Thursday 7 January 2016

2015 North East Foodie Awards

You may remember that last year I created the North East Foodie Awards where I hosted my own little awards ceremony of the best restaurants in Newcastle. Remind yourself of the 2014 winners and get ready to start feeling a little hungry (you can forget the New Years diet right now!) as I list the best restaurants in Newcastle in 2015.

Best Afternoon Tea in Newcastle

Winner: Jesmond Dene House

No surprises here, they won last year and we are yet to find an afternoon tea in the Toon that is as fine as this one. Faultless service, delicious food and a wonderful atmosphere that keeps us going back time and time again.  If you're looking for the best afternoon tea in Newcastle it has to be Jesmond Dene House.

Runner Up: Six at the Baltic

It's hard to find great afternoon tea in the city centre's hotels but luckily, if you know where to look, there are a few other places that know how to create a great cake stand.  Six has been one of my "go to" destinations for afternoon tea for years now and it never fails to disappoint.

Last Year's Winner: Jesmond Dene House

Best Cake Date in Newcastle

Winner: Teasy Does It, Heaton

I spent the most wonderful afternoon in Teasy Does It back in the Autumn. Not only are the cakes homemade but the lovely ladies that run the tea room are an absolute joy to chat to and folks like them are the exact reason I love living in the North East. 

Runner Up: Mog on The Tyne

With cakes created by the ladies at Pet Lamb Patisserie, Newcastle's cat café is a great place for a cake date - just as long as you don't mind sharing your sweet treats with some furry friends.

Last Year's Winner: The Oak Café at Barker and Stonehouse

Best Breakfast in Newcastle

Winner: The Butterfly Cabinet, Heaton

We've tried quite a few different places for breakfast in Newcastle over the last 12 months so this was a difficult one to pick.  The Butterfly Cabinet has been popular for many years but the never ending queue meant that we didn't get round to visiting until 2015.  If you're not up early enough to beat the line then rest assured the wait is worth it for the largest breakfast menu in Newcastle.

Runner Up: Café Royal

Café Royal have the perfect breakfast menu for starting your day the right way. With plenty of options and a beautiful place to eat and people watch!

Last Year's Winner: Tyneside Bar and Cinema

Best Lunch in Newcastle

Winner: Sohe, Jesmond

The success of my Grab and Go Lunches blog earlier in the year made me realise how much people in Newcastle love a good sandwich.  But come the weekends there's nothing better than taking some time out and enjoying a long and leisurely lunch.  We made our first trip to Sohe in Jesmond in 2015 and I will admit it was something pretty different for us, but wow was I converted! A fantastic restaurant with friendly staff and delicious food.

Runner Up: The Naked Deli, Chillingham Road

The Naked Deli were a very very close second when it came to the best lunch in Newcastle! Whoever thought eating healthy could be so good!  Rumours are pretty strong that they'll be opening a much needed second deli in Gosforth soon.

Last Year's Winner: Sloppy Joe's

Best North East Newbie

Winner: Fenwick's Food Hall

Strictly speaking, the Fenwick's Food Hall was not a 2015 newbie however, the very impressive makeover has turned the Food Hall into something new and very exciting. Once you're done browsing the shelves for delicious local produce there's some new restaurants to try including Mason + Rye for huge slabs of cake and Fuego for an indulgent lunch.

Runner Up: Bryon  Burger

Byron Burger silenced any critics in 2015 with every reviewer in Newcastle giving it a massive thumbs up!  We can all be a little suspicious of chain restaurants but Byron has proved itself to be a welcome addition to the Toon and we've enjoyed more than our fair share of burgers there since its opening.

Last Year's Winner: St Mary's Inn

Best Restaurant in Newcastle

Winner: Gusto

A hugely important part of Newcastle's food scene for many years, I've spent a fair bit of 2015 enjoying the great food in Gusto. The menu is updated seasonally and never fails to impress.  The staff are not only knowledgeable but also very friendly and attentive, making Gusto the place to impress on a special occasion or somewhere warm and cosy to return to time and time again.

Runner Up: The Botanist

With a fully booked restaurant, tipples and tunes in the bar and Newcastle's only roof garden it's no wonder that the Botanist has had such a successful first year in the Toon. With so much going on and a huge cocktail menu I'm pretty sure I'll be spending quite a bit of 2016 chilling out under the bar's huge indoor tree.

Last Year's Winner: Bonbar

I don't know about you but looking back through all my foodie highlights of 2015 has made me very excited at what 2016 will bring to Newcastle!


  1. Well, all of these places look absolutely delicious! I really like the sound of the naked deli (even though it didn't win!).. I think I need to visit Newcastle some time xx

    Sam // Samantha Betteridge

  2. Oh I agree with a lot of your places - esp JDH for afternoon tea and Fenwick food hall. I'll have to visit The Butterfly Cabinet as you're right, everyone RAVES about it.

    1. Just do what we did and pick a time when the students have gone home for the holidays ;)

  3. I absolutely love this idea! And I agree with Gusto winning best restaurant in Newcastle. I love it there.

    Katie x

    1. Definitely! I have to stop myself going for dinner there every night!

  4. Just read your awards Blog - We are thrilled to be up there as one of your top places :) Thank you so much (Lesley and Kairen) and the girls from Teasy Does It:) much much appreciated. When we reopen on 16th Jan I am sure it wont be long til we bake up a sticky toffee pudding cake (which I know you loved:) Take care, hope you had a wonderful festive break. Lesley

    1. You are so so so welcome, you know I love you guys! We will be back in ASAP!

  5. Some good foodie inspiration for future dinner dates out! I absolutely love The Butterfly Cabinet - it's just a drive for us to get there now as we live South of the river. I must admit, I'm not a huge fan of Byron - it's SO EXPENSIVE! Fat Hippo Underground wins every time for me :-)
    💙 JH

    1. It is a little expensive, Simon LOVES it, he's been more times than me! It does make me happy when people say they prefer Hippo, always good to stick by the local independents x

  6. I was wondering who owned the Gusto chain, turns out it's Living Ventures, the same lot that do The Botanist. You're clearly a fan of their work!

    1. With Gusto having been around for so long and Botanist only just opening I always forget that - they're so different! I hear whispers there may be another Living Ventures venue opening this year!

  7. These are some places ive wanted to go to for a while now, especially Sohe and Byron, I'll have to visit them now! The Great British Cupcakery looks very good for afternoon tea, I bought some gift vouchers for Christmas but think we'll wait to enjoy them a bit later in the year as we're still full from Christmas...

    Great post, I really enjoyed reading it, you always have so many ideas for posts :)

    Ami x

    1. Ah yes, Great British Cupcakery do an amazing afternoon tea, just wear elasticated trousers, they really do give you huge slabs of cake! Definitely not good for the diet!

  8. Lots of places I haven't tried here so plenty of food for thought!! I'm hungry now though :(

    Kay xx

  9. Aw this is so lovely! And mega handy for visiting the area :)

  10. Can't begin to tell you how hungry this has made me!


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