Thursday 31 August 2017

August Days

Although I'm a little sad that Summer is almost over, I can't help but feel excited for the month to come. September brings with it our long awaited staycation in Anglesey and our first wedding anniversary as well as, of course, the opportunity to start building a new Autumn wardrobe.

But before I lose myself in dreams of snuggly jumpers and hot chocolates, here are some of the things that I didn't share on the blog in August!

Unicorn Cupcakes

Just when I thought I couldn't love Pet Lamb Patisserie any more they started making unicorn cupcakes! They first appeared in their Grainger Street store earlier in the month but I kept missing out.  You know what they say, the more you can't get something the more you want it so as soon as I saw they were back I was there like a shot to pick one up! Definitely worth the wait it was everything that I hoped and more!

Pet Lamb Unicorn Cupcakes

Coffee with a View 

The school holidays can be a little frustrating for the day time worker. The huge amounts of children suddenly filling the seats of my local coffee shops has lead to some fairly frustrating lunchtimes. One lunch hour saw me sharing a table with some business men who were trying to have a meeting and another saw me making my way up to Six at the Baltic for a rather fancy laptop lunch where I was so distracted by the views I got barely any work done!  I have to say I'll be happy to get my stress free lunch hours back!

Coffee at Six the Baltic

Girls' Night 

With diaries that never seem to match, organising a girls night with my lovely ladies Sam and Katie can be a bit of a mission. This month we managed to get a date in the diary and spent a lovely evening at Bealim House for drinks followed by an absolute feast at La Yuan. It was my first time revisiting since I wrote this review back in February and the food was just as good as I remembered!

Bealim House Newcastle

Restaurant Week at Cafe 21 

Restaurant Week this month was epic with over 100 restaurants getting involved. After a careful look through all of the menus we decided to book a table at Cafe 21, somewhere we've been wanting to go for the longest time. Everyone recommended that I try the Cheese Souffle for starter, it was delicious but a little too filling so not sure I'd order it again. The star of the show for me was the Apricot and Almond Tart served with the most amazing lavender cream. Heaven!

Cafe 21 - Newcastle Restaurant Week

A Primark Purchase 

Another month, another cheeky trip to Primark! I just can't help myself, I love a fashion bargain. I found this gorgeous green blazer with shiny gold buttons when I popped into Primark for a few essentials. I saw it, loved it, resisted it and then had to go back and pick it up! I've not actually worn it yet but I think it'll be making a definite appearance in Autumn.

Primark Blazer

Coffee at Kiln 

I've spent quite a bit of this month exploring Ouseburn, Newcastle's cultural suburb. It's an area I love but don't often visit so whenever we're there we tend to get a lost! With most of my "must visit" list now consisting of new places that have popped up in the Ouseburn valley we thought it was about time to tick one off. Kiln is one of the most beautiful places I've ever had a coffee! Part cafĂ©, part pottery workshop it serves up perfectly made coffee in the cutest cups that you can watch being made on site and then buy to take home!

Kiln Ouseburn Newcastle

Over indulging at the Quayside Market 

It's been a long time since we last visited the Sunday Quayside Market and after last Sunday's visit I think I know why.  We just can't be trusted around all that food! We did what I can only describe as a food crawl - shuffling our way down the pavements eating as much food as we could possibly manage.  We visited our favourites Simply Cheesecake (to sample their new brownie pots), Le Mini Macaron (to fill up our egg box with more colourful treats) and then finished with a visit to Little Fishy! By this point I definitely couldn't fit fish and chips in but so many have told me about their amazing food I practically ran when I spotted them. Despite a very full belly there are no regrets - those fish and chips were epic!

Little Fishy - Newcastle Quayside Market

Weekend Rules 

I often complain to Simon that the weekends just aren't long enough. Two days just isn't enough time to blog, have fun, do boring housework, eat and sleep - so when I spotted this cute Pusheen tee in Primark I had to get it. It was made for me!

Primark - Pusheen Tee

A Bank Holiday Road Trip to Milton Keynes

We finished our month with a Bank Holiday road trip to see our friends in Milton Keynes.  We hadn't seen them since our wedding last September so we had a fantastic time catching up and managed to cram so many actitivies into one weekend. The highlight was definitely a trip to Bletchley Park, home of the World War II codebreakers.  Such an amazing place to explore, I felt so humbled reading about what these incredibly intelligent people, the  unsung heroes of the war, did for us. If you ever get a chance to visit you must!

August Days - Bletchley Park

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Tuesday 29 August 2017

The Staiths Food Market, Dunston Staithes, Gateshead

The Staiths Food Market in Gateshead is somewhere that I've been wanting to visit for a long time! The monthly Summer food market is held on the Dunston Staithes the second weekend of the month from June to September, giving us plenty of opportunity to get ourselves there.

This blog has been planned for a long time! I was thinking beautiful river views and photos of us prancing about enjoying the food in the sunshine. Unfortunately British Summer Time brought us back down to reality with a bump and every time we had a gap in the diary to get ourselves to the Staiths Food Market torrential downpours were forecast.

The Staiths Food Market, Dunston Staithes, Gateshead
With a holiday planned for September, the August market was our last opportunity to attend so we were gutted to wake up to dark clouds and murky skies. We thought about not going, but then decided to stop being silly - since when did rain stop a Brit enjoying the Summer?

So we stuck on our waterproofs and wellies and headed to Gateshead with the promise of some of the best food in the North East ready to fill our bellies.

The Staiths Food Market Gateshead
If you've never been to Dunston Staiths before then it's worth visiting the Staiths Food Market just for this alone. It's a beautiful listed building and the largest wooden structure in Europe - quite the spot for a food market. Entry to the market costs 50p, and is money well spent protecting one of the North East's most beautiful landmarks.

The Staiths Food Market, Dunston Staithes

We turned up just after the market started at 11:00 am expecting to be one of only a few crazy people braving the rain showers. We were so wrong! The Staiths Food Market is so popular that there was quite a crowd of people already gathered on the Dunston Staith, happily sitting in the rain munching on food and chatting to friends. Despite the bad weather the atmosphere was electric!

Being a great lover of views I was thrilled to discover that we could climb to the top of the staith for a view of the market and along the Tyne River.  I quickly dashed up there, somehow managing to resist all of the delicious smells as I made my way past the various stalls.

Dunston Staithes, Gateshead

As we got to the top the beautiful sounds of the Whickham Wind Band drifted towards us, set up at the end of the Dunston Staith they were the perfect accompaniment to the market and were such troopers playing in the rain.  Unfortunately they had to pack up when the rain began to get too heavy but it was a lovely idea having a band to play at the market.

With tummies rumbling we decided it was time to find ourselves some lunch.

Staiths Food Market, Dunston Staithes, Gateshead
I was in the mood for pie so made my way to The Cumbrian Pie Company who had a delicious looking stand covered in the most mouth watering pies. Whilst I love pastry I'm always a little wary of pork pies as I can't stand gelatine so was delighted when the friendly guys behind the stall told me that they don't have any gelatine in their pies. Yes!

The Staiths Food Market Gateshead - The Cumberland Pie Company
I opted for a Pork, Stilton and Cranberry Pie - I think the bad weather had me thinking ahead to Christmas and a festive pie was just what I needed to satisfy my lunchtime hunger.  Oh wow, it was so good!

The Staiths Food Market Gateshead - Cumberland Pie Company

Simon decided to visit Mo:Mo Dumplings to taste some famous Nepalese street food for his lunch. He opted for chicken served with a homemade sauce. They were the perfect lunch to eat in the rain, a lovely warm treat for his tummy.

The Staiths Food Market Gateshead - Mo:Mo Dumplings

I think he soon regretted offering me a taste, with no knife for cutting I had no other option but to pinch an entire dumpling.  Delicious!

The Staiths Food Market Gateshead - MoMo Dumplings

With the rain beginning to lash down we decided to visit a couple more stalls for some sweet treats before rushing for the car to enjoy them at home.

I was so excited to spot Proven Goods Co whose doughnuts I have quite literally been stalking on social media for months. I have heard so many good things about their homemade doughnuts and their success is evident in Newcastle as they now provide treats for so many of my favourite coffee shops in the city as well as making a monthly appearance in Fenwick's Food Hall.

The Staiths Food Market Gateshead - Proven DoughnutsForever on a diet, I have somehow managed to resist the temptation of the Proven Doughnuts but knew that the Staiths Food Market was my time to finally indulge.  They were selling fast but luckily still had plenty of flavours to choose from. Unable to decide we ended up going home with a box of four - Rhubarb and Custard, Vanilla Custard, White Chocolate Custard & Raspberry Sugar and Homemade Raspberry Jam. I guess after waiting for so long it only made sense to bulk buy!

Despite struggling under the weight of all the doughnuts we couldn't resist stopping by Le Mini Macaron our favourite macarons in the North East for a chat and a box of six! We love getting a cute coloured egg box of treats and there were so many flavours to choose from!

Staiths Food Market Gateshead
Just as the rain was beginning to soak through our waterproofs we managed a quick hello to the Lord Crewe Arms as we jogged past and quickly bought ourselves a jar of Wild Flower Honey from the Travelling Bee Company - created just a stones throw away from where we used to live in Gateshead!

We loved our first visit to the Staiths Food Market, it was one of the best food markets we've visited in the North East and if it was that good in the rain I can only imagine how great it must be in the sunshine!

There's only one more opportunity to visit this year. The next market will take place on Saturday 9 September and to find out more about the traders make sure you follow The Staiths Food Market on Facebook!

Dunston Staiths Food Market Gateshead

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Friday 25 August 2017

Newcastle in the Sky, Dining at 100 ft with Artisan

When I first found out that I'd got myself a seat at the press launch for Newcastle in the Sky I was so excited that I couldn't wait to get home and share the news with Simon.

As a lover of food and great views I was thrilled at the thought of being sat at a table hoisted 100 feet in the air over Newcastle whilst eating food prepared by some of our region's finest chefs.

Newcastle in the Sky, Dining at 100 ft

Simon's reaction?  He had a bit of a chuckle and pointed out that I'd be terrified!

You see, Simon remembers that time his wife screamed to get off a very high rollercoaster, or the time she was almost sick stepping on the viewing platform at Blackpool Tower - how on earth was she going to cope with dining in the sky?

Realising he was right, I began to get nervous!  Very nervous!

Was it really safe? What if the table started swinging in the wind? Would I want to get down as soon as we'd got up?

Newcastle in the Sky The Sage
The day arrived and most of the afternoon I had butterflies in my tummy wondering if any of this was a good idea. Nerves made me want to cancel but luckily my love for Newcastle and great food won and at 6:00 pm I found myself outside the Sage in Gateshead ready to begin my great adventure into the sky.

Newcastle in the Sky is a 6 day pop up food event hosted by Events in the Sky that invites some of the city's best restaurants and top chefs to show off their fabulous food to 22 diners sitting at a unique sky table hoisted 100 feet in the air over Newcastle.  The chefs and waiting team work on their dishes from a tiny kitchen in the centre of the table and food is served with the most amazing views across the River Tyne.

Dine in the Sky Newcastle

Now you can probably understand why I was feeling a little scared!

Luckily my nerves began to ease as soon as I arrived and saw the amount of safety equipment and checks involved with Newcastle in the Sky. Learning that we wouldn't be hoisted up if the winds were too high, that staff would check our seat belts before we went up and that we were given a safety briefing instantly put my mind at ease.

Events in the Sky Newcastle

We checked in and happily accepted a glass of prosecco to steady the nerves as we booked our coats and bags into the cloakroom. There's no room for luggage on the sky table so you can only take the essentials up with you. For me this was my camera and phone, although I was a little nervous about dropping them!
Events in the Sky
After a couple of last minute trips to the (very posh) portaloo it was finally time to take our place at the Sky Table! My legs were a little shaky as we made our way over and I couldn't help but glance up to the top of the crane - was I really about to let myself be suspended off a wire 100 ft over Newcastle?

Events in the Sky - Newcastle in the Sky
We were taken to our seats in pairs and strapped into our chairs one by one. As I climbed into my seat for the evening I was surprised how comfortable it was.  The softest leather fully supported my body and as I was strapped in with loads of seat belts and pushed towards the table I felt myself relax.

There was no way I was falling out of my seat!

Newcastle in the Sky, Dining at 100 ft with Artisan

Once we were all seated it was time for our flight to begin.  We began to rise and any fear that i had immediately vanished. I'd been worried that those first few minutes I'd feel sheer terror but as we rose high above the Sage I was overwhelmed with a great love for my city as I took in the scenery!

What a view!

Newcastle in the Sky - Millennium Bridge

Within moments we were at the top and we all immediately had our phones out trying to take the perfect selfie. I had been worried that my phone wouldn't feel very safe 100 feet up in the air, but it happily sat on the table next to my dinner plate most of the evening.

Newcastle in the Sky
Once we were all settled (ie I'd slapped on my usual greedy amount of butter onto my bread and had filled my wine glass!) it was time for dinner!

Our hosts for the evening were Artisan, located at the Biscuit Factory in Ouesburn, with a great reputation for serving fantastic food, I knew we were in for a real treat!

Our first course arrived, North Sea Crab Salad with citrus cured salmon, fennel and orange. Managing to tear myself away from taking photographs I tucked in!  This is what I would describe as the perfect dish for Summer - beautifully light with plenty of zing, it went down a treat!

First course done, and no cutlery dropped!

This was swiftly followed by the main event, Northumbrian Lamb with Navarin of Summer vegetables. Lamb is a meat that I'd never order myself in a restaurant as I tend to find it's too tough but this dish was spot on! I especially loved the thick gravy, I would have picked up the plate to lick every last bit off, but I thought that my be a little risky considering where I was.

Half way through the meal the table turned giving everyone a chance to enjoy the stunning views from a different angle. By this point I'd had a few glasses of wine and was feeling pretty confident so managed to swing my chair out a little for a better view of the Millennium Bridge. With my feet dangling over the edge I didn't feel even slightly nervous!

If you have a head for heights make sure you ask if you can get a corner chair when you take up your position at the sky table, those are the seats that twizzle right round giving you the most jaw dropping views across Newcastle!

Our meal ended with Vanilla Poached Peach with Champagne, Raspberry and Pistachio which I gobbled up in record speed, it was delicious and I almost took up Chef's offer of eating the extra one he had going spare!

The Artisan chefs did a fantastic job of hosting our table, I can't believe they managed to serve up such delicious food from their kitchen in the clouds!

We had been truly blessed with beautiful clear skies and as our trip approached the end Newcastle decided to treat us to a picture perfect sunset.  Our whole table glowed in the beautiful orange light and it was so spectacular.

Newcastle in the Sky - Sunset

Our hour passed in a flash and it was time to come down. I wasn't ready! I had had the most fantastic time  and I wanted to go back up!  It was the most amazing experience, a definite bucket list moment and something that I'd encourage anyone to do!

As we left the table I felt pretty proud of myself for being brave enough to dine in the sky. Along with my helicopter ride and climbing the Syndey Harbour Bridge, it is one of the most special things I've ever done and will stay with me forever.

If you love the look of Newcastle in the Sky then make sure you book yourself a seat on one of the Sky Tables, there are plenty of options available including Breakfast, Lunch, High Tea, BBQ, Sunset Dinners and Night Time Cocktails. Some sittings are already sold out so move fast!

Tickets start from just £52.00 per person with some of my most favourite restaurants in Newcastle taking part including La Yuan, The Gin Bar, Chaophraya and Hawthorns.

So what do you think?  Will you be dining in the sky?

We were guests of Newcastle in the Sky and were treated to a free experience. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

Thursday 24 August 2017

The Best Burger Restaurants in Newcastle

Did you know that today is National Burger Day? Whilst it feels like there's a national day for everything, celebrating burgers is definitely something that I can get on board with so I thought I would share with you the best burger restaurants in Newcastle.

For me there are several key factors to creating the perfect burger - the meat needs to be a little pink, the bun has to be soft and the fillings have to be plentiful. A burger done badly is one of the biggest let downs for any foodie!  Here is my small but perfectly formed list of the places in Newcastle that do burgers right!

The Best Burger Restaurants in Newcastle

Fat Hippo

Predictable maybe, but no matter how hard we try we just can't find a burger that beats the Fat Hippo. In our eyes they will always be the best burger restaurant in Newcastle!

Spread across three locations in the North East (Newcastle, Jesmond and Durham) as well as popping up all over the place in their street food truck, Fat Hippo continue to serve the kind of burgers that have us all feeling super smug that we live in the North East.

Their ever changing specials menu never fails to amaze me (check out their Christmas burgers and you'll see what I mean!), they have a loyalty club for Hippo fans with a secret menu and they are one of the few places in Newcastle that leaves me so full I could never consider a dessert!

The Best Burger Restaurants in Newcastle  - Fat Hippo

The Grind

We heard a lot of whispers about The Grind after they started popping up on the street food scene in the North East. Some said they were (dare we say it) better than Fat Hippo, Simon refused to even entertain the idea but they certainly had my interest so I finally managed to convince him to check them out!

Currently serving burgers from a popup restaurant in No. 28 below Grainger Market (with a few rumours circulating that they might open up their own place soon!), The Grind claim to have the best cheeseburgers in Newcastle and I think they could be right!

The Best Burger Restaurants in Newcastle - The Grind


Yes, it's a chain restaurant but out of the many burger chains that now live in Newcastle city centre Byron is by far the best. Simplistic burgers with minimum fuss the beef is freshly ground and served medium in a beautiful soft bun.

The menu is pretty short with some fun specials regularly making an appearance and, if you think like my husband, you love your burgers with a thick indulgent milkshake on the side Byron is certainly the place to go.

The Best Burger Restaurants in Newcastle  - Byron

I had a bit of a love affair with the Gusto Burger when I first discovered it, I think I may have actually had it twice in one week once! No regret though as their burger is one of the very best in Newcastle and I continue to recommend it to anyone that dines in the Quayside restaurant.

Served slightly pink with a secret recipe sauce on the side (I'm not sure if it's really secret, I've just never asked them what exactly goes in it!) the Gusto burger needs no frills and as soon as you bite into it you're ready to crown it the king of burgers.

The Best Burger Restaurants in Newcastle  - Gusto

There we have it, the best burger restaurants in Newcastle!

I'd love to know where your favourites are, I'm sure there are plenty more to try. A few people have mentioned Lola Jeans as a burger destination so that one might be on the list to try next!

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Wednesday 23 August 2017

Escape to the Moors! A Luxury Staycation at the Lord Crewe Arms, Blanchland

* This is a collaboration with the Lord Crewe Arms

With so many beautiful places in the North East to explore, enjoying a weekend staycation a few miles from home is an ideal way to make the most out of a weekend. During a recent day trip to High Force Waterfall we found ourselves driving through the North Pennines, an area of the North East I knew very little about. I was overwhelmed by its beauty and needed to see more so a luxury escape to the Lord Crewe Arms in Blanchland seemed like the perfect weekend plan!

Escape to the Moors! A Luxury Staycation at the Lord Crewe Arms, Blanchland
It's hard to put into words how special The Lord Crewe Arms is.

A country escape, a moorland hideaway and the kind of place where you feel so at home that you never want to leave.  I could sit here all day struggling to find the perfect words, I could just never do it justice!

A Luxury Staycation at the Lord Crewe Arms, Blanchland
We arrived on a blustery evening and were welcomed from the unseasonably cold weather into a snuggly reception area complete with lit fire and warm smiles.  Greeted like we were old friends, I've never received a welcome quite like the one we had at the Lord Crewe Arms. We instantly felt comfortable, like we were visiting family, and we had this same feeling throughout the duration of our stay.

I'm not sure how they've done it, but the Lord Crewe Arms have got that perfect balance of luxury and friendly charm that's so hard to find! The place feels truly special and ideal for a romantic weekend away or anniversary yet isn't at all pretentious and stuffy. It's the kind of place with perfect service yet you still feel like you could stroll about in your slippers if you really wanted to.

Staycation at the Lord Crewe Arms, Blanchland
There are plenty of bedrooms to choose from at the Lord Crewe Arms including cosy rooms, miners cottages and top of the range suites. Our home for the night was a beautiful room complete with cosy woollen throws, dark oak furniture and a huge double bed that looked so inviting.

Staycation at the Lord Crewe Arms, Blanchland - Double Room
If this is country living then I'd quite like to leave my city life right now please!

Staycation at the Lord Crewe Arms, Blanchland - Bedroom
We made ourselves at home immediately, Simon taking advantage of having better wifi than we have at home by snuggling up with his ipad and me making myself a cup of tea and enjoying the views of the picture perfect village from out of our window.

Lord Crewe Arms, Blanchland - Bedroom

Blanchland living looks pretty idyllic, and the village literally looks like something from a painting. I lost myself for ages admiring the beautiful Post Office, watching locals pottering about and tucking into the slab of local fudge that had been left in our room.

I could have happily sat there all afternoon if there wasn't a beautiful hotel to explore!

Lord Crewe Arms, Blanchland

The Lord Crewe Arms is rich with history and exploring the hidden corners and beautiful rooms of the hotel soon gives you goosebumps. Originally built as the Abbot's Lodge, a sanctuary for Canons in the 11th century and cloisters for the monks of the Northumbrian Moors, the Lord Crewe Arms has provided its warm hospitality for centuries and continues to this day.

Staycation at the Lord Crewe Arms, Blanchland - Dining

One of the most romantic buildings I've ever visited, the Lord Crewe Arms is a warren of cosy corners, stone staircases, huge fireplaces and hidden rooms. Impossible to take it all in on one visit, something tells me that there's something new to discover every time you are lucky enough to be eating or staying at the Lord Crewe.

Staycation at the Lord Crewe, Blanchland

Of course, all that exploring is thirsty work and it wasn't long before we'd found ourselves in a village pub like no other!

The bar at the Lord Crewe Arms is a medieval vaulted chamber where you can order local ales, bar bait and Geordie cocktails to enjoy in the most beautiful candlelit corners.

Staycation at the Lord Crewe Arms, Blanchland - Crypt Bar

When hunger strikes there are several delicious options at the Lord Crewe Arms, with dinner served with beautiful views in the Bishops Dining Room, afternoon tea in the Derwent or, if you're very lucky like us, your stay could coincide with a special event at the Gatehouse - perfect for passionate foodies!

Lord Crewe Arms, Blanchland - Game Night at the Gatehouse

When bedtime arrived we were keen to get back to our room and snuggle into the delicious looking bed.  We were out for the count as soon as our heads hit the pillows, thankful for sleep after our busy evening eating and drinking (relaxing is hard work you know!)

Lord Crewe, Blanchland - Double Room

We awoke the next day feeling fully refreshed and I was keen to get my hands on the bathroom goodies in our ensuite. After a much needed hot shower I slathered myself in products and spent longer than was completely necessary strolling about our room in a huge fluffy towel before getting dressed. In all honesty I'd probably still be sat there now if the promise of an indulgent breakfast wasn't tempting me out of the room!

Lord Crewe, Blanchland - Bathroom

So we followed our noses and made our way to the Bishop's Dining Room.

I have to say breakfast is my favourite meal of the day (I will never understand why some people skip it!) and the morning spread put on at the Lord Crewe Arms is an absolute heaven for any foodie!

Lord Crewe, Blanchland - Dining Room

Fresh coffee, warm croissants, huge jars of thick sugary jam, yoghurts, cereals, plates of fruit and bread with slabs of butter greeted us and we were a little worried that our eyes were going to be bigger than our bellies.

Lord Crewe Arms, Blanchland - Breakfast

Lord Crewe Arms, Blanchland - Breakfast

Of course when you're indulging in a breakfast away from home it's more than acceptable to tuck into a croissant or two whilst you're studying the menu.

If only breakfast at home was served in multiple courses.

Lord Crewe Arms, Blanchland - Pastry Breakfast

The Crewe Breakfast Menu was made up of five delicious sounding dishes and after a lot of mind changing I opted for A Canny Northumberland Breakfast - a full cooked dish of local sausage, bacon and black pudding served with baked beans, mushrooms and tomato. Simon went for his favourite, Eggs Benedict, I was secretly upset he didn't order the Crewe Eggy Bread with Cinnamon Sugar and Creme Fraiche as I really wanted to get my fork into that one!

Lord Crewe Arms, Blanchland - Breakfast Menu

Don't ask me how we did it but we managed to completely polish off breakfast - it was just too delicious to even consider leaving any even though we were full to the brim. The black pudding was particularly delicious, easily the best I have ever had!

Lord Crewe Arms, Blanchland - Northumbrian Breakfast
We headed back to our room to reluctantly pack up our things and plan a day of adventure in the North Pennines.

The Lord Crewe have plenty of ideas of things to do and have a "Borrowing Box" of board games if you fancy an afternoon by the fire, bikes to hire if you're feeling energetic enough to cylcle round the moors, walking maps for exploring and, if breakfast didn't quite fill you up, they can also put together Picnic Hampers and Packed Lunches for you to enjoy whilst you're out and about.

Lord Crewe Arms, Blanchland - North Pennines Moors

I left the Lord Crewe Arms wanting more and refused to get into the car until Simon had promised me a return trip. He agreed and I'm already planning it - I'm thinking an indulgent two night Winter break in one of their suites, we'll play board games by the fire, enjoy an afternoon tea and the following day we'll order ourselves a picnic complete with bubbly to enjoy out on the Moors.

Lord Crewe Arms, Blanchland - Moors
Until then I'm spending my time sulking like a child and forever dreaming about our beautifully romantic stay at the Lord Crewe Arms.

To book your stay at the Lord Crewe Arms check out their website here or you can keep up to date with everything they're up to by liking their Facebook page.

We were guests of the Lord Crewe Arms and were very lucky to be treated to a complimentary stay. All opinions in this review are our own and we honestly can't wait to return! Huge thank you to the lovely people at the Lord Crewe Arms for being such amazing hosts!
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