Thursday 31 January 2019

My January Days

This includes collaborations with The Amble Inn and Helenlee Loves

I'm quite tempted to pop open a bottle of something fizzy tonight because, at last, we are at the end of January. Is it just me or was that a particularly tough one? An endless month, a six week wait for pay day and our first snow fall of the year - I'm very happy that we're done! Here are a few things that didn't make the blog this month.

The Fish Shack

I have lost count of the amount of times we've walked past the Fish Shack in Amble and I've said to Simon "oooh I really want to go there!" so when we found ourselves in the coastal town overnight I knew it was the perfect excuse to finally book ourselves a table. I am so happy that the Fish Shack open in the evening because if you thought the little wooden shack on the harbour looks cute during the day it's something else in the evening. With the ceiling decked out in fishing nets and fairy lights it's the perfect setting on a Winter's night and we stuffed ourselves silly with huge platters of fish and chips - absolutely lush, we will return!

My January Days - Fish Shack Amble

Solo Drives

My biggest achievement of the month was starting my New Year's Resolution of driving our car. Driving might not be the biggest deal for most people but if any of you've had a long break away from the wheel I'm sure you will understand where I'm coming from. Having lived in London for years with no need for a car I've really lost my nerve since moving to the North East but I've realised that I need to get my independence back and stop letting Simon chauffeur me round. My first trip of the year was a nice short drive to North Tyneside where I spent a wonderful day solo strolling the coastal road and indulged in plenty of coffee stops.  Here's to many more hours of adventures in the car!

My January Days - Tynemouth The View

Carvery at the Amble Inn

We enjoyed our first staycation of the year with an overnight stay at the brand new Amble Inn - the perfect spot for a Northumberland stay (it's very conveniently located at the gateway to the Northumberland coastal route) and after a lovely night's sleep we indulged in their first Carvery and wow it was good! Have to say I love a good "help yourself" and the opportunity to take a silly amount of roasties and hold off on the green veg is my idea of a Sunday well spent. Their carvery starts from £9.95 and is well worth a go if you're planning a walk out in Northumberland on a Sunday.

My January Days - Amble Inn

Gin Tray

Went to Ikea to look at wardrobes and came out with a gold tray for my gin - as you do! There's definitely been no dry January in our house and I have to say since putting together my gin tray I've been drinking more because everything I need is now in such easy reach. I've been getting very fancy every weekend drinking huge glasses of G&T with plenty of ice and a variety of garnishes and fruit - not sure I'll ever need to go out again!

My January Days - Gin Tray

Coffee at Rene's

I love discovering new places and quite often I have Instagram to thank for introducing me to the cutest spots that I never knew existed. This month I spent a lovely afternoon in Rene's of Tynemouth, the loveliest little coffee shop which is not only Instagram heaven (just try and resist taking a photo of your coffee in front of the wall prints and twinkling lights!) but also does a damn good cup of coffee. Unfortunately on this visit I didn't have room for any food so I will need to return soon for a little something, I had a mooch at the sweet treats and they looked very good.

My January Days - Coffee at Renes

Wardrobe Clearout 

Following my Style Makeover with Helenlee Loves at the end of last year she very kindly came over to help me out with my New Year declutter. We were ruthless in our clear out and I've been left with the tidy wardrobe of my dreams which has just been the best start to the year. She also gave me the most amazing tips to keep my space clear and I have to say starting your New Year with a good sort out does wonders for the mind. Following this I then got hooked on Marie Kondo on Netflix and am currently driving Simon mad by folding all of his t-shirts (if you know, you know!)

My January Days - Helenlee Loves

Warkworth Walks

Last Summer, when we spent a lot of our time driving the Northumberland Coastal Route, I was always envious of all the people walking out in the sunshine from Amble to Warkworth - surely one of the prettiest (and easiest) walks in Northumberland I've been wanting to do it ever since and we decided to give it a go one particularly blustery January morning. Although absolutely freezing, particularly for Simon who had forgotten his coat, it lived up to its expectations and once we'd warmed up with a cup of tea in a very quaint old tea room we agreed we'd love to do it again when the weather is warmer!

My January Days - Amble

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This post included collaborations with The Amble Inn (complimentary hotel stay and carvery) and Helenlee Loves (complimentary styling service)


  1. Yay for solo driving! Well done!

    1. Thank you, and the best part is I'm actually quite looking forward to getting back out each time!

  2. I'm glad it's over (nearly) too. I dislike January, so it can only get better from here! All the best to you!!

    1. Hurray for February! So excited that we're edging towards Spring!


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