Tuesday 31 May 2016

May Days

Another busy month out and about and with a few days of gorgeous sunshine there's been plenty happening over on my Instagram. Here are just a few things that didn't make the blog this month


I visited Rosies in Gosforth many moons ago and was slightly disappointed. I remembered the cake had been good though so decided it was worth taking Simon for another go.

Things were definitely better this time round and the cakes were fantastic. My Rhubarb and Ginger Cheesecake was particularly lovely. Some delicious looking lunches were coming out of the kitchen so we'll definitely be heading back.

Goes to show that everywhere has off days and some places are definitely worth a second go!

Summer Drinks 

Please tell me I'm not the only person to get stupidly over excited every time Starbucks and Costa introduce new drinks! I always make it my mission to make my way through every single one. There are a fair few to get through this Summer so I made an early start with the Double Chocolate Cookie Mocha. So good but with all that chocolate and cream it can't be good for me. Definitely the occasional treat I think!

I love socks

It doesn't matter how old you are, as far as I'm concerned fun and colourful socks are a must. It really makes my day far cheerier if I know that my feet are wearing something snug and silly. My latest find are the Little Miss socks from Primark. This coffee pair are perfect for a Monday morning.

Welcome back Yo Sushi

The arrival of Fenwick's new look Food Hall meant the departure of Yo Sushi and we've been without one ever since. Luckily this month a brand new (and far larger) Yo Sushi has opened on Grainger Street in Newcastle. I was lucky enough to be invited along to the VIP opening and it was a night of amazing music, fantastic food and Prosecco. I pigged out on way too many things on the conveyer belt and remembered how much I love Yo!


May is definitely the month of anniversaries but the most important has to be the anniversary of me and Simon officially becoming a couple. 4 years ago we sat on my bed in London and became "Facebook Official" (cringe!) and we haven't looked back since. A relocation, a first house purchase and a glittering diamond ring later and we are now 4 months away from becoming Mr and Mrs. It's become the tradition to spend our anniversary at Jesmond Dene House and this year we toasted with a glass of champagne over afternoon tea in the Summer House.

Transformation Tuesday

You'll know from my blog earlier in the week about how I maintain my weight loss that this month's Transformation Tuesday picture is extra special as I've just celebrated my fourth year at my goal weight.

So crazy to think that the photo on the left was taken only a few years before the photo on the right! I used to live in that dress I'm wearing in the photo, but never told anyone that I'd actually had to cut little slits into the sleeves as my arms were too huge to fit into the dress!

90s Throwback

It's strange when you get so old that fashion comes back round. Walking into shops and seeing the clothes that I used to wear in the 90s back on the rails is very surreal. Some of the things were so awful the first time round I swore I'd never go back there, yet for some reason I can't stop myself going into stores to try on 90s throwback. I've made a few cheeky purchases this month, and this pinafore dress in New Look is a definite favourite. If you love it, it's currently in the sale (so annoying!)

Playing in the Blossom

It's less than 4 months until we get wed and it's now getting to the point where I get butterflies every time I think about it. Something tells me the next few months are going to disappear.  Last week Simon and I decided to celebrate our anniversary by meeting up with our wedding photographer, Katie Byram for our engagement shoot in Saltwell Park.

We had the best time, and although we felt a little awkward to start with Simon and I soon got into it and had a really lovely day. We found a gorgeous path of pink blossom trees that Katie and I got very giddy about and although I swore I was going to keep my own cameras firmly away from the photo shoot I couldn't resist taking a few pictures for Instagram.

I'm so excited to see all of the shots from the day. Look out for more coming on the blog soon, Katie is one talented lady and I can't wait to share our engagement photos with you.

Sister Staycation

My sister and her husband came to visit over the Bank Holiday Weekend and we had a fantastic time showing them round our new house and wedding venue before taking them to some of our favourite places in the North East. Being big foodies like us we were keen to show off the restaurants that we love and our Saturday evening trip to Gusto was particularly successful. Our weekend ended with a long walk from St Mary's Lighthouse to Tynemouth Market (via Beaches and Cream in Cullercoats of course!)

For more adventures from New Girl in Toon make sure you follow me on Instagram - I post a new photo every day!

Sunday 29 May 2016

How I Maintain my Weight Loss

Those of you who've been reading my blog for a while know that 29th May is a very special date for me. It's the anniversary of me reaching my goal weight and I'm very proud to say that today I have been at my healthy weight for four years.

New Girl in Toon is predominantly a blog about my life in the North East but every year I like to mark this special day by writing a post about my weight loss as it's a very important moment in my life and, if I hadn't made that change I never would have met Simon or discovered Newcastle!

If you want to catch up with my story then check out my previous anniversary posts on How I lost 9 Stone and Learning to Run.

This year I thought I'd talk about something I frequently get asked about.  How do I manage to maintain my weight loss?

I'm not going to lie to you, maintaining a dramatic weight loss like mine is hard work.  Those of you who have battled with weight issues will know how easy it is to un do all of the good and end up right back where you started.  Unfortunately putting on weight is far easier than shifting and maintaining it!

If you've suffered with a weight problem the chances are you will always have it and it will be a constant battle for the rest of your life.  My food addiction has never gone away -  I still want to stuff my face with chocolate when I'm sad, I still want to celebrate every happy occasion with too much food and I will never ever be able to resist a buffet.

Once I reached my goal weight I made a decision that I was never going to go back to how things were before.  I'd made myself feel too worthless and miserable to ever want to be back there again.  I knew that for that to work I'd have to prepare myself for a lifelong battle.

Reaching goal was not the end of my journey, really it was just the start. Strutting around in size 10s did not give me an automatic "get out of jail" card and I knew that I couldn't just stick my feet up and return to bad habits, I had to continue with my new healthier lifestyle.

I'm by no means an expert, but here are just a few things that have helped me to maintain my healthy weight.

Living a Life of Balance

I love food and my friends will all tell you that when I'm out and about at blogging events I'm the first person to ask for the dessert menu, will always eat too many canap├ęs and have been known to down sugary cocktail after sugary cocktail but living a life of occasional indulgence is absolutely fine if you balance it out with sensible eating and exercise.


People laugh at me and my funny rules but I find that a strict Monday to Friday routine has helped me maintain my weight.  I have something nice and filling for breakfast, a healthy salad for lunch and have set times that I'm allowed to eat small snacks throughout the day.  Sticking to a routine has been essential to maintaining my weight loss.

Break Bad Habits

We all have bad habits so knowing what yours are is the first step to breaking them.  One of my biggest bad habits is snacking in the evening regardless of how hungry I am. I tend to associate watching TV with having a cup of tea and a treat.  Trying to teach myself that TV and food doesn't go hand in hand is always a mission.

My other bad habit is eating to excess in restaurants.  Even if I'm completely stuffed I'll carry on eating until my plate is clear.  One good way I've found to tackle that is to cover my food with my napkin when I'm full - out of sight, out of mind!

Portion Control

When I hit goal I continued to be careful with my portion control.  It's so easy to fill your cereal bowl to the brim, boil up too many potatoes or grate an excessive amount of cheese.  I know my weaknesses and where I'm likely to eat to excess so with these foods I make sure to weigh out a sensible portion.  A 30-40g bowl of cereal may not look like much but it's the recommended amount and believe me it does fill you up.

When you can't be trusted

There are certain foods that I just can't be trusted around and there's a simple solution to that, I just don't buy them.  Simon often asks me if we can buy a pack of real butter or treat ourselves to a loaf of fresh white bread, but I know all too well that I can't be trusted.

If we had butter in the fridge I would make myself a huge plate of butter smothered toast every morning and if we had white bread I'd be grabbing myself a few slices to eat with every meal.  This is why I go crazy over the bread basket in restaurants, when you're not allowed something at home it tastes amazing when you're out and about.

Great Support

If your partner doesn't support what you're doing it becomes a lot tougher to live a healthy lifestyle.  Simon and I are both fortunate that we met through Weight Watchers and both understand what it's like to be overweight and unhappy.  Talking openly and honestly about our weight problems is essential and we're definitely happier and healthier when we're both helping each other to be sensible.

We often find that one of us is in the zone when the other is struggling but we do our best to help each other. This means making an effort to prepare ourselves healthy lunches to take to work and going out for runs and walks together.

Enjoying Exercise

This is something I've only really managed to achieve this year.  Some people love exercise but, unfortunately a lot of us will find it a chore and something we have to do rather than something we want to do. I will never be one of those people who runs for fun, I really wish I were!

It's taken me a while to find a form of exercise that I love but this year I've given Clubbercise a go and have definitely found my thing.  Dancing about in the dark with glow sticks to cheesy 90s dance music makes me so happy.


It can be hard to find an incentive for healthier eating and exercise once the rush of losing weight has gone.  When people have stopped commenting on your amazing achievement it can be easy to lose your drive and just let it all slip away.  I find that giving myself an incentive to keep on track is key.   My incentive can change month by month or year by year - it could be wanting to look good on a beach holiday, wanting to run my first 5K or, the biggie, wanting to look great on my wedding day.

Saving Myself for that Special Cake!

Anyone who works in an office will know what a nightmare it can be when you're trying to be healthy.  People constantly bring in biscuits and cakes to share and sometimes it feels like everywhere you turn there's a packet of something naughty starting at you. 

I try to handle these situations by only allowing myself very special treats.  Picking up a processed cream cake from Tesco is a waste of calories but treating yourself to a slice of homemade cake is worth every bite.


Everyone is allowed a blowout and I definitely have them!  I eat loads over Christmas, enjoy Easter eggs and like to eat what I want when I'm on holiday.  Allowing yourself some freedom can be a dangerous fall back to bad habits though. I usually tell myself in advance how long I'm allowed to go crazy for and agree a day that I'll return to normal. 

Eating loads for 2 days over Christmas won't do you any harm, but carrying it on for weeks after might!

I really hope that my tips help you, I am never going to sit here and claim that I've found the last four years easy.   There will always be a fat girl inside me dying to get out - she shouts at me every day wanting me to fail and go back to bad habits.  I completely understand how hard it is to have a lifelong battle with the bulge!

I'd love to hear any tips you have for maintaining weight loss and if you have any inspiring weight loss stories to share I'd love to hear them.

Friday 27 May 2016

Lunch at Carter and Fitch, Washington

If you love food as much as we do, I've found the place for you!  Carter and Fitch opened in Washington at the beginning of the year and are serving up delicious American style food from their Pizzeria and Smokehouse.  I'm talking huge portions, excessive amounts of cheese and enough meat to give you the sweats.

We arrived at Carter and Fitch feeling very hungry and determined to pig out on a three course lunch.  A decision we stuck with even though each course seemed to look larger than the last.

The Starters at Carter and Fitch come in the form of "Chicetti" small dishes that would be perfect shared with friends over a few drinks.  I use the word "small" very loosely as the dishes were huge, almost a meal in themselves.

Simon went for the Albondigas Casseras - Braised Latin American meatballs glazed with cheese.  I think "glazed with cheese' is possibly a typing mistake in the menu, try "dripping with cheese".  This was just the start of our Carter and Fitch cheese party, and boy was it a good start.  I managed to grab myself a fork full and it was beautiful.

I decided to order the Bruschetta con Funghi for my starter.  I love Bruschetta so when it appears on a menu I always have to have it.  I will admit that the Bruschetta at Carter and Fitch was completely different to any I'd ever had before.  It came covered in a layer of cheese that was so thick you couldn't see the bread or mushrooms.   Don't worry though, they were there, just hidden in gorgeous cheese. Luckily I'm a cheese fiend so was thrilled but I'm not sure it would be for everyone.

The menu at Carter and Fitch is made up of pizza and meat from the smoker.  With so much choice of delicious sounding dishes we decided to order from separate sections of the menu so we could food swap.

Simon opted for a pizza and ordered the Chorizo di Pollo.  It was the biggest pizza I've ever seen and my great pal, Mr Cheese was back, this time completely smothering the pizza.  My eyes were out on stalks and I knew immediately that no matter how much of a professional eater Simon is there was no way on earth he was ever going to be able to finish off the pizza.

I was right.  Three slices in and he was already struggling and even with me pinching a slice off his plate he only managed to work his way through half the pizza.  He was a little gutted as it was so delicious, but the attentive waitress suggested we box it up and take it home which we really appreciated (who doesn't love a large slice of cold pizza in the morning!)

I decided to order from the smoker and had Pulled Pork smoked low and slow served in brioche with BBQ bourbon essence.

My brioche was stuffed completely full of delicious tangy pork and unlike Simon's pizza was a completely manageable size so I managed to demolish the whole lot, quickly followed by the chips which were some of the best I'd ever tasted.  I kept telling Simon he needed to try them but the poor guy was too busy sulking about not being able to cram in more pizza.

My friend Sarah had recommended that I try the Mocha Ice Box Cake for dessert and as a lady with great taste I knew it'd be a winner.  Despite being so full from my earlier cheese overload I decided to push on and ordered it.

Layered chocolate cookies with espresso mascarpone cream - tell me that doesn't sound perfect!  I love the combination of chocolate and coffee in a dessert and this was the absolute highlight of my meal.   So delicious I'd happily eat at Carter and Fitch every day, just to have that dessert.

So if you love your portions on the large size and are as addicted to cheese as me, make sure you head to Washington to check out Carter and Fitch.  Just make sure you dig out your elasticated toursers, you'll need them!

Thank you to Carter and Fitch  for inviting us for lunch. Our meal was complimentary, but all opinions are our own. 

Thursday 26 May 2016

The Best Cocktail Bars in Newcastle

Welcome back to my monthly guides to the North East.  If you missed my previous guides, then make sure you check out my Guide to Adventuring in the North East Without a Car, The Best Afternoon Teas in Newcastle and The Most Romantic Dates in the North East.

As Summer is creeping closer and we've had a few days of lovely weather, I have decided to dedicate this month's guide to the best cocktail bars in Newcastle.  I don't know about you but as soon as the weather gets sunny I love nothing more than grabbing a few glasses of something fizzy and fruity with my favourite ladies.

Newcastle has so many places to order cocktails it's tough to pick out the best, but here is a little list of what I believe to be the best cocktail bars in Newcastle.

The Gentleman

Quite a recent discovery, you may remember that only a few days ago I wrote about date night at the Gentleman.  I was so impressed with the quality of the cocktails that I knew I had to include the Gentleman in my guide.  Each cocktail is expertly made, you get a decent amount of drink without your cocktail being watered down by ice and the decorations these guys do with fruit are stunning.

Please note, since writing this post the Gentleman has unfortunately closed.

The Botanist

Of course no guide to Newcastle's cocktail bars would be complete without mentioning the Botanist. It's probably the first place most people think of when asked to name the best cocktail bars in Newcastle.  I challenge you to find a larger cocktail list than the epic book of drinks that the Botanist has.  I've been trying to work my way through them all for a while now and I've barely scratched the surface.


If nights out in Jesmond are more your thing then cocktails at Sohe are a must. There are plenty of fruity cocktails to choose from and my favourites all come decorated with beautiful flowers.  Sohe also happen to do fantastic sushi, making it a great location for a night out.


Gusto are no stranger to this blog and I'm forever telling anyone who will listen how great the food is, but it's not just the Gusto Burger and Peking Duck Pizza that has me loving Gusto, the cocktail list is just as good.  The bar staff at Gusto really know their stuff, making it the best place to go if you are after recommendations.

Pleased to Meet You

If gin is your tipple of choice then Pleased To Meet You will definitely be up your street.  If creating your own gin and tonic isn't really your thing then the cocktail list is a delicious alternative. Every time I go I promise myself I'll try something different, but Joan Collins has my heart every time.

Las Iguanas

It might be a chain but judging by how rammed it always is, it's one of the most popular places in Newcastle for a cocktail or two.  So much so that this month saw a second Las Iguanas open in the city with a brand new larger bar on the Quayside, complete with a huge outside seating area. I can't wait to head out on the terrace with a cocktail this Summer.

There are plenty of other bars in Newcastle that do decent cocktails but these tend to be the places that I head first.

I'd love to hear your thoughts, do you agree with my list or is there anywhere you'd add?

Wednesday 25 May 2016

Motel One, a Newcastle Budget Hotel

We all know how much I love to go on and on about how amazing Newcastle is and how much there is to see and do.  So it probably comes as no surprise that I often get asked about hotels.  Unfortunately I've always been a little stuck on where to recommend as the hotels in Newcastle tend to fall into two categories - very simplistic budget hotels or very fancy hotels with hefty price tags.

So when Motel One opened in Newcastle it answered my prayers.  A budget city centre hotel that's stylish, has a bar and complimentary wifi with rooms from £59.00.  Sounds too good to be true right?

Last week Simon and I were invited to check out Motel One Newcastle for ourselves and I couldn't wait to take a good look round to see if things were as good as they promised on the tin.

You'll find Motel One Newcastle on High Bridge which is a dream location in the heart of Newcastle. Easy walking distance from the Train Station, Metro and shopping streets with the famous clubs of the Diamond Strip and the bars and restaurants of Grey Street literally on your doorstep.  If you're staying in Newcastle for a weekend you really couldn't find a hotel in a better location.

We checked in on Wednesday night, feeling pretty drained from a busy day at the office and were greeted by smiling friendly staff and a busy reception.  Whilst we were getting our keys we saw two suited men arrive and a handful of couples - it was great to see that the hotel is popular with both leisure and business travellers.

The Bedrooms

Heading straight up to our room we were thankful to find a comfortable looking bed in a clean and modern room.   The room was a little on the snug size, but for such an amazing price you can't really complain.  There were plenty of facilities including tea and coffee making and a hair dryer.

Each room comes with complimentary wifi and, being a little addicted to social media, I was very happy at how fast and reliable it was.

The rooms have no wardrobes, instead there are hooks to hang your clothes, this could perhaps be a little problematic if you were away for a week, but for a long weekend there's ample space to hang things.

We loved the plug sockets that were right by the beds, perfect for making full use of the free wifi but we were a little stumped in the morning when we realised there were no plug sockets near a mirror.  How's a girl supposed to do her hair?

Of course the all important test was sleep and I can honestly say that we both had the best nights sleep at the Motel One.  Our Queen Sized bed was far larger than our bed at home and we loved having so much space.  The mattress was really comfortable, the room was peaceful and I couldn't believe how dark the room was - perfect conditions for a great night's sleep.

The Bar

During our stay I was more than a little obsessed with the Motel One bar.  It is huge and I feel like it may be one of Newcastle's best secrets.  There are four areas to the bar with plenty of different style seats to choose from.

So whether you prefer to spend your evening sitting on a stool chatting to the barman, on a comfy couch in the middle of the action or in a snug little area with your loved one - there's an area to suit every requirement.

For a big Newcastle geek like me there are some fantastic pictures printed on the walls featuring some of our most loved bridges across the Tyne.  I love how proud the Motel One are of their new location and it's great that visitors to our beautiful city are able to appreciate our most famous landmarks before they've even left their hotel.

We decided to take ourself off to the cosy corner of the bar which I'd had my eye on from the moment we stepped inside the door.  Brightly coloured swivel chairs (that made me feel a little like a bad ass super villain!), thick shaggy rug and a fake fire made this my favourite part of the bar.  It felt like our own private little den.

There's a lovely little cocktail list at the Motel One bar featuring loads of the classics.  Embracing my love of Prosecco I immediately turned to the fizz page and ordered myself a Hugo - Prosecco with elderflower syrup, soda, lime and mint leaves on the rocks.  So refreshing.

The bar was lovely and peaceful and we had a fantastic evening chilling out.  If you're looking for a new venue for date night or a catch up with friends - this is it!

Night Life

If you prefer to venture away from the hotel, the night life on the doorstep of Motel One Newcastle is amazing with many of my favourite bars and restaurants a few steps away.  For a bite to eat and fantastic gin you'll find Pleased to Meet You a few doors away and The Stand comedy club is next door.   Just round the corner, Grey Street (one of the most beautiful streets in the UK) boasts an amazing array of eateries including chains like Las Iguanas and Pizza Express.

For our night out we decided to head round the corner to The Gentleman on the Bigg Market, one of Newcastle's newer restaurants.  It has a fantastic cocktail menu, serves great food and at weekends you can enjoy live music.

A few steps away is the Theatre Royal that shows the very best touring productions of musicals and plays or if you prefer catching some action on the big screen I highly recommend our independent cinema, the Tyneside which screens a great variety of blockbusters, cult classics and indie films.

The Surrounding Area

If you're lucky enough to be staying in Newcastle for a few days then basing yourself at the Motel One is a great idea as the hotel is in the thick of the action.   Great for travel networks there's a Metro stop a few minutes walk away and the train and bus stations are both close by.

Eldon Square shopping centre is right on your doorstep as well as Northumberland Street where you'll find Fenwick's flagship store.

A short stroll down the hill will bring you to Newcastle's famous Quayside and the iconic Tyne Bridge. The perfect place for a walk with plenty of fantastic cafes to enjoy, cycle hire from the Cycle Hub and lots of sunny spots to top up your tan.


I'll admit when I heard that breakfast at Motel One was £9.50 per person for a continental I wasn't sure it'd be great value for money.  But the next morning we decided to head down to the bar and take a look.

I really wasn't expecting the great spread that was laid out for guests in the bar.  There wasn't a single Kellogs multipack box in sight, this was a continental breakfast for Kings and Queens.

Featuring locally sourced food from the North East I was particularly impressed to see that the coffee was from Pumphreys in the Grainger Market and there were huge pots of delicious jam from Yummy Things in Gosforth.

I eagerly grabbed a plate and was quick to pile it high with delicious food and knew immediately that my breakfast was going to feature several courses.   By the end of breakfast I'd feasted on toast covered in a thick spread of jam, a pain au chocolat and a huge bowl of Greek yoghurt with a generous dollop of mango puree.  Simon had also delved into the cereal and had a generous shovel of belgian chocolate gronola.

We loved our stay at Motel One Newcastle and with such great prices I think we may well start checking in after nights out.  It's definitely far comfier than getting a taxi home!

You'll find Motel One hotels across Europe and their UK hotels are in three of my favourite cities - London, Manchester and Edinburgh.  All offering the same level of comfort and convenience at purse friendly prices.  I think it's only a matter of time before I'm booking us a little city break!

Where do you think I should head first?

Thank you to Motel One  for inviting us to stay. Our hotel room was complimentary, but all opinions are our own. 

Monday 23 May 2016

Date Night at the Gentleman, Newcastle

When I suggested to Simon that we have a date night on the Bigg Market he looked less than impressed. You see, the Bigg Market hasn't always had the greatest reputation around these parts - it tends to be famed for its collection of kebab shops and cheap boozers.  It's where people go to end a night out and isn't exactly the most romantic of destinations for date night.

But recently there's been change on the Bigg Market with a few little gems popping up on the road, making it a part of the city that's definitely worth investigating.  The Gentleman is one of these gems.  I visited a few months ago with some girlfriends and was so impressed with our food that I just knew I had to take Simon to try it for himself.

The Gentleman looks small from the outside but is actually pretty huge.  With plenty of tables, chesterfield sofas and gorgeous decor that definitely gives a nod to its  name, I couldn't help but have a little nosy round before settling down to take a look at the menu.

At weekends you can enjoy live jazz and blues performances and I can imagine it's quite some evening so a definite one to add to your list for the Summer!

The best table in the house is by the window.  The colourful characters wandering past make for some great people watching and in the early evening it was a beautiful sun trap.  Although the Bigg Market has a reputation I felt perfectly relaxed gazing out of the window and watching the world go by and hopefully in the coming months the Bigg Market will become more of a destination for diners.

The Gentleman have an impressive collection of cocktails and are some of the very best I've had in Newcastle.   Great love and care is taken in the creation of each one and if you love your drinks sweet, colourful and garnished with an impressive array of fruit, the Gentleman really is the place to go.

I'm trying to slowly work my way through the cocktail list and on this trip I tried the Cocojito - Malibu, Bacardi, Coconut, shaken with fresh lime and mint - tell me that's not Summer time in a glass?  It was so refreshing.

On my last visit I took advantage of the Happy Hour Menu where you can get two courses for £12.95 or three courses for £16.95 every week night after 5:00 pm - an absolute bargain but this time we decided to push the boat out and order off the main menu.

The last few months I've found myself loving burgers.  I never used to be fussed by them but I now find it's the first section of a menu I turn to.  So whist I was pretty tempted to order the Steak and Ale Newcastle Brown Ale Pie, it was The Big Bad Wolf Burger that really caught my attention.

A Pork and Chorizo Burger served on an artisan bun and stuffed full of bacon, cheese and lettuce.   Served with fries and sweet burger relish.

The burger was really satisfying  The patty was huge and a completely different consistency to a beef patty.  It was really juicy and squishy and tasted so good.  We both wiped our plates clean.

We couldn't think ahead about dessert as the menu wasn't available online so I was eager to see what was on offer.  On my last visit I had the chocolate fudge cake so wanted to order something different on this visit.

The Chocolate Banoffee Pie was the standout choice for me.  A twist on the classic Banoffee Pie it involved a very generous dollop of thick and gooey chocolate.  It was a perfect dessert if you have a sweet tooth, with the added bonus of crushed meringue, sweet strawberries and ice-cream - I was in my element.

Simon opted for his usual favourite, Sticky Toffee Pudding.   The only let down of the whole meal it was a little tough and chewy and tasted a little burnt in places.  Such a shame and I did feel a little bad for him as I woolfed down my delicious Banoffee Pie with a massive grin on my face.

My second visit to The Gentleman was just as good as my first and I'm very happy that Simon is now fully on board.  I think we'll be seeing a fair bit of The Gentleman this Summer.

Anyone else got any new discoveries to share?

Please note, since writing this post the Gentleman has unfortunately closed.
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