Wednesday 26 June 2013

Metro Centre Haul

As mentioned in my previous post I went on a mission to the Metro Centre at the weekend.  After months and months of being so careful with my money ready for my move I was wanting to spend big.  My main aim was to find some holiday clothes for our jaunt to Rhodes in September and also to find some more tops to go with skinny jeans.
Here’s a little selection of some of my favourite purchases:
I am LOVING statement necklaces at the moment and am finding myself drawn to the bright coloured ones.   They scream fun in the sun to me and I couldn’t help but purchase a few for the holiday. 

I was also on the eye out for a holiday bag, I wanted something really fun and bright but as I strolled round the shops looking at the pinks and yellows I couldn’t settle on a colour or find something that would go with anything.  I pack enough when I go away without needing to pack multiple bags for different outfits.  I was so excited when I stumbled across this cute little bag in Accessorize, it has a gorgeous pop of colour and is the perfect fit for my essential bits and bobs whilst I’m exploring Rhodes.

Whilst in Accessorize I was so tempted by some of their beach wear but after a little while of picking things up and putting them back I decided that the price tags weren’t really justified.  So I made a dash to my faithful friend Primark and managed to pick up a lovely coloured Kaftan with a perfectly matched beach bag for £18.

Slightly out of my comfort zone are this seasons trend of patterned trousers.  I’d been wanting to try some for ages and decided that being away in a foreign country is the perfect time to experiment with something different.  For a patterned trouser virgin I’ve certainly gone to the extreme with these!

Luckily I didn’t get too swept up in holiday fever and managed to find a few tops to go with skinny jeans.  I got these lovely sheer floral shirts from New Look, and the blouse from the sale in Oasis .. I love the collar!

I can’t get enough of River Island Molly jeggings, they are the perfect fit and I already had a pair in grey and black.  Dark blue was definitely missing from my wardrobe those so I decided to pick up a new pair.

I also finally found a pair of sandals that I love, they’ll be perfect for holiday day trips.

And lastly another Primark find that I’m very chuffed with.  They have a fantastic collection of statement necklaces at the moment and if you have the time to have a big hunt through you’ll find some gems, just like this gorgeous one which set me back only £3



  1. I'm heading to Primark this weekend to get some more statement necklaces for my hols now I've seen these!!! X

  2. Yay! Let me know what you find. Have a look in DP too they have some great bits in the sale x

  3. my favourite pics are the Oasis top and the Accessorize necklace - feel as though it's been AGES since I went shopping though - not counting the new mulberry of course... Haha!

    Hannah xx


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