Wednesday 30 September 2015

Why you should relocate to Newcastle

I'm not exactly shy when it comes to shouting about my love for Newcastle and how relocating here a few years ago was the best decision I ever made.

Being from the South I know only too well that people think Newcastle is cold, dark and wet but it's just not true.  Newcastle is a gem that's yet to be discovered by so many and as soon as I relocated to the North East I made it my mission, through this blog, to let everyone in on the secret.

If you're stuck in a rut, bored of your life and fancy starting afresh with a brand new adventure you should definitely think about relocating to Newcastle.

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Here's just a few reasons why you should relocate to Newcastle:

* The weather is gorgeous!  I know you don't believe me, but it really doesn't rain any more than it does in London.  Being on the east side of the country we actually get a lot of sunshine (and the most beautiful sunrises)

 * We have the best of all worlds - a bustling city, miles of countryside and a picture perfect coastline

* Geordies are the friendliest people in the country - fact!  Pop out to the shops to get some milk and expect to be gone a while, everyone loves a chat.

* Greggs!  Yes I know you'll find Greggs all over the country, but do your Greggs sell stotties?  Nope, thought not!  Once you've tried your first stottie you'll never look back.

* House and rental prices are so cheap compared to other parts of the country.  You can find fantastic rooms to rent that are really affordable.

* Newcastle is in a perfect position!   We are only 2 hours 50 minutes by train to London and we are very lucky to be able to call some stunning parts of the country our neighbours.   York, Edinburgh, The  Lakes, North Yorkshire and Scotland are just a few of the beautiful places we  can get to easily.

* There's a lot going on!  There is always something to see and do in Newcastle - whether it be a new bar or restaurant opening, a food festival, a market or a travelling funfair, there's never a dull moment

* Newcastle is the party capital of the UK! If you love nightlife then you really can't beat a night on the Toon!  Rub shoulders with the Geordie Shore lot in some of Newcastle's trendiest bars or, if you prefer a slower pace of life, spend an evening with a well made cocktail in one of the  hotel bars.

* If you love sport Newcastle is the place to be.  A passionate football city, the Toon Army are out in force on a Saturday and if running's your thing sign up to the Great North Run, one of the country's most famous events. 

* For the shopaholic, the Metro Centre is Europe's largest shopping and leisure centre and has everything you could possibly want for a full day of retail therapy.

So, hands up, who's moving to Newcastle?


  1. You hit the nail on the head :) obvs Toon has always been my home but I can see why so many people visit, it's awesome. And when you return from a trip darn saaarf there's nothing better than the sight of the bridges over the Tyne as you approach Central Station on the train! :) x

    1. When I used to do the long trips from London to Newcastle every few weekends seeing the bridges from the train always made the journey worth it :) x

  2. Really?! Don't they sell stotties in the other Greggs around the country? I am so glad they do up here! :)

    1. Seriously! At Christmas time I take stotties home for all my family (.. although I'm not sure they really get it!)

  3. I couldn't agree more although I think we would move to Northumberland. On our last trip we started thinking perhaps the North East would be perfect for us. I've lived there before but I just think the coast would be an amazing place to raise a family.

  4. As a native Northumbrian (currently living in London), I am so proud to call the North East my home. It is such a wonderful place.

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  6. I moved here from a different country, and as much as I sometimes miss the food from home (and my stomach does also), I like living in Newcastle and I forget what a privilege it is to have so many of these perks on the door step! So true :) (oh, and Metrocentre is now only second largest :( I think Berlin beat us to it now)

  7. Thanks for your your post! Very inspiring :-) Our family will be moving to Newcastle from Australia at the end of August and we are very excited about it already!


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