Wednesday 12 February 2020

Spa Day and Afternoon Tea at Slaley Hall

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Driving through the stunning Northumberland countryside in the sunshine, singing (pretty badly) along to my favourite tunes as I made my way to Slaley Hall for a Spa Day and Afternoon Tea, I honestly couldn't have been happier. Precious moments like these can be far and few between during the Winter months but when they happen wow do you feel happy to be alive!

If any of you have done the drive to Slaley Hall near Hexham you will know exactly what I'm talking about, the journey to the four star country hotel in Northumberland is spectacular with miles of rolling hills and beautiful countryside to admire as you make your way to the luxury hall. It had only been a month since my last visit for Festive Afternoon Tea but I was more than ready to get better acquainted and experience my first ever spa day there.

Spa Day and Afternoon Tea at Slaley Hall

The Spa at Slaley Hall 

Wanting a full day of relaxation we arrived at Slaley Hall at 10:30 am keen to indulge in a Sunday of wellbeing. Welcomed at the spa reception by the loveliest ladies we were given our forms to fill in and shown to the Relaxation Room.

Wow! I have been to a lot of these rooms in spas across the North East but this one was definitely up there with the very best. Walking in from the cold, the Relaxation Room was a bit like receiving a lovely warm and comforting hug. Decked out in squishy sofas and chairs with plenty of magazines to flick through, the room made me wish that my lounge at home could look like that. I could have quite happily spent my entire day in there if the thought of poolside lounging hadn't been tempting me out.

Spa Day at Slaley Hall
I'm not always great at carrying cash (just call me the Queen!) so when I'd realised that I hadn't got the required £1.00 for the locker in the changing room reception were happy to loan me a coin and then gave us a bundle of fluffy extras to ensure the perfect spa experience. Cosy dressing gowns, slippers and towels at the ready we did a quick change into our cozzies and made our way into the spa.

Priorities first, we decided to visit the Spa Café to get ourselves a drink to enjoy. The small kiosk offers a variety of light snacks, drinks and even tubs of Ben & Jerry's for the very best kind of poolside lounging. As well as loungers round the pool there are also plenty of tables and chairs by the café which is a great idea - working our way through a pot of tea whilst sitting at a table in our swimming costumes gave us all of the holiday vibes.

Spa at Slaley Hall

Once we'd finished gossiping over a cuppa it was time to explore the spa, starting off with a visit to the Sauna and Steam Room before taking a refreshing dip in the pool. We absolutely loved the design of the Spa at Slaley Hall, the rocks and foliage made it all seem pretty tropical and, perhaps the best part, there's a slide!

Yes the spa at Slaley Hall has a slide!

Spa Day Northumberland - Slaley Hall

Afternoon Tea at Slaley Hall 

Despite having over three hours to chill out in the spa the time seemed to vanish and before we knew it it was time for Afternoon Tea. We had the option of heading back to the changing rooms to put our clothes back on or dining in our dressing gowns and of course we went for the second option. There's something so lovely and cosy about eating Afternoon Tea in your dressing gown - it's the ultimate Sunday treat.

In the past I have been known to jump straight out of the pool dripping in water and then wrap myself up in my dressing gown but if you are planning on treating yourself to food in your gown I highly recommend attempting to keep it dry as you will be so thankful later.  I had been very careful to ensure that my dressing gown and spa slippers had been kept completely dry (a skill it's taken me years to acquire!) so all we had to do was change into dry swimsuits and we were good to go.

Slaley Hall - Afternoon Tea

There are three restaurants at Slaley Hall but if you are dining as part of a spa day your food will be served in Mr Kennedy's Brasserie which offers amazing views across the terrace (on the two occasions I've enjoyed Afternoon Tea there I've had some great squirrel spots). There were a few other tables dining in their gowns which meant we didn't feel awkward at all - it was a great touch ensuring that all of the spa guests were dining in the same area together. 

The presentation of Afternoon Tea at Slaley Hall is fantastic with a few different variations on offer. The gentleman's style Afternoon Tea has been renamed "The Bookcase" and comes presented on its own little shelf crammed with treats including Mini Steak & Ale Pie, Cheese Scones and Doughnuts & Dips.   If your appetite is a little smaller then "The Basket" is a perfect alternative, costing £10.50 per person it includes Warm Plain and Fruit Scones with Cream and Preserve with freshly made Madeleines.

We opted for the Traditional Afternoon Tea which is served in a beautiful chrome birdcage, costing £19.50 per person it was absolutely beautiful and laden with treats, deciding to add a tipple on the side we both enjoyed a glass of Prosecco for an extra £5.00 each, the perfect way to ensure our Afternoon Tea was extra special.

Slaley Hall - Afternoon Tea Cakestand
Starting off at the bottom we made our way through the sandwiches - Duck's Egg & Watercress Mayonnaise, Smoked Salmon & Prawn with Dill and Rocket "Salad Cream", English Salted Cucumber with Apple Crème Fraiche (it took us a while to work out what that one was!) and Poached Chicken with Lime & Coriander. Served on really lovely fresh bread they were absolutely delicious.

Moving on up it was time for the scones and we were thrilled to discover that they  had been served warm and we had a plain and fruit scone each. They were served with proper Cornish clotted cream and red berry preserve which I spread across each so generously I ended up with jam all over my hands!

Of course my favourite part of any Afternoon Tea is always the sweet tier and the cakes at Slaley Hall really hit the mark. Beautifully presented and delicious we were treated to Chocolate & Caramel Opera Cake with Crisp Brandy Snap Tuille, Macarons and Lemon & Poppy Seed Cake with Lemon Curd Cream. I'm still not sure how we managed to polish all of those off.

Slaley Hall - Afternoon Tea Cake

Treatments at Slaley Hall

As I'm always wanting a nap after afternoon tea I was more than ready to make my way from the brasserie back to the spa for a treatment.

There are nine beautiful treatment rooms at Slaley Hall and a huge variety of therapies to choose from with plenty of body treatments, signature spa rituals, nail treatments and facials. As partners of Elemis you are guaranteed the most luxurious experience if you book a treatment at the spa and as a huge fan of the skincare brand it was this collaboration that made me so excited to try Slaley Hall spa for the first time.

There's one treatment I can never resist - a hot stones massage. I've had it at multiple spas across the region, and if you've never tried one before please make it your 2020 resolution to book yourself in for one as they are honestly incredible.  The Hot Stones Massage at Slaley Hall costs £79.00 for a 50 minute full body massage using aromatherapy oils and and warm volcanic stones.

The Hot Stones Massage at Slaley Hall was absolutely beautiful, I felt so relaxed I easily could have drifted off and then spent the rest of the afternoon just dozing on the bed - it was just what I needed to beat the January blues. If you're looking for a way to treat yourself this Winter then I highly recommend booking yourself in for a treatment.

If you fancy experiencing a spa day at Slaley Hall yourself then there are some really fantastic packages to choose from, making Slaley one of the most affordable spas in the region. Some of my favourite offers include:

Elemis Experience with Afternoon Tea (Mon to Thurs £75.00 / Fri and Sun £85.00) - 1 x 50 minute Signature Spa Ritual with Afternoon Tea and a glass of fizz

Twilight Spa (Weds and Thurs from 6:00 pm £42.00) - Spa Access with a 3 course meal and a glass of bubbly

Spa with Me Experience (Mon to Thurs £134.00 for two / Fri and Sun £154.00 for two) - 1 x 50 minute Signature Spa Ritual each with Light Lunch

Click here to see the full list of Spa Day Packages available

I really loved my first ever spa experience at Slaley Hall and will definitely be returning next time I'm need of a pamper day.

Slaley Hall Northumberland

Find Slaley Hall at:

NE47 0BX

01434 673 350

We received a complimentary spa day for two including massages and afternoon tea in exchange for this honest review. 


  1. I've never gone a spa day before, but Slaley Hall both looks and sounds amazing! I especially love the sound of the gentleman's afternoon tea!

    1. Oh wow you must give it a try! Be warned though, you get hooked! I never thought I'd get my husband into it but he really loves them so we like to try and do a few year, it's the most indulgent way to spend an afternoon and so lovely to switch off.

  2. Afternoon tea in my dressing gown is my dream! I always hated that my mum made me get changed out my pyjamas for Sunday dinner!

    1. I begrudge having to put on clothes on every morning, I wish I could go everywhere in my dressing gown!

  3. I love this review, I can't wait to stay at Slaley for my friend's wedding in August. What a lovely place! I always appreciate being able to keep my robe on for food when going for a spa day. Melis x

    1. There's something so relaxing about being able to eat in your dressing gown!


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