Tuesday 18 March 2014

Primark Flower Tea Dress

This weekend Simon and I have been in Norfolk staying at my parent's house.  It's my birthday tomorrow so I wanted to go back to see them for an early celebration and also catch up with friends I don't get to see very often.

It was a weekend of eating far too much and lots of sitting about.   My parents have a beautiful conservatory and with a gorgeous sunny day on Sunday it was the perfect place to enjoy the warmth with my feet up enjoying some glossy magazines (I'm so far behind I'm currently reading February's issue of Marie Claire!)

As I knew the weather was going to be nice and my Dad's garden is a much better backdrop than a plain white wall in the flat back in Newcastle I decided to wear my new Primark dress on Sunday as seen in my recent haul as a few of you said you'd like to see some proper photos of it.

Apologies for the quality of the photos, not being a professional photographer I have no idea how to take good photos when the sun is out therefore they are a bit bright and my eyes are a little squinty!

The dress is my favourite purchase of the year so far, and only £8.00 so such a bargain.

It has a little zip at the side which pulls you in just the right amount to make the top part of the dress nice and fitted (I will admit I ate so much Sunday lunch I spent the 5 hour car journey back to Newcastle with the zip undone as I was growing a rather large food baby).   The bottom of the dress flares out giving it a gorgeous shape.

 The colours are so bright and pretty, being a bit of a nail varnish fan I love that I have so many colours to pick from to match the dress, if you like to leave your styling options open the amount of different colours make it fun to play with.

I've worn it twice so far and both times have teamed it with my thick super cosy Primark tights and my biker style boots but maybe as we head into even warmer weather I might have a think about what else I can do with it.

Let me know if you've got your hands on the same dress, I think it's going to be a popular one!


  1. Ahhh stop wearing that dress!! Hahaha!! I love it!! I nearly bought it a few weeks ago (I may have already mentioned this!!) but didn't and every time I see yours I feel regret!! It's gorgeous! I'm not sure it would look as good on me so perhaps it's best I didn't get it! xxx

    1. HAAAAAAAAA Sorry! Why don't you just go back and buy it? :D I only just realised that I've done two posts in a row wearing it, I promise I'll put something different on next time x

  2. I nearly bought that dress when I was on Northumberland Street the other day, but instead went for a denim skater dress that was just £5 in the sale, so impressed!
    It looks gorgeous on you, I love how you have styled the pretty flowers with the punky biker boots!

    Gems x
    Fashion, Well Done

    1. Thank you :) I'm a little obsessed with my boots now, I have them on at any opportunity. Not sure what I'll do when the weather is too warm for them :(

  3. The dress looks lovely on you x

  4. Lovely dress, and your parents' garden looks gorgeous! I do love a bargain but unfortunately, the waistline on that style of dress just doesn't flatter my shape :( Looks great on you though :)

  5. So pretty, would never have guessed it was from Primark! You look lovely :) x

    1. Thank you! I think Primark clothes are getting better and better! I tell everyone I meet how it was only £8, just such a bargain!

  6. Love that dress! Looks great on you!

  7. I truly love your floral dress, it looks very good on you :)
    Have a great Birthday! I am on 19th Feb and seems that you are on the next month same date :)
    Happy Birthday and yes I like your blog and will follow with love :)
    Much love
    Liuba x

  8. This is so cute! Can't beat Primark £8 dresses :)


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