Friday 13 February 2015

Living with a Blogger

My name's Simon and I live with a blogger.

Living with a blogger definitely has its perks.  Sure, sometimes I get to be a plus one at the opening of the hottest new bar, enjoy the occasional complimentary meal and yes, once I even bagged myself a winter coat.  But before you think I get a free ride, just take a second to think about what it's like to live with a blogger.

We're out for a meal, usually somewhere new and awesome, I've spent the day studying the menu and for hours my mouth has been watering at the thought of eating an epic burger.   But, no matter how hungry I am, I can't tuck in until after my meal has gone through the required photo shoot.  This often involves me having to lie across chairs to get out of shot, and sometimes I'm even asked to leave the table!   One day I'm going to be mistaken for a waiter!

Sometimes we find somewhere amazing to eat, but as the meal comes to an end I can't help but feel a little sad.  This is because I know we wont get to return any time soon as there are so many other places on the (eternally growing) list that need to be visited first.  Never fall in love with a restaurant if you're dating a blogger!

Every spare moment is spent in the gym as our weekends mostly consist of eating and photographing cake.  I'm sure I had a 6 pack before this blog began (lies!).

My Sunday evenings used to consist of chilling out, perhaps gaming with some mates on Xbox, preparing myself for the week ahead at work.  Nowadays my Sundays involve proof reading the following week's blog posts.

I used to be able to take just one photo of my other half and she'd be perfectly happy.  Now when she presents me with her camera I know it's to take new outfit photos.  I instinctively take 40 (plus) shots, even though she'll hate each one!

When I pull back the curtains on a Saturday and see sunshine I can't help but let out an inward groan.  My chill out time has gone, as my blogging girlfriend will now insist on gallivanting round the countryside on an adventure.

Whilst out on our adventure I'm often given the opportunity to perfect my juggling skills when I'm given the task of taking her photo whilst holding her handbag, camera bag, coat, scarf, hat .. oh and maybe her gloves.

I used to pride myself on being the techy geek in our relationship so it did take me aback when Chloe started bringing up Google stats and SEO into our conversations.  I will admit that she has taught me a thing or two.

Joking aside, I love seeing how much enjoyment Chloe gets from her blogging and discovering all the places, new and old to visit in the North East. And as someone who does enjoy food, I'm not really going to complain when it comes to eating out somewhere new.

I did want to take a quick minute to thank everyone who reads and comments on New Girl in Toon. Moving to a new part of the country wasn't easy for Chloe but writing this blog encouraged her to get out and about and meet new people.   She was welcomed into the blogging community in the North East and I'm really pleased that she's made such lovely friends.
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