Wednesday 27 November 2013

Festive Foliage

Anyone else ever been to a Christmas party with a shopping basket?  Intrigued?  Stay with me and I'll explain all a little later on.

Today it is 4 weeks to Christmas, so I think I'm officially allowed to go crazy with the Christmas posts correct?

After picking up our large tree from Tescos last night ready to put up at the weekend, we found ourselves back there again tonight (here's where I admit that I've been to Tescos four times in the last five days) to pick up some groceries and a few more  Christmas goodies that we've had our eye on for a while.

I spent quite a large part of my evening in the plant section, and if you haven't been for a little look yet I suggest you get yourself there immediately.  They have the loveliest selection of Festive foliage that I found impossible to resist.

There's something for everyone, no matter what your taste in decorations and if you don't fancy having a large tree in your front room this Christmas, how about going for one of these guys.

The smallest trees are only £3.00, we've picked one up in a lovely red pot and we're hoping that the 8 week guarantee means that even with our limited knowledge of plants we can keep it alive.  These are beautiful, simple little trees with just a touch of sparkle.  Perfect for the mantelpiece.

The next stage up, and I was also quite tempted by these but managed to resist, are the £10 trees which come ready decorated with baubles and lights.  They're so adorable.

I was also rather taken with the Christmas holly but unfortunately as our flat is only small I figured buying too many plants would just turn it into a jungle.

Now I believe at the beginning of my post I promised a story about a Christmas party.  Well, on our way into the Tesco Extra in Gateshead this evening we were pounced on by a lovely young man with a handful of leaflets and ushered into a hidden room to enjoy a party complete with champagne, Christmas music and free food to sample.  It was a complete surprise and we spent a few minutes wandering around the room feeling slightly bemused with our shopping basket.  Of course we never turn down food so we tucked into a few bits and pieces from the buffet table of Tesco Finest goodies and I have to say they were all really lovely and we're thinking we may actually get ourselves some for our quiet New Years Eve night in.  Big thumbs up for the Applewood Cheddar, mini mince pies and canap├ęs. 

As we were leaving we were handed a goodie bag complete with a mini bottle of Baileys and a box of mince pies which surprisingly we'd actually gone into the store for.

We've added the mini Baileys to our collection and we now have an entire family!

Thanks Tescos!  Who knew an evening in the supermarket could be so fun!


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