Saturday 28 November 2015

My North East Story: This Northern Gal

This month's My North East Story comes from Kelly who blogs at This Northern Gal, a lifestyle blog full of wonderful stories and adventures from the North.  Tea drinker, book reader and beach lover, reading Kelly's blog is just like hanging out with a friend you've known for years.

1. What is your North East Story?

I’ve lived in the same house in Darlington for as long as I can remember. The North East is my home and always will be. Even now that I’ve moved to Scotland for university, this is the place I come back to when I need to slow things down and recharge. I’ve learnt, laughed and cried here. I’m not going to forget it in a hurry.

2. Why do you love living in the North East?

There is a real vibrancy to life here. Everywhere you turn there is something new to catch your attention. I swear I spent most of my time reaching for my camera; this place is too beautiful not to share! More than that though, I love living here because of the people within it. Friendly smiles and good mornings are met with enthusiasm. As a bit of a natterer, I love the fact that people like to talk to one another. You can’t beat that sense of community that comes from people just being nice to one another.  Oh and did I mention the food? You can’t beat northern scran.

3. Where's your favourite place in the North East to relax?

It has to be a beach, though picking just one would be hard. Give me a good walk in the sand and some fish and chips (scraps, salt and vinegar, no plastic fork) and I’m a happy lady.  Failing that, let me loose in Eldon Square for a few hours and I’m sure I can shop away my problems. I might even pop into Baltic while I’m at it. I can loose many an hour wandering around there.

4. Recommend some yummy food places

For Mexican food and some seriously yummy cocktails, you want to check out Voodoo Cafe in Darlington. Their quesadillas are amazing. If you’re feeling a little more health-conscious, I’d head to the Health Warehouse. Tucked away in the back of the shop is a vegetarian cafĂ© that does some seriously moreish dishes.   Their smoothies are also phenomenal.

For a real treat, head to Vesuvio. Not only do they stock the best wine in town but their food will leave you licking your lips and daydreaming for days afterwards.

If you find yourself in Newcastle for the day, you have to go Flat Caps Coffee. That stuff is gooooood guys. For a more substantial brunch date, take yourself to Olive and Bean.

I could talk about food for days. Eating some yummy food and then yakking about it on my blog is one of my favourite things to do.

5. Describe your perfect day in the North East

I’d head over to Whitby for the day. After a long walk in the surf, I’d head to Humble Pie N Mash to recharge my batteries (and because they really know their pies).

From there, it would be time for a stroll amongst the shops, admiring the jet and sweets alike. Maybe even an ice cream, if I’d left any room after my pie... I’d find a coffee shop and read to my heart’s content. I’m a bit of a gothic lover, so it probably would be Dracula!

Content, and with lungs full of fresh sea air, I’d head home and curl up in my living room as the day drew to a close. I would cuddle my pup until he fell asleep, like he usually does within ten seconds of having snuggling into someone.

Make sure you check out This Northern Gal for more adventures in the  North East and beyond

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