Monday 15 February 2016

A Lighter Start to the Year

Winter is not my favourite time of the year.  I'm sure I've mentioned it on the blog a few times before, I definitely struggle to stay happy and positive in the darker months and tend to waste the first few weeks of the year wishing my life away counting down the weeks until March.

So when Mini Baybel Light told me about their campaign for a lighter start to the year I was eager to get involved.  They've done some pretty interesting research with surprising results.  Most of us are feeling pretty positive at the start of 2016 with only 26% of Brits feeling negative about the Winter months. They've also enlisted the help of TV personality Stacey Solomon to help spread the word by encouraging commuters in London to pogo stick to work .

I'm not sure I'll be jumping on my pogo stick any time soon, but here are a few little steps I've taken at the start of 2016 to try and make my year a positive one.

Being a tourist in my home

I'm a huge promoter of people enjoying and exploring their home.   I've been on the Norwich Tour Bus despite it being my home for 27 years and when I lived in London I once got up very early on a Saturday to go to Buckingham Palace to watch the changing of the guard - I was the only Brit in a sea of tourists.  Appreciating the little things on your own doorstep is a great way to get out in the fresh air and make you realise how lucky you are.  I'm looking forward to planning more adventures in Northumberland this year.

Trying something new

I'm a self confessed wuss so it's not often you'll find me being brave and stepping out of my comfort zone, but this year I have taken the plunge.  For years now I've been wanting to try out different ways to keep fit and have been very curious about trying an exercise class but memories of being bullied at school and hating PE put me off.  When my friend Lisa suggested trying out a local Clubbercise class I nervously agreed and I'm so glad that I did.  I love dancing about in the dark with glow sticks and it feels great to have something new in my life at the start of the year.

Write a Bucket List

We all have things we've always wanted to do, but have you made the time to make them into a list? Giving yourself things to look forward to is a great way to stay positive in the Winter months and creating a bucket list is a great way to plan your ideas.  Bucket lists can be as elaborate or as simple as you like - from flying in a helicopter to learning to knit, it's up to you!  Mine is always full of places I want to visit, not only overseas but also in my own neighbourhood.

Pay a compliment

Who doesn't love getting a compliment?  It may sound like a cliché but if you make someone smile it tends to give you a warm fuzzy feeling inside that never fails to make you feel happy.  I've been trying my hardest to compliment my friends if I like their outfits and thanking businesses who've given me fantastic service.

Look up

We're all guilty of burying our heads in our phones, you only have to look round a restaurant to see that most people are more interested in their phones than who they are eating with.  Make it your goal to put your phone away and give the people in your life your full attention.  With your nose constantly buried in your phone you miss out on so many things.  I try to keep my phone in my bag when I'm out for dinner and keep it well out of reach if I'm out with friends.

Get plenty of sleep

I love sleep!  Getting a good solid amount of sleep a night will always make you feel happy.  It's a lot easier to find the positive in life when you're feeling wellrested.  It can be hard to get an early night but I do my best to start prepping for bed a lot earlier than I used to and I can feel the benefits in my overall attitude to daily life.

Event planning

One of the biggest joys in my life right now is planning my wedding.  Organising our big day is helping me so much with my Winter blues this year and it's a great way to keep myself feeling happy.  Why not keep yourself busy by volunteering to plan a friend's hen do, your sisters birthday party, a baby shower or a Mothers Day surprise?

Watch a sunrise or sunset

One of my favourite things to do on a clear day is a watch a gorgeous sunrise or sunset.  Finding yourself a beautiful spot to watch the sky turn gorgeous pinks and oranges is a great way to put life in perspective.

Let me know if you have any tips of your own to staying happier in the darker months and giving yourself a more positive 2016.

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