Tuesday 17 January 2017

Kidulting with Sweet Champions - Why I'm not a grownup at 35!

Over the last year Simon and I have purchased a car, got married and bought our first home together. So how come at the age of 35 I still don't feel like I'm a grownup?

Thankfully I'm not alone as, according to research carried out by Sweet Champions, 76% of Brits over the age of 30 confess that they struggle with the idea of adulting with many living their lives as if they were still in their teens or twenties.

With many of us settling down, getting married and having kids far later in life than our parents, it's no wonder that we've become a nation of "kidults", living Peter Pan lifestyles and refusing to grow up until we absolutely have to.

Being married to Simon, who is possibly the biggest kidult I've ever met, I love embracing my inner child and evenings spent eating sweets and sitting about in our onesies is pretty normal in our house.

There are 30 signs that show you are a kidult, and Simon and I thought it'd be fun to sit down and chat through the test to see if we're big kids.

30 Signs You're a Kidult - You:

1. Watch whole box-sets in a weekend

Me: You definitely do this! In fact I seem to remember that you keep watching things that we were supposed to watch together.

Simon: I can easily get through a whole box-set in a day but I don't think you'd ever be able to because you can't sit still for long enough!

2. Have a tattoo

Simon: Yuck no!

Me: I think we're both a no on this one, although I'd actually consider getting one if I wasn't a wuss when it comes to pain.

Simon: Really?

Me: Yep!

3. Have set up a Whatsapp group with your friends

Me: I have a group with my sisters that we chat on quite a bit. You're rubbish at it though, I quite often send you a photo through Whatsapp and it takes you forever to reply.

Simon: Maybe I'm just ignoring you on purpose?

4. Have used a snapchat filter on your profile pic

Simon: You are definitely a kidult when it comes to snapchat, you're always on there.

Me: It's true! I'm quite embarrassed, although if it wasn't for blogging I probably wouldn't have a clue what snapchat is, so we'll just blame the blog.

5. Listen to Radio One

Me: Never!

Simon: You always skip right past Radio One when you're station hopping in the car

Me: I'm definitely not cool enough to listen to Radio One, I probably wouldn't know what half of the music is that they play on there.

Simon: When it comes to music I'd say neither of us are a kidult.

6. Voted for someone on the X Factor

Simon: I bet you have!

Me: Just because I watch it, doesn't mean I vote.

Simon: Why do you still watch it?

Me: I honestly don't know, every year I say I'm not going to watch it anymore but I'm hooked!

7. Have gone to a music festival

Simon: No, it's really not my thing

Me: You'd hate the crowds and I'd hate the mud. When it comes to festivals we're definitely both boring adults. We'd much rather stay indoors in the dry!

8. Have bought a must-have pair of trainers

Simon: No

Me: This just makes me think of those people outside END in Newcastle who are always queuing up outside the store overnight for trainers. I just don't get it?

Simon: I've never really been into the whole trainer thing, especially because of what's his name!

Me: Who?

Simon: You know when trainers are affiliated with rappers?

Me: You mean Kanye?

Simon: Yep him!

9. Regularly raid the sweetie cupboard for treats

Me: You are the biggest kidult going when it comes to sweeties, I don't think I'm even aware of exactly how many sweets you eat a week!

Simon: And that's how it's going to stay!

10. Have ridden a scooter to work

Me: Why do I now have an hilarious image of you riding a scooter to work? I'm seriously tempted to buy you one now. I've never felt the urge to get one ,but I can really see you on one!

Simon: Is this just because I'm short? Honestly, I'd never ever ride a scooter to work!

11. Have owned a novelty phone case

Me: I've never owned one but I've certainly stopped to look at them in the shops, I could definitely be tempted.

Simon: I can see myself walking round with a batman or game themed phone case. Does that make me a kidult?

12. Queued for a new iPhone

Me: No! I pretty much wear mine into the ground before I replace it, I definitely don't feel the need to update my tech.

Simon: I'm really not loving iPhone at the moment and I'd never feel the need to queue for anything anyway, that's what the internet is for?

Me: Hang on a moment, didn't you go to the shops at midnight to queue up for a new Xbox?

Simon: That's different!

13. Downed a pint in one

Me: Gross! I just can't get on with beer, I've tried it so many times but I will always prefer Prosecco or cocktails.

Simon: Years ago, back in my younger years!  I don't recommend it, it makes you feel so bloated

Me: That's such an old man thing to say!

14. Have worn skinny jeans

Me: Regularly! Does that really make me a kidult?  Don't loads of people over 30 still wear skinny jeans?

Simon: No way! You'd have to pay me!

15. Have used a selfie stick

Me: I've not used one myself but I've had friends who've used them and I've been in the photo, does that count?

Simon: Probably not!  I've never used one!

16. Have eaten a sherbet fountain or Dip Dab

Me: I haven't

Simon: Yeah, have you really never had one? You must have done!

Me: Honestly, I haven't!  I must be far too grownup!

17. Have worn a band t-shirt

Me: Nope, I've always liked very embarrassing bands, I'm hardly going to walk around proudly telling everyone!

Simon: Yeah, Oasis

Me: Did everyone in Manchester wear Oasis t-shirts?

Simon: In the 90s yeah, well Oasis or Stone Roses.

18. Have worn ripped jeans

Me: I have a pair but you really don't like them! Why?

Simon: I just don't like ripped jeans!

19. Have gone abroad on a stag or hen do

Me: I haven't, but only because no one has ever asked me to. I'd love to go to a Vegas hen, how great would that be?

Simon: I went to Belgium on a stag a few years ago. I must be a grownup now though cos I spent most of the time researching restaurants so that I could take you.

20. Edit social media photos to make you look younger/more attractive

Me: Doesn't everyone do that?

Simon: I don't!

Me: Everyone does, that's what putting a filter on a photo is all about!

21. Have bought a pet rather than have a baby

Me: Ha!  Very topical at the moment as we keep talking about getting a kitten instead of a baby

Simon: We're definitely too kidult to look after a baby, it seems far more sensible to get a pet first.

22. Dumped a partner because you weren't ready for "anything serious"

Me: Bit late for that now!

23. Use nicknames for all your friends

Me: I don't really!

Simon: Some of them have names, I think it might be more of a guy thing!

24. Let your parents do your washing, housework, DIY or gardening

Me: I wish!  They live too far away and I'm pretty sure they'd tell me to go away!  I bet your Mum would do your washing if she were nearer

Simon: I'm not sure how good she is at DIY!

25. Have asked your parents to borrow money

Me: Not for a long time!  If I were desperate I'd ask but I'd definitely try and work out the situation for myself first.

Simon: I've not asked for a long time either. We must be grownups!

26. Watch shows like TOWIE/Made In Chelsea/Ex on the Beach/Love Island/Kardashians

Me: I am SO bad with trashy TV, I just can't get enough

Simon: I would never watch them!

Me: How come you know the names of all the characters then?

Simon: Because you always put it on when I'm in the room, I'm not actually watching it!

27. Have gone straight to work after a night out

Me: I definitely have some late nights followed by early mornings but I go to bed in between! I'm far too old now to go from one to another

Simon: I went to work on 3 hours sleep after watching the new Star Wars film recently

Me: I'm not sure that counts

28.Have stayed up all night playing computer games

Me: This is you!

Simon: It was before I met you, now you'd never let me play all night

Me: I would sometimes, but you're too old - you'd fall asleep by 1:00 am!

Simon: True!

29. Have worn fancy dress for Halloween

Me: We're not very good at that are we?

Simon: Yeah we're definitely not great at fancy dress

30. Have dyed your hair a crazy colour

Me: I used to dye mine jet black in my late 20s but I wouldn't do that now. I do quite like the trend of girls colouring their hair grey but I definitely couldn't pull it off.

Simon: I'm sure it wont be too long until we're both grey anyway

Me: Speak for yourself!

Having discussed the quiz I think it's safe to say that we both definitely show signs of being a kidult but we're more than OK with that!

Let me know your thoughts on the kidult quiz, I'd love to hear how many things you answered yes to!

This post has been written in collaboration with Sweet Champions


  1. Love this!! I can see this quiz popping up on a new Pet Lamb video ;)

    Katie xoxo

  2. haha you two make me laugh. I am always stealing the kids' dib dabs - don't tell them!

  3. Ha ha this is funny man! I can totally see you on a scooter Simon! cat

  4. Ha this was brilliant! But I'm sure you sometimes call me KJO - surely that's a nickname? Katie x


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