Wednesday 15 March 2017

March Days

My round up post has come a little early this month as New Girl in Toon will be taking a short break so that I can recharge my batteries. This year I will have been writing this blog for 4 years and it's very rare that I take any time away from it, so I'm really looking forward to having some weeks away from my screen - I promise I'll return full of great stories and adventures! Here are a few things that happened the first part of the  month that didn't make the blog.

An evening at the Malmaison 

Somewhere between researching ports and writing my packing list I realised that I seriously needed to get myself booked into the Malmaison on the Newcastle Quayside for some essential pre Honeymoon treatments. I enjoyed a very relaxing evening getting a luxury manicure and pedicure followed by a spray tan at The Spa. Being a redhead and naturally very pale, having a tan ready for the Caribbean is an absolute dream. Shorts really do look so much better with a tan!

Malmaison Newcastle Quayside

Primark Hauling

The Summer clothes have finally arrived in Primark and I couldn't help going on a haul which definitely got out of control as I somehow ended up leaving the shop with two huge bags which meant I had to get the bus straight home as I was struggling to carry everything. These beautiful sandals caught my eye but after spending forever trying loads of sizes on and falling in love with them I decided they weren't sensible and put them back. I've been regretting it ever since!

Primark Sandals

Afternoon Tea at the Movies

A Sunday afternoon watching a classic movie over an indulgent afternoon tea, does life get any better? The Tyneside Cinema invited us over to experience one of their Afternoon Tea at the Movies events and it was amazing!  The food, the atmosphere, the service - we couldn't fault any of it and I can't wait to share a proper review with you next month. Watch this space!

Afternoon Tea at Tyneside Cinema Newcastle
Dior Lusting

You know Summer is almost here when Fenwicks in Newcastle have got the designer shades back in stock. Admiring the beautiful frames through the glass cabinets is one of my favourite things to do and I currently have my heart set on making my first designer sunglass purchase at Dior.  I'm hoping to get my dream pair at Heathrow as we set off on our Honeymoon - I am so excited!

Dior Sunglasses at Fenwick Newcastle

"Honeymoon Simon"

During my latest catchup with my friend Kelly she was telling me that her husband Thom has a holiday wardrobe of clothes that are completely different to his usual style that he brings out for every single holiday. This has resulted in him transforming into "Holiday Thom" every time they go away. Her story made me chuckle and I also realised that poor Simon had a very limited amount of clothes to take away on our cruise so I decided to make it my mission to create "Honeymoon Simon". I dragged the poor man to Primark and we spent over 3 hours (yes, really!) creating him the perfect look for a Caribbean Cruise. He marched out of the Metrocentre with three huge very full bags and a brand new wardrobe!

Metrocentre Gateshead

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  1. Have an amazing time Chloe and Simon! We can't wait to hear all about it and I bet you are tempted to start singing along to Tropicana a la Jane Mcdonald!

  2. Not long now!! Super excited for you both.

  3. Oh you'll have to update this post with a couple of snaps from your break. Enjoy the digital detox xx

  4. Those Primark sandals are fab! Have the most amazing honeymoon love x
    Sophie Cliff

  5. Have a fabulous time on your honeymoon! Sounds like a fun month of planning :-)

    JH |

  6. Hope you have an amazing time on your honeymoon! Please PLEASE tell me Honeymoon Simon consists of entirely tropical print shirts! Stephie xx

  7. Afternoon Tea at the Tyneside Cinema sounds like a wondeful way to spend a couple of hours!
    Hope you have the best honeymoon and enjoy your time 'off'!

  8. This is hilarious, Rich had a "Honeymoon Rich" which hasn't been out since, so I can't wait to see the pictures of "Honeymoon Simon"!

    Rachel x

    The Inelegant Wench

  9. Hope you have an amazing time.

  10. So excited to see all of your adventures, hope you've had the best break ever! Alice xxx

  11. I have never thought of it like this but my hubby is "holiday chris" and has a completely different look and wardrobe that he would NEVER wear in the UK!

    Rachael xox

  12. I remember seeing you had published this in the middle of March and for a moment had a brief panic thinking we were at the end of March already haha. Hope you managed to get your glasses at the airport before you set off, it looks like you're having an amazing time! x


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