Monday 20 May 2013

Monday Smiles

My first week living in Newcastle is over and it’s flown.  I still pinch myself every day as I can’t quite believe this is now my home.  I am so happy!  The weather (aside from Wednesday when very heavy rain almost made me miss getting the tube) has been gorgeous.  I am working on the Quayside and leaving the office at lunchtime every day has made me so happy to be here, it’s been beautiful.  I’ve seen lots of people outside eating their lunch at various pavement cafes and I’m looking forward to giving some of them a go myself.
This weekend was the first year anniversary of Simon and I becoming an official couple. A year ago I never could imagine that I would be sharing a flat with him in the North East.   We celebrated  by heading to Jesmond Dene House for afternoon tea and an overnight stay which I’m looking forward to telling you all about later.
In the meantime, here’s my very first Monday Smiles ... reasons to smile on a Monday.  Enjoy!

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