Wednesday 5 April 2017

Honeymoon Snaps - Our Miami and Caribbean Instagram Adventures

I'm back!

For those of you that didn't notice I was gone (shame on you - it's been 3 weeks!) Simon and I have been away in Miami and the Caribbean enjoying our belated Honeymoon in the sunshine. We've got faces full of freckles, indulged in a silly amount of food, maxed out our credit cards and have some fantastic memories that are going to stay with us forever.

Of course I'll be telling you all about it once I've got on top of the laundry mountain (how can two people produce so much washing?!) and am over the jet lag but for the moment I thought I'd share a few snaps from my Instagram.

Palm Tree Dreams

I love palm trees and there was an abundance of them at Miami Beach.  I spent a lot of the time not watching where I was going as I was too busy looking up at them. To me they just scream "HOLIDAY" and I could have happily spent every day photographing them.

Honeymoon Miami

US Beauty Haul

You can't go to America without going a little crazy in Sephora, CVS and Ulta. Big brownie points to my husband who was happy to sacrifice a little Honeymoon time watching me fill up baskets with products. I managed to get my hands on loads of goodies that I've been wanting for ages.

US Beaty Haul

Starbucks Obsessions

Is it just me or does Starbucks in the US taste so much better? They have so many more drinks and flavours available that I could have popped in a few times a day to work my way through everything. My favourite discovery was the Cotton Candy Frapp - I'm pretty sure I can't recreate this in the UK as we don't have all of the vital ingredients.

Starbucks America

Supermarket Geeks

For anyone who loves food as much as us I definitely recommend heading to a supermarket next time you're in the States. I'm sure some people would find us a bit crazy dashing about the food aisles on our Honeymoon but we had so much fun running about finding different flavours of Pop Tarts, Oreos and Lucky Charms.  We honestly could have bought half the shop!

Cruising Newbies

Simon and I had never been on a Cruise before but my parents are addicted and always return from their holidays full of fantastic stories that make us jealous. A Cruise was the perfect way for us to feel pampered and relaxed whilst getting to see loads of new places and going on lots of adventures. Safe to say we loved it and almost booked ourselves another one while we were on board!

Book Worm

When I was younger I was the biggest bookworm - I would snuggle under my duvet every night reading books long after my parents had turned my light out. Unfortunately I don't often get the chance to read anymore, so I was keen to get through as many books as possible during our Honeymoon. I packed four and had read three by the end of our first week - I definitely rediscovered my love for reading.

Birthday Girl

The day we set sail on our cruise also happened to be my birthday and Simon treated me to the most amazing gift. A pair of Dior sunglasses that I've been lusting over for the longest time. I literally wore them the entire time we were away and I'm really hoping we get lots of Spring sunshine now that we're home so I can wear them every day.

Dior Sunglasses

Caribbean Adventures

Exploring the Southern Caribbean was such a great experience. I had no idea that each island we visited would be so different and we had some fantastic adventures.  I'll be telling you all about where we docked very soon and can't wait to share our photographs with you and let you know all about what we got up to.

To see more photographs from our Miami and Caribbean adventures make sure you check out my Instagram and I'll be sharing loads more with you later in the month.



  1. Welcome home, can't believe it's been three weeks I've been jealously following along your photos! So pleased you had a great time looking forward to hearing more!

    1. Thank you! Can't wait to share the rest ... desperately trying to get them all edited at the moment, I'm only to day one of the Cruise!

  2. Yeah - I am so happy to have New Girl in Toon back in my life. I can't wait to read all of your posts. I am so pleased you found time to read - I'm taking 2 books to Cuba with me. I think holidays are pretty much the only time I get to binge read.

    1. I think I have a post a day for the next few weeks - busy, busy, busy! You'll be sick of me soon!

  3. Welcome home! Fabulous blog and can't wait to read all about your adventures. Would love to share your blog - would that be okay, Chloe? xxx

    1. Of course, never going to say no to people sharing!

  4. I hope your first day back at work wasn't too bad! 3 weeks sounds great. It's hard not to get excited at American food, everything's always bigger and tastier haha. Look forward to seeing more of your 'paradise' photos! x

    1. The best part is I carried holiday over too so I still have 14.5 days left to take so I reckon I can maybe squeeze in another holiday (although probably UK based!)

  5. Lovely snapshots Chloe! So glad you had a wonderful time. I loved the Rosie Project - I don't read very often either - holidays are definitely a great chance to catch up with some books.

    Hope being back to work is okay and you're not too full of post honeymoon blues.

    Sarah xx

    1. I swore when I got back I was going to read every night before bed - surprise surprise it hasn't happened! I catch up on YouTube and watch TOWIE instead!

  6. Some reaLly gorgeous pictures there, you got your honeYmoon style down perfectly! X

  7. I've been following your holiday over on Instagram & it looked absolutely amazing! Total bucket list type adventures. Hope you had a brilliant time, by the looks of it you definitely did! Can't wait to read more of your posts!

    1. Thank you .. it's almost painful writing them all up cos it makes me miss it!

  8. This looks INCREDIBLE!! I am so jealous of all the sun and adventures you had! Plus the food looks amazing!! xx

    Lynsey || One More Slice

  9. I love holiday supermarkets!
    A Caribbean cruise looks like the perfect honeymoon, hope you had the best time!


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