Thursday 15 December 2016

Intu Eldon Square: Grey's Quarter - PizzaStorm

Can you believe it, I've spent another evening in Eldon Square's new Grey's Quarter stuffing my face! You're probably wondering where on earth I'm managing to fit it all (believe me I am as well!). This time I visited new pizza place, PizzaStorm and took along my friend Sarah for "catch up and cheese" (this should definitely be a regular thing!)

The arrival of PizzaStorm in Newcastle caught my attention mostly down to their restaurant locations. Their other restaurant is in Wandsworth, South West London, very close to where I used to live. So seeing as they appear to be following me round the country it only seemed right to drop by and see what they have to offer the hungry shoppers of Newcastle.

Intu Eldon Square: Grey's Quarter - PizzaStorm

PizzaStorm is a little different to the other restaurants I've visited at Grey's Quarter. Perfect for a quick break from shopping, it's more of a grab, eat and go place than somewhere to dine away the hours.

It's hard to explain the concept of PizzaStorm without using a very obvious comparison, the pizza place is very much "Subway does pizza". Greeted by a counter of toppings you move along picking out exactly what you want on your base before it's blasted in an oven for 180 seconds.

If decision making isn't your thing then you can choose your pizza from the "Hall of Flames"; a menu of seven pizzas each with delicious sounding flavour combinations. That does kind of take the fun out of PizzaStorm though so of course we went for "Craft Your Own". £8.45 for an 11 inch stone baked pizza with unlimited fresh toppings.

Our pizza creating began by selecting which sauce we wanted smothered over the base. With a choice of Classic Tomato Sauce, White Sauce, BBQ Sauce or Spicy Tomato Sauce, I found this the easiest decision of the process (I'm a classic tomato girl through and through!).

Intu Eldon Square: Grey's Quarter - PizzaStorm

Choosing from 50 toppings however is not so easy!  My eyes were bulging at all of the little pots of toppings and Sarah and I spent far too long debating what makes the perfect pizza and which of the toppings would perfectly compliment each other.

In the end I went for the tactic of "all the cheese" (easily done when you have the great choice of Mozzarella Shavings, Cheddar, Goats Cheese, Hand Torn Mozzarella, Gorgonzola, Parmesan and Ricotta) and Sarah went for "extra spicy".

With the base of our pizzas decided I covered mine in Baby Spinach, Red Onion Sweetcorn, Tuna and, my absolute pizza topping favourite, egg. I loved watching my pizza come to life before it was placed right in the back of the largest oven I have ever seen and I took a seat for the very short wait.

Our pizzas appeared a few minutes later and they smelt pretty decent. After taking the obligatory snaps for Instagram and helping ourselves to some garlic mayonnaise we settled down to tuck in.

Intu Eldon Square: Grey's Quarter - PizzaStorm

It's important to note that I'm never going to claim that PizzaStorm make the best pizza in Newcastle and it does very much what it says on the tin. This is fast food and whilst it's no gourmet pizza, it's certainly loads better than the fast food rubbish you'll find out on Northumberland Street!

As with all fast food there are some obvious negatives, the base was pretty bland, my egg in the middle wasn't runny and the Mozzarella wasn't as deliciously stringy as I would usually like it but on the whole my pizza was enjoyable. The amount of toppings were generous and I loved the accompanying sauce which made a great additional topping. I also loved that it didn't leave me with a horrible bloated feeling afterwards, it was pretty light!

Intu Eldon Square: Grey's Quarter - PizzaStorm

When it came to dessert there's one choice at PizzaStorm and that's Unlimited Ice-Cream. Costing £2.95 per person you can return to the ice-cream machine as many times as you like and cover your dessert in as much sauce and toppings as you can manage (for us this meant pressing down until chocolate sauce was running down our hands!). The ice-cream will be a huge hit with the kids (and probably husbands "hangry" after a shopping trip I should imagine!)

Intu Eldon Square: Grey's Quarter - PizzaStorm

PizzaStorm does a great alternative to the usual fast food chains in Newcastle and is a great addition to Eldon Square for shoppers looking to fit in a quick bite in their busy schedule.

We received complimentary meals for the purposes of this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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  1. Love the idea of catch up and cheese - I read another blog where they have 'Pizza club' and try somewhere new for pizza every month. My kind of blog!


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