Monday 28 October 2013

Berry Orange

This weekend I headed back to my home city, Norwich, to see my family.  Shamefully I hadn't been to visit for 7 months and it was my first trip since moving to the  North East.

In my defence - Newcastle to Norwich is a bit of a journey, it takes 5 hours by train and involves an hour long wait in Peterborough.  We braved it this time but have since decided that in the future we'll hire a car.  It's far more cost effective and much faster.

The reason for the visit was a family get together over lunch to celebrate my Grandma's 90th birthday.  It was the first time in over a decade that she had all 8 of her Grandchildren together and it was so lovely that we all made it to Norfolk to celebrate with her.  She truly is a wonderful lady and it's so amazing that she has reached such an incredible age and is still enjoying life.

I knew that I wanted to buy some new clothes to wear at the lunch and decided on a lovely bright outfit that truly embraced Autumn.  This entire outfit came from New  Look and  I love it.

I've really been struggling to take good photographs for my blog since the days have got darker and we really don't have any good space at our flat to take photographs outside.   So it was lovely to be back at my parent's house and find myself a nice quiet corner and a pretty setting. 



  1. I love the autumnal colours in this outfit. I miss being able to wear skirts. Hope you had fun in Norwich. x

  2. Love your outfit the colours look amazing. I esp love your boots they are lovely x


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