Friday 30 September 2016

September Days

September 2016 will be a month I will remember forever! I can't believe I'm a married woman (does this mean I have to be a grownup now?). Thank you so much for all of your best wishes, I can't wait to share every detail of our special day with you. But for now here's what else happened during September that didn't make it to the blog.

Mr and Mrs

It'll be a little while until I'm able to write blogs about our wedding day as we'll be waiting for our official photographs but I obviously couldn't just leave you all hanging so here's a little look at the new Mr and Mrs! Our day was the best day of my life, it was perfect and I can't wait to tell you all about it!

A Minimoon in Paradise 

I don't want to be giving away too much about our Minimoon as there is a blog post to come very soon but I couldn't resist sharing this afternoon tea photo. I promised my husband (how long will it be until that sounds normal?) that I wouldn't be going too blogging crazy during our break but who can resist such beauty, our Minimoon was Instagram heaven. I couldn't help sharing a few photos whilst I was away so make sure you check out my Instagram for a little look.  We stayed at the luxurious Gilpin in the Lakes, it was picture perfect amazing and watch this space for a proper review coming soon!

Wearing PJs outside

I love oversized jumpers covered in slogans, especially now that we're heading towards colder days. I found this one in George at Asda but it's actually a PJ top! Yes, this month I have been wandering around in public wearing PJs. Come on though, this is too amazing to be hidden away under a duvet am I right?

George at Asda Slogan Jumper

Great North Run

I mentioned last month that I've recently joined These Girls Can Run and my new passion for running has continued this month. Unfortunately I got slightly injured just before the wedding so I've been seriously sulking about not being able to go out for a run.  The Great North Run arrived in the Toon in September and I was so proud as two of my best friends Katie and Kayleigh were both running it for the first time.  I spent a lot of the day nervously waiting for news but I had nothing to worry about as they both stormed to the finish line with great times.  Call me crazy but I am seriously considering giving it a go next year!   I think I might love running!

Great North Run - Tyne Bridge

Wedding Guest 

Let me tell you, attending a friend's wedding two weeks before your own is pretty scary. Waiting to go into their ceremony my legs were actually shaking and as our friends were saying their vows I felt Simon breath out the biggest puff of air next to me.  Safe to say we were both feeling the pre-wedding nerves. The wedding was at the beautiful Branston Hall in Lincolnshire and despite the horrible wet weather I managed to sneak out into the pretty grounds to take a photo in my new Chi Chi London dress which I love. The wedding was perfect with an Enchanted Forest theme, personalised lego man favours and was a great catch up with old friends.

Wedding at Branston Hall - Chichi London Amber Dress

Indian Summer

September is easily my favourite month of the year (there's a reason we chose it for our wedding). I love that often we get the best weather of the Summer whilst still getting the beautiful hints of Autumn with the leaves beginning to fall and the arrival of Pumpkin Spice Lattes! We had some really beautiful sunny days meaning that Summer just kept on coming and I had the perfect excuse to enjoy Summer inspired cocktails at Garden Kitchen.

Garden Kitchen Newcastle Cocktail

Great North Snow Dogs

The Great North Snow Dogs have arrived in the North East and I am so excited. My obsession with public art trails started 6 years ago when I was living in London whilst the Elephant Parade was on, I became hooked on travelling to every part of the capital city to see all the elephants on the trail (I almost did it!). My friends thought I was a little crazy but I got loads of exercise and explored parts of London I'd never seen before. The Great North Snow Dogs are scattered in the regions cities, parks and beaches and will be around for 10 weeks so pick up a map and see how many you can find. My first spot was Ziggy who I stumbled across outside the Sage in Gateshead.

Great North Snow Dog Trail Newcastle Gateshead Sage

For more adventures from New Girl in Toon make sure you follow me on Instagram - I post a new picture every day.



  1. I love that Chi Chi London dress on you, looks great. I'm definitely checking out Gilpin next romantic break, it's been looking fab on your insta.

  2. Huge congratulations on your wedding, lovely.

  3. CONGRATULATIONS LOVELY LADY! And Simon too! I was drooling over your minimoon pictures every time one popped up on instagram! Hope this week isn't too harsh a reality, and that your marriage is even better than your wedding! Stephie xx

    ps. how nice is it going to be to have this post to look back on in 10 years, and remember everything that happened in the month up to the big day?

  4. What a crazy awesome month it's been! I love the one snap from your wedding. So fun! x

  5. That dress is gorgeous!
    Also.... Congratulations! You must be floating around on cloud 9! :D


  6. Congratulations, you look beautiful. I look forward to seeing more photos in the future!

    Lisa | Not Quite Enough

  7. You look so lovely in your wedding dress - hope it was a lovely day (nothing wrong with wearing PJ's outside - I've done the same thing!)

  8. Congratulations my lovely you look absolutely stunning and I'm glad that all the hard work paid off. The day sounds wonderful and look forward to hearing about the mini moon Lucy x

  9. That Chi Chi dress is gorgeous! Do you find that their sizing comes up true to size or is it a little on the small size? I've got a dress in mind, but I can't imagine it's got much give, and I'm not sure what size to order! Alice xx


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