Thursday 22 September 2016

My Autumn Bucket List

Today is the official start of Autumn and I'm so excited about snuggly nights in, pumpkin spice lattes and dancing about in leaves. Autumn has always been my favourite season and this year it's even better as on Saturday I'll be getting married!

Seeing as I did such a great job of ticking things off my Summer Bucket List (ha!) I thought I'd put together a few things that I'd love to do over the next few months. Fingers crossed I'm a bit more organised than I was this Summer.

Leafy Walks

I have always been obsessed with leaves and when it comes to a big pile of crunchy orange and red leaves sitting on the ground I can't resist throwing myself into them (quite literally!). As soon as the leaves begin to fall I like to plan a walk to have a good kick about. In the past we've been to Saltwell Park but now that we've relocated I'd love some recommendations of good leafy walks in Newcastle and Northumberland.

Wardrobe Rehaul

Autumn is probably my favourite season to go clothes shopping. The gorgeous purple and green colours really suit me and I love to buy a new pair of boots every year (is it just me who never manages to find boots that can last me more than a few months?)  I've done a fair bit of window shopping already and as soon as we are back from our Minimoon I feel an Autumn shopping trip coming.

Pies at Red House

As soon as the weather turns slightly cooler I immediately turn my attention to warm comfort food, preferably enjoyed in one of Newcastle's cosier restaurants. Red House ticks every box when it comes to Autumn feasting and I really want to enjoy one of their pies very soon. My mission this Autumn is to finally sample one of their dessert pies, I just need to stop being so greedy with the main course to give myself room.

Cooking at home

If Simon reads this he will definitely have a snigger to himself. I'm not exactly a whizz in the kitchen and do anything I can to avoid cooking. We have a coffee table full of cooking books and a wedding list full of new pots and pans and I'm determined to get use out of them this Autumn. With extra time spent indoors there really is no excuse!

Celebrate Halloween

I love the idea of Halloween but very rarely celebrate it, last year we headed to Grainger Market to pick up these ghoulish treats from Pet Lamb Patisserie, but that's about as far as we got. There's plenty going on in the North East over Halloween including Halloween Evenings at Beamish, the Hillbilly Horror Show at Brockbushes and Alnwick Garden's The Dark Garden. We have a Halloween Cocktail evening planned with our friends Sam and Steve and hopefully we'll be able to dedicate an evening to watching some spooky films too.

Pumpkin picking

Back when I lived in London my housemate was the King of Pumpkin decorating. He always created the most beautiful designs and would leave a couple of pumpkins by the front door to impress anyone who happened to walk past.  It's been years since I gave pumpkin carving a try and I'm feeling pretty up for the challenge this year. If anyone knows anywhere we can go pumpkin picking in the North East or anywhere that serves up pumpkin pie please do let me know!

Bonfire Fun

It's been a couple of years since we've been to watch a firework display on Bonfire Night which is a real shame as it's one of my favourite events of the year. I love wrapping up in a big coat, eating a hot dog then warming up my cold hands on a hot drink whilst we watch the fireworks.

The Treehouse

Embracing my love of leaves, what better way to spend an Autumn evening than dining in the tree tops? The Treehouse Restaurant in Alnwick has been on my "to do" list for years, maybe we'll finally get it ticked off this season!

What's on your Autumn Bucket List?


  1. Guessing you've not read Canny Food's recent Treehouse review then? We love Autumn too. Halloween is the day before my birthday and mark's birthday is the day after and our anniversary a week later so that's usually a really fun week. I love all the fashion and the food. Bit sad to say bye to summer though

  2. Eeep Saturday!! That's so exciting. Wishing you all the luck for your day, enjoy every second of it!
    And I love the great boot shop but never find a pair that lasts long enough either. A few years ago I got all organised and bought mine in the sale for the following year, so much cheaper and my 'style' never changes! That doesn't happen any more, sigh.
    M x

  3. There's always room for dessert pie! We usually don't do much at Halloween either, although last year we went to Brockbushes maze which was pretty petrifying, running through a 7ft high pitch black corn maze whilst people jump out and grab you isn't something I'm wanting to do again in a hurry!

    When we visited the Treehouse years ago, it was lovely inside with a big log fire in the middle. The seat backs are really tall too :) x

  4. Dessert pie, as in cherry pie or apple pie you mean? Damn I love pie! Haha ;) Treehouse dinners also sound perfection!! Alice xxx


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