Friday 23 June 2017

Summer Fragrances at House of Fraser, Intu Metrocentre

For many years I've been struggling to find my "signature scent". With so many of my friends having a perfume that they love and use above all others, I've always felt a certain amount of pressure to find "the one".

This Summer I've decided to officially stop the search and admit to myself that I'm a proud lover of seasonal scents. I have a dressing table covered in different bottles of perfume and love them all equally. In the morning I decide what to put on depending on my mood, the occasion and the time of year.

Summer Fragrances at House of Fraser, Intu Metrocentre

Summer scents for me are all about delicious sweet fragrances, tropical vibes and smells that instantly transport me to days on the beach, long afternoon picnics and strolls along the North East coast.

Recently I was invited to an evening at the personal shopping suite at House of Fraser in the Metrocentre to try out some of the new fragrances in the beauty hall this Summer. I was in my element playing with all the different bottles of scent and thought that I'd share the two with you that I've been using ever since.

Abercrombie and Fitch - First Instinct 

My new every day Summer fragrance, Abercrombie and Fitch First Instinct (from £35.00) is the perfect scent to throw in my handbag when we're heading out on a day trip in the sunshine. With notes of magnolia, grapefruit zest and passion fruit, it's a beautiful perfume for Summer.

Summer Fragrances at House of Fraser, Intu Metrocentre - Abercrombie and Fitch First Instinct

Its delicate scent makes it perfect for the daytime and I love nothing more than putting on a floaty Summer dress, a splash of First Instinct and then skipping off for an adventure. I definitely prefer lighter scents for Summer days and First Instinct is so easy to wear, striking up the perfect balance of long lasting without being overpowering.

Summer Fragrances at House of Fraser, Intu Metrocentre - Abercrombie and Fitch First Instinct

I can't help but get a little superficial about my perfume and I will admit I do love a bottle that looks beautiful on my dressing table and First Instinct is definitely a beauty. A pretty girly pink with a gold lid, the bottle is a stunning addition to my Summer fragrance collection.

Jimmy Choo L'Eau

The newest scent from Jimmy Choo, L'Eau (from £36.00) is Summer in a bottle with delicious juicy bergamot combined with hibiscus flower.  The delicious scent has real staying power and is one I only have to apply once, it packs a real punch and I love being able to smell it for the entire day.

Summer Fragrances at House of Fraser, Intu Metrocentre - Jimmy Choo L'Eau

I've been wearing L'Eau a lot on date nights with my husband and I think it's going to be a scent that conjures up wonderful memories of warm evenings in the beer garden, romantic strolls along the seafront and eating tapas in pavement cafes.

A little bolder than First Instinct, the Jimmy Choo scent is the one that I reach for when I want that little bit extra and is beautiful worn with a floral evening dress and mega heels.

Of course it doesn't hurt that the bottle is so beautiful, I love sneaking it into my bag for the evening and showing it off - it's the perfect scent to have with you on an evening out.

Summer Fragrances at House of Fraser, Intu Metrocentre - Jimmy Choo L'Eau

With the beautiful weather finally here, don't forget to check out the stunning new fragrances at House of Fraser Metrocentre this Summer.

Does anyone else have a favourite scent for the Summer?  Or are you more of a signature scent kind of person?

This post was written in collaboration with KGA

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  1. Ooo these sound and look gorgeous! I'm really funny with perfume as they tend to smell much different on me than they do in the bottle. But I think my two signature scents have to be Ghost and White Musk (Body Shop). They've always been my go to perfumes! Tried Jimmy Choo Flash but I'm not quite sure yet!! x


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