Thursday 27 August 2015

Man vs Food, Heaton

Chillingham Road in Heaton is fast becoming one of our favourite places to eat.  The little suburb on the edge of Newcastle is a haven of delis and restaurants and every time we stroll the streets I find myself adding to our Bucket List.

On our most recent walk we stumbled across Man vs Food and we were immediately curious.  Most of our meals out turn into a Man vs Food type experience, with us eating as much as we possibly can before rolling home.

So when an e-mail landed in the inbox inviting us for a sneaky peak the night before opening we were very quick to get a table reserved. 
Welcomed in from the cold and rain (ah British Summer time) we were shown to a snuggly wooden booth to hide away from the world and bury our faces into a rather awesome looking menu.  If you love American style dining, Man vs Food is the place for you - burgers, hot dogs, doorstop sandwiches and a generous selection of sides - our tummies were grumbling as we tried to choose what to order.

Of course, when you are eating American you have to do it properly and for us this meant ordering naughty milkshakes.  I never bother ordering a milkshake if the flavours are boring but with shakes like Strawberry & Marshmallow on the menu I was keen to get involved.  I decided on the Oreo Shake and Simon picked out the Aero Mint Shake.
They arrived in huge glasses and each drink was topped with a treat.  I was pretty chuffed to get an Oreo cookie sitting on a generous helping of cream. 
I also couldn't help but notice that the usual red and white stripy straws that often appear with milkshakes these days were absent - hurrah!  As cute as these straws look they are made of paper and so go soggy.  I really wish places would stop using them. 
As you can imagine by the name of the restaurant the food at Man vs Food is pretty substantial.  Each main meal comes with a choice of two sides, allowing you to be as greedy as you like. 

I opted for the hot dog, but not reading the menu properly didn't realise it was going to be a foot long. I was pretty surprised when it showed up and was the largest hot dog I've ever seen. 
Ah well, no complaints from me, I'm a girl with a big appetite.
For my sides I chose onion rings and sweet potato fries, I was tempted to order garlic bread, but that seemed a little excessive, even for me!  

The hot dog was covered in crispy onions and smothered in a delicious house sauce - the perfect accompaniments to the smoky flavoured dog.  The foot long monster was a challenge, especially with the additional sides which were very filling.  The onion rings were huge and covered in a thick batter, if you're ordering those as a side definitely don't try and tackle them first.
After a little encouragement from me Simon ordered the Parmesan, or "Parmo" if you're from the North East.  I hadn't noticed it on the menu on first glance but as soon as he mentioned it was something he might order I insisted that he did.  I've been wanting to try a Parmo ever since I moved to the North East.
For my southern friends who are probably wondering what a "Parmo" is, let me give you a lesson in North East cuisine.  Parmos are popular with our neighbours in Middlesbrough and consist of deep fried chicken in bread crumbs, smothered in white b├ęchamel sauce and then covered in cheese. 

The Parmo at Man vs Food was literally the size of the plate and being quite a stodgy food it was hard work to tackle. 
I'm afraid to say that in this battle of Man vs Food, food well and truly won.  Despite being experts at eating Simon and I couldn't finish our meals and had to admit defeat.  We had great fun trying though, and one tip I have to share is that if you're meal is beginning to feel like a bit too much, swap with your dining buddy!  

There's one very important element of Man vs Food that I haven't mentioned yet - the food challenges.  If you're feeling brave there's a menu just for you featuring 5 different challenges, most involve eating a lot of food, but one involves handling a ridiculous amount of spice (you need gloves and goggles for that one!). 
So if you think you can eat 4 burgers (with sides!) or 2 whole chickens within 30 minutes get yourself to Man vs Food.  You could win a t-shirt and get your photo on their wall of fame!

You won't see us partaking in challenges any time soon, the standard menu finished us off!  But we will definitely be returning and this time we'll make sure we don't eat all day in preparation.
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  1. Oh looks fab - we are definitely going to try it out soon - looks perfect for if you have a hangover and at craving a bit of stodge x

  2. Oh. My. God. That parmo! I've never heard of them before, but I'd love to try one that was a LOT smaller, haha! Man vs. Food looks amazing, although I always convince myself that I can handle more than I actually can...

    Imogen //

  3. This looks incredible. I need to go to Heaton if for nothing else than this!

  4. woah, that is some serious man food right there!! although I don't like that term, because I could definitely eat that ;) x

    Miho @ Wander to Wonder

  5. Wowsers, that parmo thing looks incredible! And those milkshakes! I tend to avoid milkshakes when I'm eating out just because they always fill me up so quickly, and I'd rather save space for the food! But they do look delicious!
    This is making me seriously hungry, but it is almost lunchtime, so I think I shall go and get myself something to eat now! :)

    October Eleven

  6. I'm so excited to be living near Heaton later this year! I feel like there are so many hidden foodie gems there, including this. The food looks so delicious and the shakes do too, hopefully I'll visit soon but definitely won't be trying those challenges :) x
    Charlotte's Road

  7. Good grief! That food looks amazing.....I think my fella and I may be having a trip to Heaton sometime soon x

  8. This looks amazing! My boyfriend's always going on about how he could beat a food eating competition, definitely going to take him and make him prove it haha!xo

  9. I've been to the one in South Shields recently and food won too! The portions are just huge! Did you try their peanut butter cheesecake? Hands down, best cheesecake I've ever eaten (and I'm not usually a fan of cheesecake!) x

  10. Those sweet potato fries look so gorgeous.

    Lizzie Dripping

  11. AH! I NEED to go here! Look at the size of that parmo!

    Megan xo
    Thumbelina Lillie | UK Beauty & Fashion Blog

  12. omg the food, the milkshake looks so amazing!

  13. That is quite an amount of food but looks yummy. The milkshake would have been a hit with me Lucy x

  14. I know what you mean about those paper straws, yuk!
    The Mr reckons he could eat 2 chickens in 30 mins no problem, so might have to pop up and put him to the test!


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