Tuesday 31 January 2017

January Days

I have to admit I'm usually not a fan of January, the dark days and freezing cold nights tend to leave me feeling pretty miserable. Luckily this year we have something to look forward to and as we started back at work we were happy in the knowledge that it was only 10 weeks to go until we head off on Honeymoon!

Here's what we've been up to this month that didn't quite make the blog.

Loungewear for Life!

I live in my PJs! The first thing I do when I get in from work is take off my makeup and climb into my comfies. I can't fully relax until I'm wearing something cosy! Loungewear is a pretty new concept to me but this month I decided to give it a go when I found a tracksuit in the Next sale. I haven't looked back! I can't believe I didn't try it sooner.

The latest addition to my loungewear wardrobe are these gorgeous jumpers created for Look Good Feel Better by YouTube stars Lily and Anna. Something tells me I'm soon going to need an entire drawer just for loungewear!  Let me know if you have any recommendations of where to go for great loungewear.

Lily and Anna Loungewear

This Girl Can Run

I'm sure I'm not the only person who woke up on 1 January feeling pretty gross and tired. Having been injured since October and then over indulging over Christmas I've packed on a fair few extra lbs and I'm not happy.

We head off to the Caribbean in mid March and I want to shed a few lbs by then so I feel at my best when we head off on Honeymoon. Unfortunately my injury still lingers but I'm easing myself back in with one run a fortnight, it's all I can manage but even that is doing wonders for my waistline and mood.

Playing with Palettes

I got these beautiful Zoeva palettes for Christmas and they are so beautiful I don't want to make a dent in them (silly I know!) This gorgeous trio came in a set for only £48.00. Such a bargain for so many beautiful colours. My mission next month is to stop staring at them and actually dig my brushes in.

Zoeva Palettes

National Trust

We are officially National Trust members and I couldn't be more excited! Simon's Mum bought us a couples membership for Christmas and I've already read through the handbook several times plotting great adventures. So far we've only made it to Wallington in Northumberland but I'm planning on loads more trips and hopefully convincing Simon to explore some places outside of the area so please let me know all of your recommendations.  Where are your favourite National Trust sites?

National Trust Membership

Sale Haul

Although I haven't been able to blitz the sales properly this year I've been enjoying picking up a few bits for our Honeymoon.  I'm desperate to pack light so I can stuff my suitcase with loads of Sephora and Bath & Bodyworks goodies in Miami  so am on the hunt for lightweight evening wear for the cruise. I found some beautiful pieces in Oasis including this V&A print dress - I can't wait to sashay round the ship in it!

Oasis V&A Print Dress

Going La La!

My Dad introduced me to the wonderful world of the musicals at an early age. I'm a huge fan of the 1950s classics that made me so happy as a little girl and am forever searching for the modern musical to compete. I was insanely excited about La La Land arriving at cinemas and it did not let me down. A beautiful story with gorgeous costumes and tunes that got stuck in my head. I was so happy that Simon also enjoyed it - I'm very lucky to have a husband who really appreciates a well made film! We are the biggest movie geeks!

La La Land

Newcastle Loving!

In an attempt to beat the bulge I've spent quite a lot of the month power walking my way round Newcastle. Bundled up in my hat and gloves, it's so lovely to get out in the fresh air during the Winter months and there have been some beautiful days. I took this Quayside photo on a particularly cold Tuesday lunchtime and I love it. If you've never been to Newcastle make this the year you visit!

Newcastle Quayside

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  1. I got a Zoeva palette for Christmas too and I bloody love it! x
    Sophie Cliff

  2. Ooh the Caribbean how lovely. Love the lounge wear jumpers, there is something about snuggling up in January. I'm definitely with you, I hate January. I'm glad I am not the only one who got excited about National trust membership Lucy x

    1. We are so excited, I'm obsessively counting down - it's 6 weeks on Thursday!! AHHHH!

  3. My favourite National Trust site is Cragside! There's so much history there, lots to see and more beautiful walks than you can imagine. Wallington's walled garden has a special place in my heart too. Hi from the girl who works at Ikea!

    1. Ahhh hi Mirja - so lovely to put a name to a face! Thank you so much for coming to say hello when we were in Ikea - it always makes me day when people come to tell me they read the blog!

      We've not made it to Cragside yet as I think its closed at the moment, but it's definitely on our list! We're so lucky to have so many great National Trust sites here x

  4. Love the Oasis dress! Hush for loungewear? I definitely second Cragside for when it's open (via Kirkharle for a scone or cake),got to mention my local faves! I love Fountains Abbey too.

  5. There's some fab national trusts around here and we also like a one near helmsley in yorkshire small but perfectly formed place! We blogged about fountains abbey last summer too. You will definitely get lots out of your membership

  6. Hope the running has been a success so far and you've not made your injury worse, I just wish I was also heading on a cruise around the Caribbean!! Alice xxx



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