Thursday 3 September 2015

The Butterfly Cabinet

I'm forever passing places in Newcastle and enthusiastically pointing them out to Simon and telling him how much I'm dying to visit. I do this so often I'm not sure he really takes me seriously anymore. When we both found ourselves with a free Friday morning recently I was determined to get him to take one of my wanderlust breakfast destinations seriously and enthusiastically marched him off to the Butterfly Cabinet in Heaton, somewhere I've had my eye on ever since I relocated to Newcastle.

I've heard many stories of the amazing breakfasts served at the Butterfly Cabinet and reading through the menu online I knew it was somewhere I really needed to go. Unfortunately I'd also read a lot about it being so popular during term time and at weekends that it can be hard to get a table. I'm not the most patient of people when I'm hungry so it's been permanently stuck on my Newcastle Bucket List!

This time we were in luck and I was delighted to find there were one table left. It was lovely to see that even at 9.30 am on a Friday the café was busy. Bums on seats surely meant we were about to enjoy an amazing breakfast.

The menu is vast and suits every mood and appetite.  Breakfast food is my absolute favourite when I'm eating out and I loved that the menu featured eggs on muffins, full cooked breakfasts and pancakes. I was in heaven and wondering how on earth I'd ever come to a decision. 

First we decided to order some freshly made smoothies and both opted for Strawberry and Banana that arrived in huge glasses full to the brim.   They were a little sharper than we expected, definitely heavy on the strawberry with not quite enough banana.

Simon enthusiastically ordered the pancakes for his breakfast and when they showed up I was a little jealous (don't worry I managed to steal myself a few bites).  He added some bacon on the side to make it a proper American inspired treat and wolfed the whole lot down with a smile on his face.

I changed my mind a lot before eventually deciding on the Eggy Bread which came in thick wedges with a generous amount of syrup on the side.  It was delicious and if it wasn't for all the other amazing sounded dishes on the menu I would definitely order it again.

The Buttefly Cabinet was worth the wait and hopefully it wont take us so long to get ourselves there next time!

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  1. I'm the same with you, I'm forever passing places and goin Oooo I must go there! I'm rubbish at remembering where I've seen places and what they're called though so always forget before I get the chance to go!

  2. Ah, I love the Butterfly Cabinet! I lived just behind it for about 2 years so it was a regular haunt and the place I took all my hens the night after my hen party for breakfast - 12 loud ladies from Yorkshire, and they fitted us in on a Sunday morning with only a 15 minute wait! It was especially good because of all the veggie options for my hubby! x

  3. Looks yummy and glad that it was worth the wait the pancakes look delicious Lucy x

  4. YUM I think that eggy bread looks amazing - I'd give that a try first of all too x

  5. Mmm that bacon totally has my mouth watering! :)


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