Monday 2 December 2013

Monday Smiles

It's December at last and I'm so giddy!

Simon's bought my advent calendar for me this year and I'm feeling rather lucky as he got me a Lindt calendar and I really love the chocolate.  Day One on Sunday I got a mini reindeer and it was the nicest advent window I've ever had.  Delicious!

Our tree went up yesterday, it's the first tree we've ever bought and decorated together so it was pretty special.  I say together, I did do a bit of a disappearing act during the complicated part (I'm so bad at building things) and then showed up in time for the fun bit of hanging the decorations.  We've got a 6 footer and as it started to go up we were a bit worried it might be a bit too big for the flat but now it's all done it looks really lovely.

I have today off which feels amazing, Monday's are so much better when you don't have to go into work.  I am up stupidly early though as I'm off to the shops in a little while to hopefully finish my Christmas shopping.

This weekend I've had my first family member up to visit.  My sister Lydia came up to stay and we had a lovely Saturday doing some Christmas shopping.  She introduced me to mid afternoon espresso martinis, I'm quite tempted to incorporate them into every shopping trip going forward. 

On Thursday  I went to my third blogger event organised by Sarah.  She picked a gorgeous location, the Quilliam Brothers Tea House which has the most largest tea menu I've ever seen.  I decided to embrace our "time for tea" theme and try something new and picked out the Amaretto tea which was delicious.  Sarah had very kindly done us a lovely spread of biscuits and I'm now obsessed with Lebkuchen and have spent a lot of my weekend hunting some out.  I got to meet some really nice new people and we all felt really chilled out lounging about on our bean bags.  I will definitely be making a return visit, they do breakfast stotties!   The goodie bag had the most amazing collection of tea, I'm planning on taking mine to work so I can give them all a try.

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