Thursday 30 August 2018

A Family Day Trip to Whitehouse Farm, Northumberland

* This is a collaboration with Whitehouse Farm, Northumberland

No one would ever describe Simon and I as "cool" - we're big dorks who spend our time obsessively talking about the North East (me) or chatting to our friends on Xbox Live (him) - we don't care much about fashion, wouldn't have a clue how to dab or floss and can't sing along to any current tune on the radio - so when we set out to impress our Niece and Nephew with a day out in the North East, we knew we were going to struggle! Luckily Whitehouse Farm came to our rescue!

A Family Day Trip to Whitehouse Farm, Northumberland
When I think back to my childhood, my favourite relatives were those that took us out on amazing day trips - my affections easily bought, I favoured those who knew about the best playgrounds, bought me ice-creams and let me do things my parents wouldn't allow. With no kids of our own, Simon and I are desperate to be the cool Aunt and Uncle to Sienna (7) and Niall (3) and welcoming them to our home in the North East for the first time the pressure was on!

I'd been wanting to visit Whitehouse Farm for a while but wasn't too sure if it was something Simon and I could do as a couple without any children so the arrival of Sienna and Niall gave us the perfect chance to explore the farm for the first time whilst scoring those all important cool adult points that we so desperately wanted.

Family Day Trip to Whitehouse Farm, Northumberland

Whitehouse Farm is Northumberland's largest family run farm attraction, a few miles from Morpeth, the farm boasts an array of cute cuddly animals and mini beasts as well as plenty to keep the kids entertained including go karts, an adventure playground and soft play. It sounded perfect for our family day trip!

Family Day Trip to Whitehouse Farm, Northumberland

When we arrived at the entrance to Whitehouse Farm we were given a map and information sheet with all of the timings for activities that were on during our day, realising we would just make the calf bottle feeding we managed to dash to the shed just in time for the kids to have a go feeding the adorable jersey calves before they finished their milk.

There were two calves to bottle feed and both were greedily slurping their way through giant bottles of warm milk. There was plenty of opportunity for the kids to get involved and the lady in the shed was so knowledgable about life on a farm and Jersey cows so we got to ask her loads of questions.

Family Day Trip Whitehouse Farm, Northumberland

With the bottles drained of milk it was time to move across to the pig shed to say hello to the adorable piglets that had been born at Whitehouse Farm only a week ago. I just couldn't get over how tiny they were. All snuggled up under the heat lamp, there were loads of squealing little piggies with perfect little snouts and the most beautiful markings that we all had a coo over. I immediately decided to add "piglet" to my pet wish list.

Family Trip to Whitehouse Farm, Northumberland

Dashing out of the shed into the sunshine, it wasn't long before Niall and Sienna spotted a very odd looking tent in the middle of a small paddock - with a washing line full of clothes and socks, and even an outside loo. It looked like someone had set up camp in the middle of the farm!

Deciding to take a peak inside we let the kids go first and they couldn't believe their eyes when they peered through the canvas doorway only to be met by Santa and his Elf who were enjoying their Summer holidays in Northumberland. The kids were completely stunned as they took their seats and chatted to Santa. He checked his naughty book to see if they'd been good so far and they even got to submit their present requests early.

Trip to Whitehouse Farm, Northumberland

Their visit finished with a lolly each and a promise to Santa that they'd be good for the next four months before his visit (can you believe that Christmas is only four months away!)

With the kids hyper after meeting the main man we decided they probably needed to burn off some energy so we headed off for a play. There are so many fantastic areas at Whitehouse Farm for kids to let off steam. Bouncy Castles, Trampolines, Soft Play and an Adventure Playground. Niall and Sienna were particularly taken with the little pedal tractors in the courtyard and enjoyed racing each other round whilst the adults chatted in the beautiful Northumbrian sunshine.

Whitehouse Farm, Northumberland

Luckily for us the pedal tractors were just outside The Whitehouse Farm Kitchen so it was easy to coax the kids indoors for some food, it was gone lunchtime and we were beginning to feel very hungry. The Kitchen serve hot and light lunches as well as catering for breakfast, morning coffees and cream teas. We were overwhelmed with the amount of choices we had and I was so impressed that the food is all freshly prepared using locally sourced ingredients.

The adults all ordered sandwiches which came in giant soft rolls with a generous helping of filling and a side of salad (from £2.80) and if you're feeling a little naughty like my husband you can skip the salad and have some chips instead (don't worry, I did help myself to some off his plate!) The kids both opted for a picnic bag - filling a paper bag each with four items each from an impressive selection of mini rolls, crisps, fruit and chocolate bars (from £3.95)

With our tummies satisfied if was time for another adventure and with Sienna announcing that owls are her favourite animals we decided to head off for the Meet The Owls activity. I had thought that we'd just be listening to a few facts about them so I was thrilled when we realised that we'd actually get the opportunity to hold a couple of them.

Whitehouse Farm, Northumberland - Owls
Sienna was over the moon when she got to put on a glove and Smoky, the huge Great Grey Owl flew over and perched on her arm. It wasn't long before there was queue of kids all wanting a go themselves and as I was happily snapping away at the beautiful bird I noticed my husband in the queue wanting a go.

Not wanting to be left out I decided that I wanted to hold Smoky as well and it was such a lovely moment. I've never held an owl before and I so surprised at how light he was - I couldn't believe such a beautiful bird was perched on my arm and I enjoyed a happy few moments with him before he flew back to his perch.

Whitehouse Farm, Northumberland - Meet The Owls

Whitehouse Farm, Northumberland - Meet The Owl
The big Great Grey Owl can be a little bit scary for some of the smaller children so once Smoky had had enough it was time to meet Boo Boo, a very cute little Boobook Owl. Niall decided that he was brave enough to have a go so put on a children's glove ready to meet Boo Boo. He was a little nervous when the owl flew over to him and for a second did almost run away but with a bit of gentle encouragement from the owl lady he managed to stand still for a photo and the look on his face afterwards was just amazing - we were all so proud of him for being so brave.

Niall managed to conquer a few of his fears during our visit to Whitehouse Farm and after spending most of the day being very nervous of the goats his Uncle Simon managed to teach him how to get the animals to feed out of the palm of his hand which he loved so much he kept going back for more.

Whitehouse Farm, Northumberland - Goats

Next on the agenda was a tractor ride around the farm and we all climbed enthusiastically onto the back of the trailer. Somehow Auntie Chloe managed to get the very back seat and after being warned that it was the bumpiest seat we were off! Clinging on to the back we bumped our way over the field for a short drive around and a quick hello to the cows grazing in the field.

Whitehouse Farm, Northumberland - Tractor Ride

Once we'd returned to the farm we were very happy to discover that we would all be able to sit in the tractor for photographs after our ride. The kids all lined up to have a go and once the queue was gone I couldn't resist sliding into the seat for my own photograph. It's funny how a few hours at Whitehouse Farm and I really had rediscovered my inner child and wasn't ashamed to show it.

Realising it was close to closing time and there was still plenty we hadn't done we had to choose what we'd do for our final activity of the day and decided some competitive family fun on the Go-Karts would be a perfect way to finish our adventure.

Whitehouse Farm, Northumberland - Go Karts

The Go-Kart track is open to everyone to have a go and we loved that the adults could get involved as well and Simon and his brother Mark loved racing each other round the track like big kids and Niall and Sienna were over the moon that everyone was getting involved.

Whitehouse Farm, Northumberland - Go Kart

Niall was too little to pedal his own Go-Kart but he definitely had the best deal as he got to be driven round the track by Daddy who looked pretty exhausted manoeuvring the kart round the track whilst Niall sat back and enjoyed the countryside.  Such a brilliant end to the day, although I think the adults were a little worried that they may be feeling a little sore in the morning.

Whitehouse Farm, Northumberland - Go Karting

Whitehouse Farm closed at 5:00 pm and we couldn't believe that our six hour visit had passed so fast and we hadn't managed to get round everything. We had been having so much fun we'd completely lost track of the time and the whole day had just vanished in a blur.

Whitehouse Farm, Northumberland - Bouncy Castle
As we headed out of the gates to return to the cars my Niece Sienna tapped me on the arm and said some very magic words to me - "Auntie Chloe, this is the best farm I have ever been to!" - I think we all know that kids are the most honest critics so to hear her say that made me so so happy! Something tells me that the children will be talking about  how they visited Uncle Simon and Auntie Chloe and got to hold an owl and ride in a tractor for some time to come.

Thank you Whitehouse Farm for helping us to become the cool Aunt and Uncle that we've always wanted to be!

Whitehouse Farm, Northumberland - Day Trip

We enjoyed a complimentary day at Whitehouse Farm in exchange for this honest review.


  1. So pleased you had a lush day. Whitehouse Farm is a firm favourite with us too x

    1. What a special place! And I'm so glad that we've now been and know that we'd feel comfortable going as a couple without any children - I can't wait to go back at Easter and see the baby animals!

  2. Oh I love Whitehouse Farm! We haven’t been there in so long & it looks like you had a gorgeous day for it! Xx

    1. We loved it, I'll definitely be going back .. without the kids!


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