Tuesday 23 April 2019

Visiting the Cherry Blossom Trees at Alnwick Garden

Sometimes if you're wanting to tick something off the good ol' North East Bucket List some careful organisation and forward planning is required. There's a very simple reason we had never been to see the cherry blossom trees at Alnwick Garden - we had failed to actively keep an eye on the blossoms and make a plan to go and if you don't do that you really have no chance.

Visiting the Cherry Blossom Trees at Alnwick Garden

Alnwick Garden boasts the largest collection of "Tai-hauku" cherry blossom outside Japan and there are over 300 trees in the Orchard. They only bloom for around two weeks a year, usually the end of April/beginning of May but as it's all very dependent on the weather and conditions it's hard to predict. Last year the blossoms didn't appear until May and then the strong winds meant the flowers only lasted a week.

This year the blossoms arrived much earlier in mid April and now they are in their second week I'd say you'd best stop reading this and get yourself down there right now if you want to catch them this year - the petals have already started to fall and they must have only days left.

Cherry Blossom Trees at Alnwick Garden

If you've not managed to see the beautiful blossoms this year then get yourself organised for next Spring by setting a reminder in your phone to keep your eyes open from next April.  In past years it has slipped my mind so this year I was sure to check the Alnwick Garden website regularly - they have a very helpful "Blossom Watch Live" stream so you can see as soon as the first blossoms appear.

Cherry Blossom Orchard at Alnwick Garden

Deciding to visit on Good Friday we got ourselves to Alnwick Garden for 10:00 am opening time to beat the crowds. With beautiful blue skies and sunshine overhead we knew it was going to be a busy day and as we pulled into the carpark there was already a small queue forming to get in. Once we'd paid our admission we headed straight to the Cherry Blossom Orchard and I'd say if you really want to enjoy the trees at their best get to the gardens for opening time and head straight there because it does get busy.

Cherry Blossoms Orchard Alnwick Garden

The first time I saw the blossom trees my jaw hit the floor, they were absolutely beautiful and having admired so many photographs of them over the years I was so overwhelmed by the fact that photos really don't do them justice. You could stand out there all day capturing the most beautiful images but I promise you nothing beats going and seeing them for yourself on a sunny morning, it was one of the most incredible sights I have ever seen.

Cherry Blossom Orchard Alnwick Garden

With beautiful white blossoms as far as the eye can see the trees are positioned perfectly, a sea of cotton candy underneath the blue sky.

Blossom Orchard Alnwick Garden

The real joy of the blossoms if you're a nature lover is that there are plenty of double seated swings positioned around the orchard giving you a unique opportunity to swing underneath the shade of the trees and appreciate them from the perfect view point.

It has been many, many years since I spent that long on a swing but admiring the beautiful blossoms on that swing and feeing the sun on my face was the loveliest moment of peace and quiet. Simon joined me and we must have sat there for a good hour, enjoying the silence whilst swinging beneath the trees.

Blossom Orchard Swings Alnwick Garden

Even at peak times you will always find yourself a swing, there are so many in the orchard with a few that are a little hidden in corners if you really want to escape the world. The positioning of the trees means it's pretty easy to take photos without too many people in the background even when the orchard is busy and strolling around the paths underneath the trees we noticed people of all ages snapping away at the blossom trees - I don't actually think it would be possible to visit and not return with a huge amount of photographs.

If you want to see the blossoms for yourself this year you really do only have another day or so left to see them before they are gone for another year. What are you waiting for?

Blossom Orchard Swing Alnwick Garden

What you need to know:
  • Alnwick Garden is open daily from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm during peak season
  • Adults cost £13.20, Concession £11.55, Children over 5 £4.95 and Families £33.00 (these are all gate prices including gift aid - slightly cheaper tickets can be bought in advance online here
Find Alnwick Garden:

Denwick Lane
NE66 1YU


  1. They look amazing, I had no idea they were at Alnwick garden as we haven't been for years and we normally only visit in the summer. I will be on blossom watch next year so we can visit x

    1. We'd only visited out of season before too and I always thought that whole area was such a waste of space, I didn't realise that it only blooms for a few weeks a year!

  2. Beautiful. The swings are a lovely idea. Have set reminder for next year.

    1. Yes! It took me ages to get myself there, it's so easy to miss cos the window of opportunity is so short!

  3. I'll have to remind myself to do this next year, it looks absolutely beautiful!


    1. It's well worth a visit! Absolutely beautiful!


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