Tuesday 26 November 2013

Monday Smiles

This time next week it's going to be December ... yay!   I love that as soon as it gets to the 1st it's completely acceptable to put up the tree, wear your festive woollies and maybe even start on some Christmas food.  In preparation I bought the first items for our Christmas food stash and have purchased some Christmas decorations ready for when we buy our first tree together tomorrow.

Simon and I celebrated our 18 month anniversary this week and he arrived home from work with a lovely bunch of flowers for me which was such a wonderful surprise.  I really love the beautiful purple and yellow colours mixed in with the pink.

Although the weather has been a little wet and dreary this week I had a gorgeous walk to work one morning with some lovely pink skies.  I became a little obsessed with finding beautiful reflections in the puddles.  I'm sure the passing motorists thought the girl taking photos of puddles was a little bonkers.

If you asked Simon what the highlight of the week was he'd probably tell you it was X Box One launch day.  As I was heading to bed on Thursday night he was dashing out of the door in his warmest clothes to pick up his X Box One from Game.  He returned shortly before 1:00 am feeling very excited and giddy ... something tells me I won't be getting much of a go on the TV for a while.

This weekend my lovely buddy from Essex, Lauren came to visit.  This is her second visit to the North East since I moved and I love how much she's embraced my new city.  This time round I decided to take her on a trip on the Metro to visit Tynemouth.   We had a quick stroll round the flea market then popped into Razzberry Bazaar which is an Aladdin's Cave of treasures, I've never been into a shop like it, there are so many things to see and buy.  We decided to skip lunch and instead walk down to Cullercoats for coffee and cake at my favourite, Beaches and Cream.  I had an absolutely gorgeous lemon drizzle cake and a latte.  I'm dying to go back soon for the afternoon tea.  There's something so lovely and peaceful about the seaside in the Winter, the tourists are all gone, the scenery is beautiful and it's so nice to take a brisk walk in the cool sea air to blow away the cobwebs.

I'm hoping this week goes fast as on Friday we have another visitor, one of my sister's is coming to Toon for the first time and I'm so excited!  If anyone has any recommendations of good Chinese restaurants that deliver in the Gateshead area I'd really appreciate it, I'm a bit clueless!

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