Monday 13 October 2014

Love Niche London

Some social occasions really do require a killer outfit.  Something to impress your friends and show off your unique style.  Who doesn't want to rock into an event looking amazing in something special that no one else will be wearing?

I'm sure, like me, when you've been out battering the shops on the High Street you can feel frustrated when you can't find the perfect outfit for a wedding or party.  Left feeling hot, irritated and with achy feet, sometimes you just wish shopping was that little bit easier.

Step forward Love Niche, an independent fashion studio based in Newcastle, offering a bespoke personal styling service perfect for revamping your wardrobe or finding the perfect outfit for your event.

The studio at Love Niche is hidden away overlooking Grainger Town and is absolutely gorgeous.  This little slice of secret luxury is every woman's dream - a spacious, plush walk in wardrobe full of on trend clothes and sparkly jewellery.   The room is the perfect space to try on outfits, it's private and comfortable - a far cry from the cramped changing rooms you find on the high street.

Love Niche's designer, stylist and fashion fan, Nisha, is now getting ready to launch her new line, Love Niche London, which will be available to purchase online.  To celebrate the launch, Love Niche London invited a group of North East Bloggers to hear about the new project and have a sneaky look round the studio.

After munching on the sweets and popcorn, downing a few cocktails and chatting to Nisha about her inspiration behind Love Niche, it was time to get down to a spot of friendly competition.

Nisha set us the task of hunting through the rails to put together an outfit to best reflect our personal style.  Love Niche London brings together the best of high street fashion at affordable prices and every piece is "hand picked with love" by Nisha and her team so there was plenty to choose from.

Now I love watching TLC's Shopaholic Showdown and from the comfort of my sofa have often thought I'd quite fancy giving it a go myself as it looks so fun.  However when faced with the reality of putting together something amazing under time pressure and in competition with talented fashion bloggers, it was actually slightly nerve wracking. 

After a lot of hunting around I finally settled on a rather safe blue jumpsuit with gorgeous gold buttons.  Changing in to my outfit I was very happy with my choice.  It was a beautiful fit and having recently struggled to find a flattering jumpsuit on the high street I was impressed by how great it looked.

I teamed it up with a colourful chunky statement necklace and Nisha picked me out some lovely pink and grey heels to finish off the outfit.

I then spent the rest of the evening refusing to take off my gorgeous outfit as it was so cool and comfortable to wear and I was secretly hoping I might win and get to take it home.  Unfortunately it wasn't meant to be and the best outfit of the night went to Tasha of Hello Freckles.  Make sure you keep an eye on her blog to see the winning outfit.


All was not lost though as Nisha very generously gifted us all with a lovely sparkly bracelet.

I had a fantastic time and would really recommend getting in touch with Love Niche if you are interested in revamping your wardrobe, discovering your style or if you are on the hunt for an amazing new outfit.   The studio also hosts Style Parties which would be perfect if you are looking for something different to do for a birthday or hen do. You can contact Nisha and her team here

Keep an eye out for the launch of Love Niche London later this month when the website goes live and you can shop away till your heart's content.


  1. What a cuteshop :) Love your outfit, especially the blingy necklace. I wish there were some places like this down where I live though! x

  2. It was a really fun event :) such a giggle! Great write up :) xx

  3. Ah man, you look awesome! Great post :)

  4. Looking fabulous! Maybe Simon will treat you to your new outfit as an early Christmas present? 😉

    Chloe x

  5. What a great shop, the blue jumpsuit is georgeous really pretty and love the statement necklace. I hope you made a mental note for christmas presents for yourself Lucy x

  6. That shop looks beautiful. I'm terrible at shopping and often go to the Debenhams personal stylist to help me pick outfits. I love that jumpsuit, I wish I was brave enough to wear something like that out and about. I always stick to dresses or tops and trousers so I'm going to put Love Niche on my list to visit the next time I'm over in Newcastle.

  7. Love this, looks like a lovely place and that jumpsuit looks fab on you! Good choice! :)
    How lovely to have been gifted with a bracelet also!



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