would love nothing more than to have a beautiful singing voice! Unfortunately for my friends and family not being able to sing certainly hasn't stopped me and I love having a good old sing song especially somewhere large and echoey. Put me in an empty carpark and I will turn into Celine Dion!

Strolling in the Sunshine

The sun automatically makes me happy. I'm sure most Brits feel the same, but feeling the sunshine on my skin really makes me come alive and spending a day enjoying good weather never fails to put a smile on my face. Getting lost in the countryside, eating alfresco or strolling along the seafront in the sunshine is one of my greatest joys.

Eating Black Forest Gateau

Do you know how hard it is to find somewhere that serves Black Forest Gateau? It is my favourite type of cake and on the odd occasion that I see it pop up on a menu it never fails to make me blissfully happy. Give me a massive slab of Gateau with a fork and I'm definitely in my happy place!

Admiring a beautiful view

I am a little obsessed with climbing up high for a good view. If I spot a tower or hill I can climb I'm up there like a shot in the hope that it'll offer me something beautiful at the top. Notre Dame in Paris, The Sydney Harbour Bridge and 1-Altitude in Singapore are just some of my favourites from around the world but equally I'm just as happy climbing Monument in Newcastle or admiring the views from Roseberry Topping. I can't get enough!

On the dance floor

I will never grow out of pop music. I loved it as a teen and now as a woman in her 30s I still can't get enough. Give me a good tune and some cheesy lyrics and I am on the dance floor like a shot. Highlight of my wedding? When the DJ put on my specially created boyband playlist and I got to prance around the dance floor in my wedding dress to Blazin Squad "Flip Reverse" and 911 "Bodyshaking". I've never been happier!

Movie Nights with Simon

Simon and I both love the movies. We are very proud owners of Odeon Limitless cards which means we can go to the cinema as often as we like and we also enjoy setting up movie nights at home. We take it all pretty seriously which means dimming the lights, enjoying some Butterkist popcorn (I'm a little obsessed with the choc mallow flavour) and sitting in complete silence until the movie has finished. Nothing makes us happier than finding a new movie to obsess over.

A beach at sunset

Nothing beats the joy of sitting on a deserted beach in the early hours of the morning enjoying a sunrise. I have been known, on the odd occasion, to set my alarm pack myself a flask of tea, jump in the car and chase the sunrise until it is at its prime. Then I'll pull over, find myself a quiet spot and just sit and watch.  It really is the most amazing way to start the day and a great place to have a good think.

Enjoying ice cream

If you follow me on Instagram you've probably noticed how obsessed I've been with ice cream this Summer. We are very lucky to have a fantastic amount of ice cream parlours in the North East to choose from and every weekend we've found ourselves heading to the coast for a cone. Whilst Simon always sticks to his standard salted caramel I'm enjoying trying out loads of different flavours. Last weekend we found ourselves snuggled on a bench in Whitley Bay in the early evening watching the waves and eating a cone and I had that sudden wonderful feeling of being truly happy.

Checking into a fancy hotel

Not something we get to do that often but every now and again it's lovely to really push the boat out and spend a good amount of your hard earned cash checking into somewhere luxury for the night. Searching for mid week deals in your local area is a great way to spend the night somewhere very fancy without it costing the earth and we're slowly making our way round all of the fancy hotels in the North East. Our favourite so far has been the Gilpin in the Lake District where we spent our Minimoon. Lounging around in a beautiful hotel room really is my happy place!

Lounging with a cake stand

As the self confessed Queen of Afternoon Tea it probably comes as no surprise that indulging in an afternoon tea makes me very happy! I love a super lazy afternoon lounging about on a comfy chair eating my way through a cake stand. It's probably the one activity in life that makes me feel truly relaxed!

Planning at my desk

I'm guessing that sitting in front of a laptop with a notepad and pen isn't everyones idea of a happy place but nothing makes me happier than when I have a fun project to sink my teeth into. I had the best time of my life planning our wedding and now that it's over I'm filling my time planning our North Wales adventure in the Autumn and secretly plotting surprises for Simon's 40th at the end of the year.


It's no secret that Newcastle is one of my happy places, the fact that I left my life in London to move to the North East says it all really. Strolling through Newcastle admiring the beautiful architecture, doing a spot of shopping or indulging in some local food makes me so ridiculously happy. I can't imagine ever wanting to leave.

So now it's over to you guys! Where's your happy place?

This post has been written in collaboration with Butterkist Popcorn 
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