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St Mary's Inn Morpeth - Rustic Afternoon Tea Review

*This is a collaboration with St Mary's Inn

When St Mary's Inn near Morpeth closed its doors not long after we'd celebrated our wedding there we were absolutely gutted. We'd chosen it as our wedding hotel because we'd fallen in love with its charm, amazing food and cosy country vibes - we used to love popping in for a drink after walking in Northumberland and it was a great place to impress the parents when they came for a visit.

Thankfully St Mary's Inn have reopened their doors and are welcoming old regulars and new visitors with the promise of great food, ales by the fire and the perfect resting spot after a long ramble in the countryside. Having already visited for a quick G&T and Sunday Lunch we were keen to arrange a visit to try their brand new rustic afternoon tea which has launched this month.

St Mary's Inn Morpeth- Rustic Afternoon Tea Review

For those who used to visit St Mary's pre-closure you may remember that their original afternoon tea was very similar to the offering at their sister hotel, Jesmond Dene House and although really lovely perhaps didn't quite fit the country inn interiors of St Mary's. The brand new rural afternoon tea is completely different and very fitting for St Mary's Inn and the warm hospitality and cosy corners you'll discover as soon as you enter.

Simon and I popped in to the Inn a few weeks ago to try out the Rustic Afternoon Tea and settled ourselves down in front of the fire for an afternoon of sweet treats, homemade classics and the chance to utter those words "yeah, I don't think we'll be needing any tea tonight".

St Mary's Inn Morpeth - Rustic Afternoon Tea - Review

Rustic Afternoon Tea at St Mary's Inn costs £15.00 per person and gives you the rare opportunity to "create you own" with lots of things to pick between to make your perfect tea. Each element of the afternoon tea stand is decided by you so none of that usual begging your husband to swap your cheese sandwich for the ham nonsense.  It's ideal for cutting out the bits you don't like and just enjoying a lot of what you love!

If you're a big foodie like me I recommend taking a few friends and ordering a few different bits so you can turn your tea into a big sharing feast. I love to sample everything off the menu but unfortunately dining with my husband involves a lot of me making Bambi eyes across the table to try and get some of his food (it doesn't always work!).

St Mary's Inn Morpeth - Rustic Afternoon Tea

Tea decisions first of course and North East favourite Ringtons is on the menu with plenty of options including good ol' faithful English Breakfast as well as Earl Grey, Peppermint and some fruity choices.

The beauty of Rustic Afternoon Tea at St Mary's Inn is that they have a bar just a few steps away so if you actually quite fancy a pint of beer or a cheeky G&T on the side there is always that option too and if you want to go for the "official" upgrade you can get a glass of Prosecco with your tea for an extra £5.00 per person.

St Mary's Inn Northumberland - Rustic Afternoon Tea
We always both order English Breakfast Tea and I was delighted when our pot showed up in a locally knitted tea cosy. How lovely!  Ours was decorated with brightly coloured flowers and fluffy clouds against a blue sky, it instantly reminded me of our adventures out in the Northumbrian countryside and so was very fitting alongside our Rustic Afternoon Tea.  It really added to the country charm and wow was I glaring at Simon when he took the pot's cute coat off to give the tea a stir!

St Mary's Inn Northumberland - Rustic Afternoon Tea Cosy

Our food showed up a few moments after ordering and was a real feast for the eyes - perfectly served on a wooden stand I could immediately see this was a "rustic" afternoon tea.  Everything looked so good and cut into generous slabs, with a great amounts of fillings.

If the "Famous Five" were sitting down to an afternoon tea, I'm pretty sure it would look like this.

St Mary's Inn Northumberland - Afternoon Tea
Sandwiches were up first and being an Honorary Geordie I was buzzing that we had the choice of Brown Bloomer or Northumbrian Stottie - no prizes for guessing what we went for. I love Stotties and would happily have them with every meal if I could (you've not lived until you've mopped up your dinner with a huge chunk of Stottie!). I just honestly don't think there's a better type of bread than a stottie and if it ever appears on a menu I have to order it without hesitation.

I almost ordered Ham and Pease Pudding but then remembered that I'd finally accepted that this North Eastern lass actually really doesn't like Pease Pudding and so instead went for the Cheese Savoury & Gem Lettuce.

St Mary's Inn Northumberland - Afternoon Tea - Stottie

Simon had opted for Smoked Salmon with Pickled Cucumber, Rocket & Cream Cheese and his stottie was the absolute winner. It took a few bites to work out why this sandwich was so amazing and we finally realised that it was the pickled cucumber that really made it perfect. I usually struggle to get Simon to provide me with any meaningful comments on what he's had when I'm doing a review but half way through he actually said to me "in your review, you have to say how amazing this sandwich is". He was going on about it so much that I somehow managed to convince him to cut me off a corner, and he was right. If you're going for the St Mary's Rustic Afternoon Tea this is the stottie you need to pick.

St Mary's Inn Northumberland - Afternoon Tea - Stotties

For those that love savoury you'll be wanting to book yourself this afternoon tea immediately because once you're done with the sandwiches you get another savoury treat! There's a choice between Beef & Onion Pie and Warm Cheese and Onion Quiche, both perfectly prepared, served warm with a delicious thick pastry crust.

St Mary's Inn Northumberland - Afternoon Tea - Quiche and Pie

It's the little things that please me most and one of my favourite things about the Rustic Afternoon Tea was the tableware. Slightly strange I know, but fellow afternoon tea lovers will know how frustrating it is when you have to tackle your tea stand armed with only a knife, fork and one teeny plate. At St Mary's Inn you get two plates and two sets of cutlery which is just amazing. I had a plate for my savoury, a separate plate for my sweets and two knives and forks to work with. Believe me, it was a game changer and everywhere that serves afternoon tea should take note.

I was pretty torn when it came to picking out which scone to get. I was very tempted by the Warm Cheese Scone & Butter but knowing how jealous I'd be of Simon's scone I thought we'd best order the same and we both opted for a Warm Fruit Scone with Clotted Cream and Strawberry Jam.

St Mary's Inn Northumberland - Afternoon Tea - Scones
They were huge, served warm out of the oven and when we cut into them I was so happy to discover they were the perfect amount of squish and crumble inside. I think every afternoon tea review I do I comment on how hard it is to get scones right and these ticked all the boxes.

St Mary's Inn Northumberland - Rustic Afternoon Tea - Scones

Simon, being Simon got to the jam first, slathered his scone in a thick covering and left me with nowt! Muttering to myself I headed off to go and find more jam and came back with the biggest smug face when I revealed that I'd been given my own mini pots of jam in a variety of flavours.

I definitely had the last laugh and taking full advantage I covered one half in Raspberry Jam (my new favourite jam flavour in case you were wondering) and the other half in a, some might way, controversial choice - Blackberry. An absolute treat smothered in cream and enjoyed with endless cups of steaming hot tea I think the scones were my favourite part of the Afternoon Tea.

St Mary's Inn Northumberland - Rustic Afternoon Tea - Scone

You won't find an over crowded tier of cakes on the Rustic Afternoon Tea, instead you get to choose between Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Icing or Warm Chocolate Brownie and believe me one cake is all you need because the cakes are huge.

We both went for the Chocolate Brownie and it was beautiful. Absolutely huge it was a real struggle to finish it off having already consumed all that food, I'm still not sure how we managed it. It was very rich and really chocolatey.  If you're not a professional in afternoon tea eating I'd highly recommend asking for a box to take this beauty home because it is a bit much after all that food and would be rather lovely to enjoy from the comfort of your sofa in the evening.

St Mary's Inn Northumberland - Rustic Afternoon Tea Brownies

We really enjoyed the Rustic Afternoon Tea at St Mary's Inn, it was so lovely to experience something a little different and the food and service we received was faultless. I'm really hoping that word continues to spread about how great this place is, it really is Northumberland's hidden gem and if you're yet to visit them you must make a plan!

St Mary's Inn Northumberland - Rustic Afternoon Tea Review
What you need to know:
  • Rustic Afternoon Tea at St Mary's Inn is served Monday to Saturday from 12:00 pm - 4:00 pm
  • Afternoon Tea costs £15.00 per person
  • Bookings must be made in advance online or by telephone
  • Want to read more about St Mary's Inn? Read all about my wedding morning at St Mary's Inn here
Find St Mary's Inn

St Mary's Lane
St Mary's Park
NE61 6BL

01670 293 293

We were treated to a complimentary afternoon tea for two in exchange for this honest review. 

Thursday, 11 April 2019

Luxury Suite at King Street Townhouse, Manchester - Hotel Review

When I was planning a special birthday trip to Manchester there was only one hotel that I wanted to stay in - The King Street Townhouse! After seeing so many beautiful photographs of the hotel popping up all over Instagram I was determined that one day I'd stay there.  The Marketing Man's dream, I'd been heavily influenced by some of my favourites on Instagram and knew I wouldn't be happy until I'd seen "that" infinity pool for myself.

Luxury Suite at King Street Townhouse, Manchester - Hotel Review

After carefully (my husband might say obsessively!) studying the website I realised that the room I wanted to stay in (the one that all the beautiful pictures were taken in) was, in fact, the most expensive room in the hotel - one of the two Suites.  Costing an eye watering £648.00 a night at peak times of the year, the Suite seemed pretty unattainable and involved me checking the website twice a day waiting for the price to eventually drop. Just wanting one night on a Tuesday in March I knew that the price was likely to come down and after an agonising wait we finally managed to bag the room for £324.00 for the night.

Luxury Suite at King Street Townhouse, Manchester - Review
Feeling very smug that I'd somehow managed to convince my husband to let me book the room I spent the next few weeks sharing Instagram photographs of the hotel with anyone who was silly enough to chat to me about the subject for more than 2 minutes. I don't think I've ever been so excited about staying anywhere in my whole life.

The day eventually arrived and along with it the dramas of attempting to find the hotel's recommended public car park which involved a pretty hairy journey round Manchester's ever changing one way system, some very inconvenient road works and a man with a huge skip. We drove laps of the city centre just to secure our 30% discount and by the time we arrived we were feeling a little harassed!

Luxury Suite at King Street Townhouse, Manchester

Finally making our way through the doors of King Street Townhouse, I was having a real "pinch me" moment - I was finally here, I'd jumped into an Instagram picture Mary Poppins style and my dreams were about to become a reality. After a lovely welcome from the receptionist we made our way up to the Fifth Floor, home to the two beautiful suites.

As we entered our suite I was pleased to discover it was just as beautiful as I'd seen on Instagram. Completely mesmerised by the beautiful bath tub that I'd be admiring on photographs for months it took me a few moments to really take a proper look at the suite and realise that it was actually pretty tiny.

Luxury Suite King Street Townhouse, Manchester

Simon and I have stayed in a few suites over the last couple of years (we've definitely reached that age where we like to treat ourselves to fancy rooms every now and again!) and have enjoyed some pretty amazing rooms at a much cheaper cost than King Street Townhouse. Although beautifully decorated the suite at King Street Townhouse wasn't much bigger than a standard hotel room and although it did have a separate lounge area we were disappointed at the size and the lack of extras that you usually find in a suite. No fully loaded tea tray, no fancy mini bar and not a lot to show for our £324.00!

Suite King Street Townhouse, Manchester

To really emphasise how ridiculous my reasons for wanting to book the room were - it was all for the bathtub offering the most beautiful views of Manchester Town Hall.

Absolutely stunning, although on looking through all the photographs on Instagram you definitely don't appreciate that there's an office block directly opposite the bath tub which makes you wonder how on earth those Instagrammers got their shots!

Suite King Street Townhouse, Manchester - Bath
I decided to get mine by setting a 6:00 am alarm to make sure I was in and out of that bath tub before anyone appeared in the windows opposite. There was no way I was going to embarrass myself in front of a load of bored office workers.  If ever there was proof that Instagram has made me slightly crazy, this has to be it!

I filled the tub and slid in whilst Simon nervously pulled back the curtains, hoping he wasn't about to expose his wife to the world outside. Luckily we got away with it and I did have a really enjoyable bath - appreciating the beautiful views whilst covering myself in lovely hot bubbles - absolute bliss and I will always appreciate a tub with a view. Funnily enough I couldn't convince Simon to step into the tub and instead he enjoyed the waterfall shower.

King Street Townhouse, Manchester - Hotel Review

Simon's biggest gripe with paying so much for our suite was that it didn't include breakfast! We didn't try any food at all at King Street Townhouse as there were too many incredible restaurants on the doorstep to stay in. We did, however, venture to the bar at our hotel where we ordered a Gin & Tonic and an Old Fashioned which came to £28.00. I was immediately transported to my London days, how can two drinks up north cost that much money?

Perhaps the most iconic part of the King Street Townhouse is the Seventh Floor Spa which, although small, is home to the most beautiful pool I have ever seen. The Infinity Pool overlooks Manchester Town Hall and is an idyllic spot for a soak (and is a fun way to spend some time with your Instagram Husband whilst you cross everything that he isn't about to drop your phone into the water!)

Suite King Street Townhouse, Manchester - Infinity Pool

Those gorgeous Manchester views continue with the stunning roof bar on the Sixth Floor which,although closed during most of our stay for a private function, we managed to visit just before check out just so I could take a look at what I had missed. A gorgeous sunny spot this has to be one of the loveliest places to enjoy a drink on a sunny day.

Suite King Street Townhouse, Manchester View

My one night stay at the King Street Townhouse was over before I knew it and although I was happy to tick somewhere off my Instagram Bucket List it definitely didn't quite live up to its hype. Simon perfectly described it when I caught him muttering "Instagram Tax" to himself! The hotel definitely has a lot of Instagram popularity which makes it a beautiful place to stay but not worthy of its expensive price tags. We've stayed in far superior hotels at a much lower price with beautiful rooms and no Instagram hype.

I don't regret our stay, although we did feel a little ripped off it was lovely to see it all with my own eyes. It may perhaps make me think twice about buying into Instagram hype in the future, but please don't hold me to that .... I'm sure in no time at all I'll be chasing yet another Instagram dream!

Have you ever visited somewhere that doesn't quite live up to Instagram?

Suite King Street Townhouse, Manchester Roof Bar

Find Kingstreet House at:

10 Booth Street
Upper King Street

0161 667 0707

Tuesday, 9 April 2019

Daffodils at Howick Hall Gardens, Northumberland

On our many many trips up the Northumberland Coastal Route last Summer we passed the sign to Howick Hall Gardens, located a few miles outside Alnwick, it's somewhere that's been on my radar for a long time but I've never been sure whether to visit or not. As members of National Trust I wasn't sure if it would be worth paying the entry costs into Howick Hall. Would it be a waste of our money  when we can already access so many beautiful estates and homes just by flashing our National Trust membership cards?

There was always going to be one thing that would convince me to give Howick Hall a go, and that was the rumour of the impressive daffodil display they have in early Spring. I've shared my, what some might say slightly geeky obsession, with finding the most beautiful floral displays in the North East before and if there's one bloom I can't resist it's a daffodil. So last weekend, with the promise of some sunshine in Northumberland, Simon and I decided to venture to Howick Hall Gardens for the first time to see the daffodils for ourselves.

Daffodils at Howick Hall, Northumberland

It seems slightly silly now that we'd never visited Howick Hall before when it plays a pretty important part in our local history. The home of the Grey family until 1963, plenty of North East landmarks are named after the family (Grey's Monument, Grey College at Durham University, Grey Street) and Charles Grey's term as Prime Minister between 1830 and 1834 lead to the Great Reform Bill which eventually lead to our modern democracy.

Arriving slightly later than planned (losing an hours sleep seemed to really throw us this year!) we turned up at Howick Hall with rumbling tummies so rushed our way straight to The Earl Grey Teahouse which you'll find in the East Quadrant of the Hall. We were slightly worried that we'd never find a seat as we'd arrived so late but The Earl Grey Teahouse is huge with plenty of tables and loads of space so despite hitting the cafe at peak time we easily found seats.

Daffodil Display Howick Hall, Northumberland

The Teahouse is beautiful, with the very best tables in the house by huge windows looking out over the gardens with a great view of the bird tables where apparently, if you're lucky, you can sometimes see red squirrels visiting. Unfortunately none of the tables were available for our visit, so we are already plotting an early arrival for our next trip just to grab one - enjoying a cuppa whilst bird watching sounds like heaven to me.

Howick is actually the home of Earl Grey Tea. The tea was specially blended by a Chinese mandarin to suit the water at Howick  but when Lady Grey used it in London when entertaining it proved so popular that she was asked if it could be sold - Twinings came to market it, it is now sold worldwide and unfortunately the Greys failed to register the trade mark and as a result have never earned a penny from its popularity.

I feel it would be wrong to go to The Earl Grey Teahouse without ordering a pot of Earl Grey so, having never been a fan, I convinced Simon to go for it and after trying a couple of sips served with freshly sliced lemon I think I may finally be a fan - it was actually really lovely!

Howick Hall, Northumberland - Earl Grey Tea

The food at the Teahouse looked so good that we couldn't resist going all out and both ordered Northumbrian Rarebit (£7.00) and a slice of Victoria Sponge and Lemon and Ginger Cake (£3.10 a slice).  It was an absolutely fantastic lunch! The real beauty of the Earl Grey Teahouse is that it's a lovely space with table service and exceptionally good food but you can actually only visit if you have paid the entry fee into Howick Hall. I honestly think if the Teahouse was elsewhere it would be rammed with people at all times and you'd never get in. We'd pay the entry fee again just to visit the Teahouse, that's how good the food is!

Howick Hall, Northumberland - Earl Grey Teahouse

With very full bellies it was time to set out on our mission to find the daffodils. Although Howick Hall Gardens have a scattering of the flowers across the estate the Daffodil Bank overlooking the Hall is the place to head if you want the most impressive views.

Heading out round the back of the Hall it was a short stroll through the Terrace/Borders (make sure you stop off to have a little peer into the garden pond because we did some frog spotting and it was a very lovely way to spend ten minutes) and we got our first glimpse of the Daffodil Bank.

Howick Hall, Northumberland - Daffodil Collection

The carpet of yellow leading up the hill opposite the Hall has a perfect path winding through the flowers allowing flower lovers easy access through the display.

I kept stopping every few steps to glance back at the hall because it looked so incredible sitting behind the yellow daffs.

Howick Hall, Northumberland - Daffodils

Howick Hall, Northumberland - The Daffodils

What I didn't realise was how spectacular the display was from the very top of the bank.

Sitting ourselves down on the bench at the top we had the perfect view of the yellow carpet leading down to the hall and I honestly couldn't believe how few people there were out enjoying the view. Perhaps thats the beauty of one of the most impressive daffodil displays in the North East not being free access, as soon as we saw that view we knew it was worth every penny of our admission cost.

Howick Hall, Northumberland - The Daffodil Bank

With the sun shining down on Northumberland I couldn't resist the opportunity to sit myself down on the grass. Forgetting about the rain fall from the previous night I sat amongst my favourite flowers to soak up some much needed Vitamin D and enjoy the views from a different angle. It was one of those blissful moments where for a few minutes you forget about any real life dramas or troubles and I felt truly happy to be alive.

I'm pretty sure that the NHS should start prescribing a dose of "sit among the daffodils" to cure the Winter blues because it was the best way to welcome the light days ahead and leave the Winter far behind us. What a moment!

Howick Hall, Northumberland - Daffodil Bank

Once Simon had finally convinced me to get up off my bum and rejoin him we continued our stroll finding more and more daffodils further along the bank until we finally popped out into a woodland area.

Howick Hall, Northumberland - Daffodil Carpet

We had every intention to explore more of Howick Hall and Gardens, a garden lovers dream the extensive grounds offer some beautiful displays of flowers across the formal gardens, woodlands and wider estate but we completely ran out of time! We had spent our entire visit eating cake and admiring daffodils and it was getting pretty close to closing time.

Howick Hall, Northumberland - Daffodil Season

We definitely left Howick Hall wanting to visit again, at a different time of year. We only explored a tiny part of the Gardens and West Arboretum and the longer walks of the East Arboretum (there's a beautiful looking 3.25 mile route we really want to do) will definitely tempt us back. As we strolled back to the car we were already discussing our next adventure at Howick - an early arrival for some bird watching and coffee, followed by a longer walk and an afternoon tea at The Earl Grey Teahouse.

We enjoyed every moment of our first ever trip to Howick Hall and if, like us, you've always wondered if it's worth the admission fee I'd definitely encourage you to stop by and take a look next time you're adventuring in Northumberland.

Howick Hall Gardens, Northumberland - Daffodil Season

What you need to know:

  • Howick Hall opens daily from 10:30 am to 6:00 pm during the Main Season (between 1 April and 30 September) for more information about the Early Season and Late Season please check their opening times here.
  • Adults cost £8.80, Over 60s are £7.70 and Children are free - these prices include a voluntary 10% Gift Aid donation. Howick Hall is a registered charity with no public funding so prices go towards the upkeep of the grounds.
  • Single Season Tickets are available for £32.00 and Double cost £55.00
  • Dogs are not permitted at Howick Hall
Find Howick Hall at:

nr Alnwick
NE66 3LB

01665 5777285

Thursday, 4 April 2019

A Romantic Break and Lunch Date at Wynyard Hall

*This is a collaboration with Wynyard Hall

Over the last year we have become completely obsessed with Wynyard Hall - anniversary celebrations, spa days and the best afternoon tea in the North East, if ever there's something special to celebrate we'll inevitably find ourselves at Wynyard Hall for a romantic break. For our first visit of 2019 we decided to indulge in a lunch date - the perfect opportunity to try some of the dishes created by their new Executive Head Chef!

It was our first time enjoying lunch at Wynyard Hall and I have to say I really enjoy the hotel's Wellington Restaurant during the day. It is the most beautiful room and whilst I love how romantic it is in the evening, its features are even more stunning in daylight. I highly recommend a table by the window where you can really sit back and take in the gorgeous features of the entire room.

Lunch Date at Wynyard Hall - Wellington Restaurant

We kicked off our lunch date with a glass of wine, the perfect accompaniment to a long leisurely lunch, especially if you've been sensible enough to book yourself a room for the night.  My best menu decisions are always made with a glass of wine in hand and that will perhaps explain why we decided to go for the full three course lunch menu (£30.00). If you don't fancy quite that much food there's also the option of ordering two courses for £25.00, but once you've seen the menu believe me you'll be wanting the three!

Lunch Date at Wynyard Hall - Wellington

There is, perhaps, little you can write about a bread basket, although I think the bread at Wynyard Hall really is something to dedicate an entire paragraph to. Beautifully presented it turned up on a little board which looked stunning (although did cause us to make quite a lot of mess across our table). The chunk of bread was cut into four and I just couldn't get over how perfect it was - served fresh out of the oven with a good crust and a lovely squishy centre.  We slathered on plenty of butter, so much so I had to reassure my husband that, no he didn't have butter in his beard!

Lunch at Wynyard Hall - Wellington Restaurant

Starters arrived and Simon opted for Cured Cod served with Blood Orange, Green Chilli and Coriander. I never got to try any - I was too slow with my fork and far too distracted by my own dish to really pay much attention to what he was doing. I'm kicking myself now of course - he polished the lot off so I'm thinking it must have been good.

Lunch at Wynyard Hall

I went for Warm Potato Terrine with Crispy Black Pudding, Apple and Goats Cheese. The combination of textures and flavours really made the dish - it was deliciously creamy with sudden salty hits from the Black Pudding and a sudden blast of sweetness from the red apple. It's so hard to balance such extreme flavours but Wynyard Hall have truly mastered it with this dish.

Lunch Date at Wynyard Hall

I've still not forgiven Simon for picking the dish that I wanted as my main - Roast Guinea Fowl with Pear Spelt, Spring Vegetables and Tarragon. I can never bring myself to order the same as him as I like to have two different dishes to try and I was literally glaring at him when his Guinea Fowl turned up because it looked so good. I managed to get two bites off him and it tasted just as good as it looked. Next time I'm ordering first!

Lunch - Wynyard Hall

My Roast Hake came served with Butter Beans, Bacon and Samphire and luckily soon made me forget about how much I wanted Simon's food. The Hake was delicious - really flakey and the Samphire was a lovely addition to compliment the fish - Hake is a pretty mild flavoured fish and it'd be all too easy to overpower it with too much else happening in the dish so I was really impressed at how perfectly everything on my plate was balanced. 

Lunch - Date at Wynyard Hall

Simon's dessert came with a running commentary as he dipped the fork in - his Salted Caramel and Dark Chocolate Tart with Malt Ice Cream was met with a lot of "oh wow" comments and I was offered some Malt Ice Cream (delicious) before he suddenly hit the delicious looking Caramel centre and I lost him for the rest of the course. Simon is an absolute salted caramel addict and this very much got his official stamp of approval.

Romantic Break and Lunch Date at Wynyard Hall

I opted for Caramelised Banana Gallette with Passion Fruit and Almond. It was one of the loveliest desserts I have ever had, not only beautifully presented but it also tasted incredible. I was desperately trying to get every last bit off my plate because I didn't want it to ever end.

We have always been fans of the food at Wynyard Hall, we are yet to be disappointed and the lunch menu was superb. It's been over a week since we had our meal and we are still obsessively discussing how perfect it was and how lovely it was to have such an indulgent Saturday afternoon.

Romantic Lunch Date at Wynyard Hall

One of my favourite things about lunching at Wynyard Hall is that after your meal there are some really beautiful grounds to explore if you fancy some fresh air and a gentle stroll. They have one of the North East's finest collection of daffodils so we love to visit at around this time of year to see them and I'm always amazed by how many there are. Complete carpets of beautiful yellow, if you have never seen them before you really must go and visit and it's a great way to end your lunch.

Daffodils at Wynyard Hall

A full three course lunch (with a couple of glasses of wine) tends to lead to me wanting a quick 5 minute snooze so we were very thankful that we'd had the foresight to arrange ourselves a room for the night. I don't think we're yet to visit Wynyard Hall without staying over.  We love it so much I don't think we could ever bring ourselves to just drive straight home again.

This was our third overnight stay at the hotel and the chance to try a different suite, and I think this was actually our favourite of the lot. The Disraeli Suite was the perfect country escape with a mix of white furniture with dark antique pieces and a stunning floral wallpaper which made me wish I was brave enough to wallpaper our own house.

Wynyard Hall Suite

The bed was simply furnished in white bedding and the gorgeous dark marble and tiled fireplace really added an extra something to the room.  The Disraeli Suite was the largest of the three rooms we've stayed in so far and the main bedroom was the real focal point with a cute little lounge area just off the main room and a bathroom complete with his and hers sinks.

Romantic Break Wynyard Hall

Having eaten so much we ended up spending our entire evening up in the hotel room and despite our best intentions didn't make it down to the bar. It's a bit of a shame because during our last visit we spent the most wonderful evening sitting at the bar chatting away to other guests whilst enjoying a few G&Ts. I can't believe we didn't make it downstairs!

Romantic Suite Wynyard Hall

You may be thinking that staying in a hotel suite is a bit extravagant but the thing I love most about the rooms at Wynyard Hall is how incredibly priced they are. A standard "Country Classic" bedroom will set you back £205.00 and a Suite only costs an extra £80.00 which is amazing value. The price includes wonderful facilities including a King Sized Bed, a Flat-screen TV with DVD player, luxury dressing robes and a full breakfast the following morning.

We had a restful night's sleep, a delicious breakfast the following morning and we're already plotting our return visit because we just can't help ourselves. Each time we leave we feel so sad until we've got another plan in the diary.

Each time we stay at Wynyard Hall it has been perfect, from the welcoming arrival, to the delicious food and relaxing atmosphere, I'm just so happy that we've found such a beautiful hotel that feels so special and luxurious without being pretentious. I will never stop telling everyone I meet how incredible this place is and how lucky we are to have it in the North East. If you are wanting to treat someone to a truly romantic break this year I can't recommend Wynyard Hall enough, if you've never been you really have to go!

Romantic Suite at Wynyard Hall

Find Wynyard Hall at:

Stockton on Tees
TS22 5NF

01740 644 811

We received a complimentary lunch for two and overnight stay at Wynyard Hall in return for this honest review. 
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