Monday 9 January 2017

Our Wedding at St Mary's Inn, Morpeth

Our wedding is very much a tale of two venues and for us having the perfect hotel was a very important part of our day. As our wedding venue had no accommodation we needed somewhere close by that would have enough room to fit our wedding party, space for pre-wedding drinks and be beautiful enough for photographs. St Mary's Inn near Stannington in Morpeth ticked every box.

Simon and I are both very familiar with St Mary's Inn having already enjoyed several meals and an overnight stay last year, so we knew that the food would be great, we would be well looked after and that the Inn would be perfect for bridal prep photos.

Copyright Katie Byram Photography

With eleven bedrooms available for family and friends St Mary's managed the room allocations for us leaving us free to concentrate on other parts of the day. Every time I checked with them they were completely on top of the plans and they really did save me a lot of added stress.

The night before the wedding some of our friends and family gathered for dinner and drinks with St Mary's Inn giving us the Kendall Room free of charge. It was the perfect way to relax and we are so happy we organised something fun for the night before. Not wanting a sore head for the wedding I kicked everyone out at 10:00 pm said goodbye to Simon and headed off upstairs to attempt to get some sleep.

I requested "Catcleugh" as the bridal suite, using it as my room the night before, for bridal prep in the morning and for Simon and I when we returned to the Inn as husband and wife.

I will admit that I hadn't expected to get much sleep that night but as I snuggled down into my large, comfy bed I found myself feeling surprisingly tired and slept right through until my alarm went off at 6:00 am.

Having one of my best friends and bridesmaids, Lauren, next door meant that there was no time for  nerves in the morning as she turned up on my doorstep with big smiles and comforting hugs. Not having time to go down to the dining room for breakfast, St Mary's were really accommodating and let us order our breakfast to enjoy in my room. A quick phone call downstairs and we were soon enjoying smoked salmon and scrambled eggs in our PJs which was the perfect relaxing start to a chaotic day.

Catcleugh was the ideal room for my bridal prep, with a beautiful marble bathroom and huge window letting in plenty of light. It had the beauty I wanted for photographs as well as the practicality of accommodating a bride, 5 bridesmaids, a videographer, photographer, makeup artist and hairdresser!

Copyright Katie Byram Photography

With so many people coming and going and frantic last minute requirements for an iron and an extension lead, St Mary's were amazing and treated me like a princess all morning.  No demand was too big and they did a fantastic job of keeping me feeling chilled that morning.

Once all my bridesmaids had arrived and we were in our beautiful dressing gowns it was time to get the show on the road starting with hair. My brilliant hairdresser Tina performed her magic on those bridesmaids that wanted a fancy do before turning her attention to me.

Sitting at the gorgeous dresser my hair was soon transformed into a pile of soft romantic curls. I had no idea that my hair could look so beautiful and I was truly in awe at how amazing my new do looked. During my trial seeing the hair style for the first time reduced me to tears which I never thought was possible. I'm useless at doing my own hair so having it done for me was such a treat and really helped add to the overall look.

Copyright Katie Byram Photography

It was then time to move on to makeup with the lovely Victoria. Sitting in a chair by the huge window I felt so relaxed watching the ramblers and dog walkers passing through the hotel car park and it did wonders to settle my nerves.

Copyright Katie Byram Photography

With our super organisation skills we were ready long before the taxis arrived to take the bridesmaids to the venue so we had plenty of time to snuggle up on the giant double bed sipping Prosecco and running about taking photos.  The beauty of staying at St Mary's meant that all the rooms were booked out to my friends and family which meant we could really utilise the space and spread ourselves out.

Copyright Katie Byram Photography

As I slipped into my dress and my Dad appeared to drive me to the ceremony everyone was under strict instructions not to make a fuss. When you're a soppy emotional romantic like me making it through your wedding morning with no tears is quite an achievement and I wasn't about to start blubbing now!

Come back tomorrow to read all about my wedding dress

All photographs in this post were taken by our wedding photographer Katie Byram ( Please do not use any of these images without her permission. 

Please note, since writing this post St Mary's Inn has unfortunately closed.


  1. Aw it sounds like an amazing hotel to start your wedding day! Your hair looked absolutely lovely - looking forward to reading more!

  2. I have bee lookng forward to these photos and they didn't disappoint! The venue sounds perfect, the dressing gowns gorgeous and you look stunning. Can't wait to see the dress!
    Kate xx

  3. Can't wait to read all about it Chloe - what lovely photos! I'm definitely going to get my eye lashes tinted to *try* and avoid panda eyes, as I'm pretty sure I'll cry.. did you cry during the ceremony ?


  4. Aww, this looks like a lovely way to start your wedding day! Your hair looks so pretty :D x

  5. This sounds perfect! Just what you want when you are getting married, for everything to go well and anything that isn't to be sorted ASAP! :) xo


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