Thursday 31 October 2019

My October Days

This post includes an advertisement (gifted) feature with The Malmaison 

Happy Halloween! I'd love to pretend that we've thrown ourselves into the spirit of all things spooky but have to confess our house is the dullest in our street - maybe next year eh? This month's roundup is perhaps a little shorter than others, our month seems to have rushed by faster than most with a lot of time dedicated to planning, visiting and recovering from our trip to New York. Here's what happened in October that didn't make the blog.

Fisherman Cottages

Like most great discoveries I first saw these incredible colourful houses on Instagram and just couldn't believe they were in Cullercoats. How on earth had I not seen them before? Given how much time I spend on the North Tyneside coast it wasn't long before I'd set off on a little adventure to see them for myself and was thrilled I managed to track them down with minimal effort (I should be a detective right?)  The most exciting part? One of them is available as a holiday cottage on - yes I am tempted!

My October Days - Fisherman Cottages

A Saviour on the A1

Carnaby's continues to be our saviour when we're on long road trips and beats any service station hands down. This absolute gem is like a shining light on days when we're putting in the miles on the A1 and I have to say they truly saved the day on our journey home from Edinburgh Airport following our overnight flight from JFK. We were so tired and this Lemon and Blueberry Sponge was the perfect pick me up!

My October Days - Carnabys

Felt Hat Dilemma 

Does anyone else have a little collection of felt hats that they're never brave enough to actually wear? I've had this one for ages and it's barely made it out of my wardrobe.  I love it but it never seems to be the right time for it. I can hardly head off to Tesco to do the weekly shop in it can I? This month I finally dusted it off for a leafy walk at Gibside - and do you know what? It felt good! Expect to see me pushing my trolly round the supermarket in style very soon.

My October Days

Golden Hour at St Mary's Lighthouse

I think I may have found the perfect Autumn activity! Next time we have a beautiful clear day I highly recommend you pack a flask of hot chocolate and take yourself down to St Mary's Lighthouse in the late afternoon to catch golden hour and, if you're very lucky, enjoy the incredible sight of pink clouds and dark stormy seas. When the tide crashes over the causeway it truly is something to see.

My October Days - St Marys Lighthouse

What's in the bag?

You know when you're on the holiday of a lifetime and your shopping gets just a little out of hand? That's exactly what happened to me when I was on Fifth Avenue in New York and suddenly found myself in Chanel! Heart thumping out of my chest I enjoyed my time in store admiring their small leather goods before leaving with this stunning card holder.  The leather is so soft and I have to say getting it out of my handbag is such a joy. I doubt I will ever be able to afford a handbag, so this is the next best thing.

My October Days - Chanel

Christmas comes early at The Mal

I ended the month with a fantastic night in the private dining room at The Malmaison on the Newcastle Quayside. I sat down to a little sneak preview of their festive offering and am happy to report my first Christmas meal of 2019 got a big thumbs up.  The Turkey with Sage & Onion Stuffing, Bread Sauce and Cranberry Compote was amazing.  The Private Dining Room at the Mal is available from 20 November to 30 December with prices starting at £34.95.

I was treated to a complimentary three course Christmas dinner with no obligation to share. 

My October Days - Christmas at the Mal

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  1. Sounds like you had an amazing month, I bet New York was incredible. x

    1. It really was, we absolutely loved it and are already dreaming about going back!


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