Monday 29 February 2016

February Days

Sing it from the rooftops! February is over which means the arrival of daffodils, fluffy lambs and I'm pretty sure I can smell Easter eggs.

Here's what I've been up to in February on Instagram


Argh my hair!  I have such a mission with my hair - it's thin, dry and so frizzy making it almost impossible to manage.  It doesn't matter what products I use or how long I spend on it in the morning it always looks a mess.  So I absolutely love it when hair cut day arrives cos I get to spend a couple of days having fabulous hair.  This selfie of my fabulous hair was taken in the Topshop changing rooms where I was trying on a khaki coloured shirt dress that unfortunately stuck to all of my lumps and bumps and did not look good!

Cake Stories

I've been wanting to visit  Cake Stories in Jesmond for such a long time so when I met up with my friend Sarah for a cake date I knew the time had come for a visit.  We were very lucky to bag ourselves the last table and had a fantastic morning chatting over creamy lattes and eating huge chunks of cakes.   I was hoping to do a blog post about it, but the place was so busy it wasn't the right time to be pulling out a DSLR. I will return, you guys really do need to see Cake Stories!

New Slippers

Maybe to most people new slippers isn't that newsworthy but after tripping about the house in broken slippers for months I was very happy to get them into the bin and put my tooties in this cute new pair from Primark.   I love these guys, and I kinda want to give then names (all suggestions are welcome!)

Happy Birthday to the Botanist!

One of my favourite bars, the Botanist has recently celebrated its First Birthday so I decided it was only right to go and say happy birthday with a few drinks on a Saturday afternoon when the wet weather made it far too miserable to go and play outside.  I enjoyed two of my favourite tipples, the Rose Cosmo and the Passion fruit and Basil Crush.

Transformation Tuesday

This months "before and after" photo is probably one of my favourites.  I find it hard to believe that the two girls in the picture at the same person!   Chloe on the left is eating some ice-cream at Ranworth Broads back home in Norfolk and Chloe on the right is enjoying her first holiday abroad with her boyfriend having just been brave enough to have her first ever spray tan! 

The Dress

Wedding planning is still in full swing and I can't believe how much progress I've made over the last month.  I was back at the bridal shop a few weeks ago to get measured and I couldn't help but try my dress on again, it's been about 3 months since I last had it on and I love it just as much as the first time.  I honestly can't wait for Simon to see me, it's so hard not being able to tell him anything about it!

Sunshine on the Quayside

We had a few days of sunshine this month and I couldn't help but get excited about Summer.  The skies were blue and it was pretty warm in the sun.  I can't wait to make some plans now.

Up, Up and Away!

It's 7 months until our wedding and I'm so excited I'm finding it very hard to keep our plans to myself.  I don't think there'll be many surprises for anyone at our wedding, with the amount of gossip I'm spilling.   My latest obsession are the gorgeous balloons from Glitter Burst Balloons who are based here in the North East.  They create the most beautiful balloons for any occasion.   I'm in love with this one filled with feathers which is currently sitting in my bedroom.

Brunch at Blagdon Parlour

We love when people come and visit us, mostly because we get to show off the amazing food we have up here in the North East.  When Simon's friends were visiting from Manchester we were eating all weekend!  The highlight was breakfast at Blagdon Parlour, the pancake stack with berries is the most delicious start to the day.

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  1. I love those glittery balloons, I'd quite like them (although I'm terrified of them popping).

    1. That did occur to me too, loud bangs definitely freak me out! Could make for some interesting wedding photos!

  2. I loved this post!

    I can't wait for February to be over- it's such a long slog through Winter and I always see it that as soon it hits March we're on the road to Spring at last!

    Your Before and After pic is so inspirational! I have polycystic ovaries and the meds I'm taking just seem to make me hungry ALL THE TIME so I'm struggling to maintain my weight!

    And lastly (like a little stalker) I'm so excited for your wedding planning! The run up in the last few weeks were so stressful but also the most exciting! (I had giant balloons too, they're going to look so amazing in your wedding photos!!)


    1. I definitely had it easy when it came to weight loss, the only thing I was battling was myself - which although difficult definitely wasn't as hard as having a medical condition. It must be so tough!

      Thank you :) I'm so excited, I feel like I'm wishing life away at the moment x

  3. I do love a good round up post. February has been a pretty lovely month for me, although it did feel like it dragged a little. I really love seeing everyone's wedding photos, so i'm excited for you to share more of your upcoming plans...not long now..eeeeep! x

    1. Thank you - I feel like I'm giving away far more than I should on the blog, hopefully there'll still be some element of surprise for everyone!

  4. Love these balloons! Been trying to find some good ones and love that these guys are based in the NE.

    Only 4 months until our wedding - eek!

  5. Woo lots of exciting wedding things! So glad the planning is going well! :)

    Jasmin Charlotte


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