Thursday 17 August 2017

The Bride and Groom: Our Alternative Wedding Reading

Not much about planning our wedding got me flustered and I found the whole experience very enjoyable, with one exception!

Finding a reading for our wedding was a nightmare!

The Bride and Groom: Our Alternative Wedding Reading

Having been to a lot of weddings over the years I feel like I've heard every wedding reading there is. I only have to hear an opening line to know exactly what's to come and it's all getting a bit predictable.

It's no surprise really as when you google "funny wedding reading" or "alternative reading" the same small handful of readings appear.

Our Alternative Wedding Reading

So I spent many evenings in tears (yes, it seems silly now but in that moment I had started to drive myself mad!) as I desperately tried to find a reading that was perfect for us.

So in the end I decided to write a little something myself. Using a well known wedding reading I changed some of the words to suit our relationship and it ended up being the perfect addition to our ceremony.

Beautifully read by our friend Sam, it raised a few giggles and definitely helped to calm my nerves!

Alternative Wedding Reading

I love it so much that I thought I'd share it with you, I hope you enjoy!

The Bride and Groom

He's always on his Xbox,
leaves wet towels on the floor,
eats giant bags of Haribo,
and never shuts the door.

He calls her his little diva,
as she needs a lot of fuss,
she watches all their pennies,
so insists they take the bus.

He's forced to eat his dinner cold,
is often asked to move,
so she can get the perfect shot,
and blog about their food.

She drags him on adventures,
to play out in the sun,
he'd rather hide away indoors,
and play on Xbox One.

They like to go out running,
to make them feel awake,
then sabotage their diets,
with massive slabs of cake.

She's thoughtful when he looks at her,
a smile upon his face,
will he look that good in 50 years,
when his dentures aren't in place?

He says he loves her figure,
and her sense of humour too,
but when gravity takes over,
will she charm with her IQ?

She says she loves his kindness,
and his patience is a must,
and of course she thinks he's handsome,
which in her eyes is a plus.

They're both not wholly perfect,
but who are we to care,
that he can be hot headed,
and she's got ginger hair.

All that said and done,
they are perfect for each other,
so we celebrate today,
a love to last forever.

He'll be more than just her husband,
he'll also be her friend,
and she'll be more than just his wife,
she'll be his soul mate till the end.

Alternative Wedding Reading - Parlour at Blagdon

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