Wednesday 31 August 2016

His n Hers Office

We've been in our house for a year now and I've been meaning to take you on a tour for many months but life (aka the wedding) has kind of got in the way! So to make up for it I've decided to give you a little glimpse into our favourite room in the house and hopefully give you a bit of inspiration if you currently have a spare room that's looking a bit unloved.

Going from a flat to a three bedroom house was the most amazing feeling although at times we felt a little lost. Spending hours surfing around for inspiration from staircase ideas to kitchen storage solutions, suddenly having so much more room was a bit overwhelming.

We knew that we wanted to turn the smallest of the three bedrooms into a space that we could both enjoy together and in the end decided to use the space as a "his n hers office", somewhere we could relax in the evenings together but still enjoy our individual hobbies. Although our spare room is pretty small we've managed to fit a desk on either side of the room meaning we each have our own space to make our own.

The office is more or less split directly down the middle so that Simon has a side and I have a side. It's the only room in our house where we've let ourselves go a little crazy and decorate it however we like to make it our corner our own.

For my side of the room I decided to create myself a comfortable little hideaway for blogging. I spent many hours looking at Pinterest for office ideas and found so much inspiration and furniture hacks to utilise my space. In our rented flat I used to have blog with my laptop balanced on my knees which really wasn't ideal so I loved finally being able to have a desk of my own.

Simon wanted his space as somewhere he could study as well as a relaxing room for gaming. Simon loves his tech so was very happy to have the extra desk space to fit two monitors.

Simon's side of the room is dedicated to his love of all things geeky so he has a collection of figures from games, TV and movies decorating his shelves.

Simon and I spent ages in the home office department of Ikea where there was a huge range of desks and furniture to choose from. We wanted to make sure that the room didn't cost too much to furnish and had a pretty strict budget to stick to.

I went for the Hemnes desk which has plenty of room for my Mac and screen as well as having drawers and a cupboard for additional storage space. We also fitted a shelf to run above the desk which I have decorated in prints from My Little Box, fairy lights from Primark and hanging instant photos.  Simon struggled to find a desk that he loved so took advantage of the mix and match table tops and legs to create his own.

Even though we wanted to both put our own stamp on our side of the room I was keen to make sure that furniture matched so we each have a Kallax shelving unit which we've customised using the wide range of coloured box inserts (perfect for storage and hiding large amounts of junk!). I've gone for pretty pinks and whites and Simon has used grey with the top of his shelf being dedicated to his love for Pop figures and models.

To help keep my area organised I've invested in a white board for my "to do list", a couple of magazine racks and a desk organiser.

We love our new space and it's become our favourite house in the room. We love that we have somewhere to relax together in the evenings despite our different hobbies.

With only one room in the house left to decorate I'm taking a break and going back to obsessively looking at for staircase ideas (I really love the idea of fitting a spiral staircase one day!)

Let me know if you have your own home office and how you've decorated it.



  1. That's really cute. I like the peg line photos you've got! We have an office but it's currently the 'messy room' and half of it is Lena's nursery too, not that she ever uses it as she sleeps with me. I never get time to use it anyway but we have a pretty rad filing system at least. I'd love to be able to work at a desk but 95% of my blogging has to be done on my iPhone at the moment with the baby, it's pretty restrictive!

  2. I am well jel of your office although I much prefer your side to Simon's :D

  3. I know this might sound crazy, but I totally prefer Simon's side :D Mainly because my home office is my actual office 3 days out of 5... so I have 2 monitors - one for emails, another for the rest. And I am a geek, so memorabilia... and I strangely like my desk to be as empty as possible. Different people! :) (if you ever decide you want to expand desk space, I have my desk mounted to the Kallax unit).

  4. The peg line is so lovely.

  5. I would also love a spiral staircase too! Maybe maybe if we get the house we want I just might! Love the idea of your his n hers office! Your side is definitely prettier! ;) Alice xx


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