Thursday 31 December 2015

December Days

I'm sure it comes as no surprise that my Instagram was looking more than a little festive this month.  Christmas is definitely my favourite time of the year and I've had such a great time this month celebrating with friends and family.

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree

Our first Christmas in our new home and I was so excited to get our tree up.  We still have the same tree we had in our flat last year but I have to say it fits so much better in our new place.  I love its snug little corner by the window and returning home in the evening to see it's twinkling lights made me one very happy bunny.

Wipe your Feet

Simon's Mum bought us this awesome festive mat when she came to visit us recently. I don't think she quite expected the over enthusiastic reaction she got from me!  I absolutely love it and am already sad at the thought of having to put it away now Christmas has gone.

Car Selfies

Does anyone else love taking selfies in the car?  I'm sure Simon must think I'm a little mad when he's trying to drive and I'm sat next to him snapping away like some kind of selfie obsessed teen.  This one was taken on our journey to Norfolk to see my family for a pre-Christmas celebration. It's a 5 hour drive from Newcastle to Norwich so I have to do something to amuse myself!

Christmas Shopping ... for myself!

I had a day off this month to get my Christmas shop finished.  Don't ask me how but I somehow ended up browsing around Kiko for makeup and looking at the clothes in New Look.  It's pretty obvious I wasn't going to find presents for Simon in either of those stores, but I did find myself this gorgeous denim dress that I had to buy.  Check out the gold buttons, I'm obsessed!  In my defence I haven't bought any clothes for ages and I have been looking for the perfect denim dress for months now!

Finding my Appetite

I'm a little obsessed with local foodie mag Appetite. Its published 8 times a year and is available at local independent restaurants, cafes and delis.  Some issues can be particularly hard to track down and you can quite often find me frantically running about the North East trying to find the latest copy.  This month I was over the moon to find one only a few days after it came out at Quilliam Brothers Tea House where I enjoyed a festive pot of "A Stollen Moment" and the most delicious brunch.

Christmas Movies

Every year I find all of my Christmas DVDs and put them into a huge pile next to the TV ready to watch.  They usually then sit there for the entire month with me barely making a dent in my collection.  This year I added a sneaky guilty pleasure to the pile (Chalet Girl) which made me even more determined to get through them.

Christmas Jumper Day

Isn't it funny that a few years ago the only place you could buy Christmas jumpers was online (I know this because I spent years looking!), now they're everywhere.  I have to stop myself buying too many because unfortunately it's just not practical to have a wardrobe full of festive knits. I was so happy to pull out one of my favourites for Christmas Jumper Day.  I bought this a few years ago now and it always makes me smile.

Pink Skies on Northumberland Street

Despite the high winds and days of rain we've had some beautiful mornings this month. Getting up early for work and walking through the city before the shops are even open is definitely worth it when you get to see beautiful skies like this. This gorgeous pink morning happened on Northumberland Street, Newcastle's busiest shopping street.

A Sneaky Peak

Anyone already following me on Instagram will have noticed I posted a little sneaky peak at our wedding stationery.  I'm keeping the location top secret but I couldn't resist sharing our gorgeous Save the Dates when they arrived just before Christmas. It definitely gives a little hint to the theme of our wedding.  Less than 9 months to go!

Christmas Chillin'

I caught an awful cold a few days before Christmas and felt pretty horrendous for a few days. A definite sign that my body was telling me to stop I think.  Luckily I'm off work now until 4 January so there's plenty of time to recharge my batters whilst lounging about in my Primark Christmas leggings and eating too many chocolates.  You can read more about our Christmas here.

Little Miss Blogger

One Christmas present I just have to share with you is my brand new mug for the office. Simon got me this really cute "Little Miss Blogger" mug and I now insist on having it by my side when I'm blogging.  It's the little things!  If you want one of your own just head to Truffle Shuffle, or if you're not Little Miss Blogger, you can also get Little Miss Brunch, Little Miss Selfie, Little Miss Social Media and Little Miss Hungover.  Love it!

Wow, that was a busy month, and that's just a little snippet!  For more adventures from New Girl in Toon make sure you're following me on Instagram!


  1. Love the Little Miss Blogger Mug :)

  2. I'm such a car selfie person too - my other half always laughs at me cracking out the camera when we're travelling around!

    Emma |

    1. I bet the other motorists must think we're hilarious!

  3. Replies
    1. I am ashamed to say that we only watched two Christmas films! I have managed to clear the Sky Box though, we had 7% left and we now have 50%!

  4. I love the Christmas jumpers and PJs - so lovely!

    Lizzie Dripping

    1. Thank you :) Really upset I have to put them both away in the Christmas cupboard tomorrow!

  5. Love the desk lights and mug, I think I saw thrm in Debenhams too :) As I don't drink tea or coffee I just have to buy nice mugs for other people haha

    Ami x

    1. Thanks! I bought Simon some Marvel desk lights for his side of the office, as he was laughing at my lights .. he's yet to put them up!

  6. Such a lovely idea to have a post about your month! Especially with some many lovely memories. That little miss blogger mug is seriously cute - may have to treat myself to one of those x

    1. Thanks :) I realised that sometimes my personality is a little bit lost amongst the food reviews and general waffle .. it's nice to share fun stories of day to day life x

  7. I love this selection of festive photos - particularly your door mat and that gorgeous denim dress. Also I think I need that mug! I really like these types of posts, it's so nice to just see what you've been up to (and maybe I'm a bit nosey too!)

    Hope you've had a lovely start to 2016 xx

    1. I still haven't quite brought myself to put away the Christmas mat yet, although everything else is beginning to creep it's way into the Christmas box ready for next year .. the tree is coming down tomorrow :(

  8. Such a lovely post, happy new year Chloe, I look forward to reading your posts in 2016!

  9. Love the mug so perfect. Sounds like you had the perfect lead up to the big day, I love your welcome matt too. Lucy x

  10. Hope you had a fab xmas. I don't own a christmas jumper but did think about buying one in the sales x

  11. Hope you had a fab xmas. I don't own a christmas jumper but did think about buying one in the sales x


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