Monday 30 November 2015

How Do You Get Lucky?

I've been thinking a lot about luck and fate recently. Call me a little soppy but with my wedding creeping ever closer I've spent quite a lot of time feeling like the luckiest girl alive.  Luck is a weird thing. Some of us believe in it, some of us swear that things are coincidences and others believe that everything happens for a reason, whether that's due to a higher power, or just hard work. There's no denying, though, that sometimes, it really is a question of luck as to whether you'll be successful, or a winner.

Take the lotto for example. If you head onto sites online to find EuroMillions prizes, you just have to hope it's your lucky day. There's no strategy to winning the lotto, and that's just part of the fun. Some people, however, are convinced there's more to it...

Lucky Charms

Did you ever notice that kid in exams clinging on to a scruffy looking teddy bear?  For me it was always "Rabbit", as a child I'd carry him around stuffed up my jumper, convinced he was bringing me luck and even now as an adult I like to know that he's close by. People associate items which remind them of good times as having some sort of symbolic meaning which will help them along their way. Of course, studying is probably the best way to ace a test, but if a little trinket is what you need to boost your confidence, who's anyone to judge?

Lucky Rituals

From 'magic spells' to prayers, to being a little bit compulsive, some people are convinced that certain actions they partake in will affect the outcome of a circumstance that's actually out of their control. It helps people feel more relaxed about the situation, which in turn might help you actually harness the power of the placebo.


Some people are the opposite. They're not looking to encourage good luck, they're looking to ward off the bad. Think of your typical New Year's Eve. If you're not too busy kissing at midnight or tipsy from all the champagne, some people will most likely be indulging in their own little activities to ensure the year is a good one. This article by Glamour magazine explains more (and it even gives tips on getting lucky in love... oh, come on, you know that's part of why you wanted to read this piece...!)

So, what's your verdict? Are some people naturally luckier than others, or even born lucky? And can you actually change your luck with your actions? Is determination and hard work the key to success? Or are some people simply in the right place at the right time? Whether you think it's sealed in fate, a combination of everything, or all based on some kind of conspiracy - you decide!

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