Tuesday 31 May 2016

May Days

Another busy month out and about and with a few days of gorgeous sunshine there's been plenty happening over on my Instagram. Here are just a few things that didn't make the blog this month


I visited Rosies in Gosforth many moons ago and was slightly disappointed. I remembered the cake had been good though so decided it was worth taking Simon for another go.

Things were definitely better this time round and the cakes were fantastic. My Rhubarb and Ginger Cheesecake was particularly lovely. Some delicious looking lunches were coming out of the kitchen so we'll definitely be heading back.

Goes to show that everywhere has off days and some places are definitely worth a second go!

Summer Drinks 

Please tell me I'm not the only person to get stupidly over excited every time Starbucks and Costa introduce new drinks! I always make it my mission to make my way through every single one. There are a fair few to get through this Summer so I made an early start with the Double Chocolate Cookie Mocha. So good but with all that chocolate and cream it can't be good for me. Definitely the occasional treat I think!

I love socks

It doesn't matter how old you are, as far as I'm concerned fun and colourful socks are a must. It really makes my day far cheerier if I know that my feet are wearing something snug and silly. My latest find are the Little Miss socks from Primark. This coffee pair are perfect for a Monday morning.

Welcome back Yo Sushi

The arrival of Fenwick's new look Food Hall meant the departure of Yo Sushi and we've been without one ever since. Luckily this month a brand new (and far larger) Yo Sushi has opened on Grainger Street in Newcastle. I was lucky enough to be invited along to the VIP opening and it was a night of amazing music, fantastic food and Prosecco. I pigged out on way too many things on the conveyer belt and remembered how much I love Yo!


May is definitely the month of anniversaries but the most important has to be the anniversary of me and Simon officially becoming a couple. 4 years ago we sat on my bed in London and became "Facebook Official" (cringe!) and we haven't looked back since. A relocation, a first house purchase and a glittering diamond ring later and we are now 4 months away from becoming Mr and Mrs. It's become the tradition to spend our anniversary at Jesmond Dene House and this year we toasted with a glass of champagne over afternoon tea in the Summer House.

Transformation Tuesday

You'll know from my blog earlier in the week about how I maintain my weight loss that this month's Transformation Tuesday picture is extra special as I've just celebrated my fourth year at my goal weight.

So crazy to think that the photo on the left was taken only a few years before the photo on the right! I used to live in that dress I'm wearing in the photo, but never told anyone that I'd actually had to cut little slits into the sleeves as my arms were too huge to fit into the dress!

90s Throwback

It's strange when you get so old that fashion comes back round. Walking into shops and seeing the clothes that I used to wear in the 90s back on the rails is very surreal. Some of the things were so awful the first time round I swore I'd never go back there, yet for some reason I can't stop myself going into stores to try on 90s throwback. I've made a few cheeky purchases this month, and this pinafore dress in New Look is a definite favourite. If you love it, it's currently in the sale (so annoying!)

Playing in the Blossom

It's less than 4 months until we get wed and it's now getting to the point where I get butterflies every time I think about it. Something tells me the next few months are going to disappear.  Last week Simon and I decided to celebrate our anniversary by meeting up with our wedding photographer, Katie Byram for our engagement shoot in Saltwell Park.

We had the best time, and although we felt a little awkward to start with Simon and I soon got into it and had a really lovely day. We found a gorgeous path of pink blossom trees that Katie and I got very giddy about and although I swore I was going to keep my own cameras firmly away from the photo shoot I couldn't resist taking a few pictures for Instagram.

I'm so excited to see all of the shots from the day. Look out for more coming on the blog soon, Katie is one talented lady and I can't wait to share our engagement photos with you.

Sister Staycation

My sister and her husband came to visit over the Bank Holiday Weekend and we had a fantastic time showing them round our new house and wedding venue before taking them to some of our favourite places in the North East. Being big foodies like us we were keen to show off the restaurants that we love and our Saturday evening trip to Gusto was particularly successful. Our weekend ended with a long walk from St Mary's Lighthouse to Tynemouth Market (via Beaches and Cream in Cullercoats of course!)

For more adventures from New Girl in Toon make sure you follow me on Instagram - I post a new photo every day!


  1. I don't like any sort of coffee apart from black Americano so I am never sucked into the new flavours (phew!).

    Can't wait to see your engagement photos x

  2. When I was in America, it was on their news about them bringing out a smaller version of the Starbuck drinks so that people could still enjoy them but they wouldn't contain as many calories. I'm sure there wasn't even that much difference in size!

    Love the blossom lined path in Saltwell park, I'm sure the photos will be amazing! I've never actually been to Saltwell park but heard lots of good things about it recently.

    Ami x


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