Thursday 13 September 2018

Huts in the Hills, Northumberland - Luxury Glamping in the Cheviots

* This is a collaboration with Huts in the Hills

Simon and I have become quite the Northumberland explorers over the last few months and what better way to end our Summer of adventure than with a night glamping in the Cheviots with Huts in the Hills, a small collection of luxurious huts in one of the most beautiful locations in Northumberland.

The Cheviots have been on my "must visit" list for a while now and as one of the parts of Northumberland that we were yet to explore, an opportunity to experience some of the most beautiful views in the county sounded like a pretty great way to spend a Sunday. Confessions out of the way first, before our visit I had no idea that I'd been walking around saying "Cheviots" completely wrong (thanks to all my followers on Instagram for putting me right!)

Huts in the Hills, Northumberland - Luxury Glamping in the Cheviots

Huts in the Hills are very new to the Northumberland glamping scene, so new in fact that they've only been open for a few weeks so we felt very lucky when they invited us to stay over for the night - we would be one of the very first couples to experience their brand new luxury huts - what a treat!

You'll find Huts in the Hills on a working farm in Prendwick, on the edge of the Northumberland National Park. A stone's throw from the beautiful Cheviot Hills and the stunning moorlands of Simonside, if you love your staycations with breathtaking scenery then this really is the ideal location for you and it's the perfect spot to explore Northumberland's very best parts.

Huts in the Hills is a very small and exclusive glamping site with three specially designed huts to choose from. The largest hut, The Cheviot, sleeps a family of four with a large King Size bed and separate room with bunk beds (and a climbing wall!) for the children and the two smaller huts, Dunmore and Hedgehope sleep two.

Huts in the Hills, Northumberland - Cheviots


We arrived at Huts in the Hills bang on our 3:00 pm check in time and after a nice easy drive with no dramas (our SatNav directed us straight to the farm) we met owner Nicola who directed us to our hut.

Driving through the farm and out to the fields we followed the signs for the huts and were so surprised at how spaced out they were. Each hut sits in its own paddock surrounded by ample amounts of space with no chance of seeing your neighbours, perfect for a relaxing break!

Huts in the Hills, Northumberland - Luxury Glamping in the Cheviots Hedgehope

Our home for the night was Hedgehope, my favourite of the three huts, with her beautiful green pitch pine exterior making her truly stand out from the crowd.

Stopping the car in our own private space right next to the hut we rushed out for a proper look, completely forgetting about the high winds and cold rain, nothing really matters when you have something so beautiful to admire.

I think I'll just move in now please!

Huts in the Hills, Northumberland - Luxury Glamping
When we'd eventually stopped mooning over the outside we scooped up our luggage from the car and opened the doors to Hedgehope for our first look inside our luxury hut and we were over the moon to discover the most perfect cosy hideaway, the ideal place to shut ourselves away from the horrible weather outside.

Huts in the Hills, Northumberland Luxury Glamping

The living space in Hedgehope was perfectly furnished with so many features it was hard to believe so much could fit into such a small space.

Our fully functioning kitchen came complete with sink, gas oven, fridge and all of the utensils we could possibly need and our bathroom had a flushing toilet and shower and even came with the added luxuries of toiletries, fluffy towels and dressing gowns! I've stayed in hotels that are no where near as fancy as our beautiful hut.

Our bed for the night was kingsized with Egyptian cotton sheets, squishy pillows and extra blankets - the perfect place for us to chill out and the cute bunting above the bed really gave our hut a cosy feel.

Huts in the Hills, Northumberland Luxury Glamping - Bed
Perhaps the cleverest feature of Hedgehop was the wooden bench and chairs that pulled out from under the bed. The solid oak table was perfect for dining and also, quite handily, doubled up as a nice sturdy step up to our bed. Genius!

We had everything we could possibly need to make our stay really luxurious and comfortable including a power point to charge our phone, lights and even a massive cupboard to stash our luggage.

I honestly don't think I could ever try normal camping after being so spoilt, why go camping when you can go luxury glamping?

Huts in the Hills, Northumberland Luxury Glamping - Hedgehope Bed

Glamping in the Rain

It's important to remember when you're planning a glamping adventure that the weather in the UK isn't always terribly kind so booking yourself a stay somewhere that works just as well in the cold and wet as in the beautiful sunshine is a must and Huts in the Hills is the kind of glamping that you can enjoy whatever the weather.

Sure, it's nice to be able to sunbathe outside, skip about in the sunshine enjoying the views, and light a camp fire but the reality of a staycation is expect the unexpected and if you're wanting to book yourself a glamping trip but are worried about the weather, Huts in the Hills is a great find!

Huts in the Hills, Northumberland Luxury Glamping - Hedgehope Hut

It didn't bother us at all that it was too wet to go outside as it was so lovely snuggling away just us in our cosy hut for two. There is something so romantic about being warm and dry inside listening to the rain fall on the window and as soon as we had got the wood burner going our cabin was so toasty we decided to just shut ourselves away for the night.

Huts in the Hills, Northumberland Luxury Glamping - Window Seat
Hedgehope had loads of hidden extras to keep our rainy evening busy and it wasn't long before we were fully invested in a competitive afternoon of board games thanks to the small stash of games we found in our hut.  Taking a few hours out to enjoy a board game is a luxury you very rarely get in modern life so sitting about drinking cider and arguing over Monopoly and Bananagrams felt pretty special.

A shelf of books and some of my favourite magazines gave me the perfect excuse to pile up the cushions and rug on the bed to create my own little reading corner by the window and I tell you there's no better way to spend the evening than indulging in a book, something I very rarely get a chance to do.

Huts in the Hills, Northumberland Luxury Glamping - Reading Corner

Food from the Farm 

As a huge fan of delicious homemade food, Huts in the Hills was a bit of a dream come true with plenty of tasty treats on offer delivered straight from the farm kitchen to our hut As well as a welcome pack of coffee, tea, milk, butter and a huge loaf of fresh bread we were thrilled to discover a dish of homemade cakes waiting for us in our hut.

The very indulgent slabs of Brownie and Caramel Shortcake went down a treat and we'd demolished them before we'd even finished unpacking our bags.  They were just too good to resist.

Huts in the Hills, Northumberland Luxury Glamping - Cake

As we are pretty lazy when we go on staycation we decided not to bother making our own food and ordered our meals in advance of our stay. Huts in the Hills prepare a variety of dishes on the farm using local ingredients (including freshly laid eggs from their very own hens) with a choice of ten meals to pick from that can be booked in advance ready for your arrival.  We opted for the Macaroni Cheese (£10.00) which we found sitting in our fridge ready for us to eat whenever we fancied it.

It was a while before we were ready for our dinner (over indulging in cakes will do that to you!) but when we finally got hungry and decided to turn on our little oven we discovered that one of the knobs was broken. After failing to fix it we found a list of contact numbers in our welcome book and text Nicola to let her know. We felt pretty bad about interrupting her evening but she was so helpful and within minutes had sent her other half down to fix the problem for us.

It wasn't long before we were in full working order and set to work preparing our food. Our dish of mac n cheese was absolutely huge, and with a very generous portion of garlic bread and salad to go with it we couldn't quite manage to finish it and rolled ourselves in the direction of bed with very happy tummies.

Huts in the Hills, Northumberland Luxury Glamping - Mac n Cheese

You'd think after indulging in all of that food we wouldn't be feeling hungry again for a while but breakfast the next morning was a full on food affair! Breakfast can also be ordered from the farm for £25.00 for two people for two days and we ordered the Ocean Basket - Smoked salmon, egg, pastries and conserves.

Served with a thick slice of toast lovingly created from our fresh loaf we enjoyed the greatest start to the day with scrambled eggs, smoked salmon, croissants and greedy amounts of jam - all washed down with a nice hot cup of coffee.

Huts in the Hills, Northumberland Luxury Glamping - Farm Food
Bath Time

There was one thing I had to do before leaving Huts in the Hills and that was to enjoy a soak in the stunning antique French iron bath outside our hut. Simon wasn't overly convinced that taking a bath alfresco would be the best way to start the day so he enjoyed a boring shower inside our hut before sitting out on the decking to watch me fill up my tub.

Huts in the Hills, Northumberland Luxury Glamping - Bath

With a generous splash of the complimentary Molton Brown bubble bath I started filling the deep bath tub with hot water, it took a while to fill but once it was at a good level I quickly pulled off my towel and dived in.

Huts in the Hills, Northumberland Luxury Glamping - Bath Tub
Although there is a screen by the bath to protect your modesty and there's just miles of fields and hills at the back of the hut, I still felt quite risque getting into the bath. It's not every day you're naked in the Northumberland hills.

The water was deliciously hot and as I sunk myself into the bubbles I enjoyed the gorgeous views whilst sipping on a glass of Prosecco and realised that this was one of those moments where you feel truly lucky to be alive. Something tells me bath time will never be the same again after experiencing this, it's definitely not something you could easily recreate at home (I'm not sure my neighbours are ready for that!).

Huts in the Hills, Northumberland Luxury Glamping - Prosecco Bath

Our stay at Huts in the Hills was the greatest way to end the Summer and, in all honesty, made me wish we'd booked to stay in the Autumn instead. I can't imagine anything better than enjoying a cosy night for two when the seasons properly change.

So it seems we've well and truly been bitten by the luxury glamping bug and I'm so happy that we've discovered a way for us both to enjoy being out in the countryside together. If you're yet to give it a go I can't recommend luxury glamping enough.  Just be warned, you will get addicted!

Huts in the Hills, Northumberland Luxury Glamping - Hedgehope Hut

Find Huts in the Hills at

Prendwick Farm
NE66 4UZ

Huts cost from £170.00 for two nights (minimum two night stay) and you can book your stay here.

We were invited to Huts in the Hills for a complimentary stay and food in return for this honest review.


  1. I'm still giggling about your pronunciation of 'Cheviot' - so funny! I want to stay somewhere like this for my birthday next Easter so I'm going to have a stalk back through all the places you have reviewed for some inspiration...
    Laura x

    1. Honestly, I am SO embarrassed! How did I not know that? OMG yes, glamping is the perfect idea for a birthday celebration!

  2. Oh wow THAT BATH! This place looks absolutely amazing - I will add it to my never ending list of special places I want to visit! I'm going glamping for the first time next month and I'm super excited! xx

    Laura // Middle of Adventure

    1. It's beautiful isn't it? It'd be beautiful in Winter, the tap runs so lovely and hot it would be bliss being in there when it's cold outside (you'd have to brave enough to climb in first though!)

  3. This does look amazing. So much in fact that Cat has just booked it up. We’re stopping 2 nights in the Cheviot with our kids. It won’t be as peaceful but it’ll be amazing. Hoping for a cloudless sky!

    1. OMG how exciting!!! So glad you've booked! Make sure you report back, that hut looks AMAZING!

  4. Oh wow this looks and sounds amazing! I love the cheviots as I spent so much time there with my grandparents as a child, such a lovely part of the country. I think I might suggest this to my other half as somewhere for a weekend with our little two in the summer or for a mini-moon night or two away after our wedding next summer x

  5. This looks like absolute heaven! So tempted to book this for Valentines day as a surprise as I do love glamping in winter and snuggling up! Your pictures show it off so well. I love the way they have made the most of the space and that bath just tops it off. Hopefully you have converted Simon to glamping now!

    1. I'm pretty sure I have, here's hoping anyway because I have somewhere else up my sleeve for next month and he doesn't know yet!


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