Wednesday 17 June 2015

The True Value of a Mum

Today I'm talking about Mums, or "Mams" if you're from up here in the North East.  Legal and General have recently done some research to find out how much the average Mum is worth and, through her unpaid (and often thankless) role looking after her family and home, the figure is £31,627!

Appreciating the true value of your Mum is something that I think comes with age.  Having spent your youth treating her like an unpaid maid and your teenage years shouting at her, you enter adulthood with a sudden realisation that your Mum is someone that has always looked out for you and supported you no matter what.

A friend for life, there's nothing better than catching up with your Mum over a cup of tea or a glass of wine, and if you ever find yourself with a problem that you just can't solve Mum is the person you can go to for advice.   If I find myself struggling with making a decision about what to do in my life whether it be relationships or career, my Mum is always on hand with some wise words.

Mum plays an important role in keeping family traditions, passing on skills that she has learnt from her own Mother.   I'm not the best in the kitchen but the few meals that I can just about manage have all been dishes that my Mum has taught me.

Shaping the future generations, the adults that we become are thanks to Mum.   Although in some ways I'm very different from my Mum, things that she has taught me over the years will stay with me forever.   Struggling with confidence, I will always appreciate how my Mum told me how to "fake it", if I ever walk into a room of strangers and find myself panicking I think of what she has taught me and it makes me feel stronger.

So as I sit here on a Sunday evening, about to ring my Mum and ask her if we can still eat the chicken that's been in the freezer for a stupidly long time, I've come to realise that, really, I can't put a price tag on my Mum, she's just too important!

What do you think is the true value of a Mum?


  1. My Mam is a diamond and one of my best friends, I'd never be without her! Lovely post!

    Kay xx

  2. Ah - My mam is a diamond too. I do find it strange that I am not like her in so many ways though. She is an absolute clean-a-holic where as I'm more chilled!

    1. It's funny, I am SO different from my Mum yet every day I find myself saying more and more of her sayings and when I look in the mirror she's staring right back at me .. now I'm getting a little older I see her in me every day!

  3. I think the role of Mum should be the most paid role in the world. They have so much stress & worrying to do over all of us! I'm taking mine away on holiday this weekend as a little thank you but I don't think I could ever pay her back for everything she's ever done to me!

    That Adventurer

  4. £31, that it? Mine's worth a million times more that! The amount of stress I put her through when I forget to text her when I've arrived somewhere is awful. **must text Mam**. My Mam and I are so similar, my family always tell me I'm exactly like her when she was my age. Which is a good thing. I'd love to turn out like my Mam.

    Katie x

  5. Being a mum is a bit of a thankless task, they put everyone first and no one really values them till they are not around. Make sure you appreciate them you never know when they will be gone Lucy x

    1. Very wise words ... it's sad that we never appreciate what we have until it's gone xx


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