Friday 16 February 2018

Why my Husband will never love Adventures

Something a bit silly for you today to celebrate Valentines Week!

My husband and I are so similar in some ways - we agree on the important things in life, both love movies and are somewhat socially awkward, we are the perfect team! However, there is one thing that we will always disagree on and that's adventures!

I love nothing more than grabbing my camera, jumping in the car and heading out into the countryside for an explore. Long walks, seaside views, beautiful flowers - being out in the sunshine makes my heart sing and never fails to put a smile on my face. My husband however would much rather stay at home and spend his downtime indoors chilling out and switching off. Obviously married life is about compromise and we try and do a bit of both to keep us happy, but I have to say when it comes to adventures poor Simon is pushed way out of his comfort zone.

My husband is a walking, talking disaster zone when we go on day trips, and here are just some of the reasons why he will never love adventures.

The Sun

Whilst the sun makes most of us happy it turns my husband into the Hulk. He hates low Winter sun that gets in his eyes when he's driving and hates having to change his glasses when it's sunny. No matter how much sunblock he puts on he will always end the day with angry red sunburn. Simon and the sun are not friends!

The Insects

One of my funniest memories of Simon on an adventure was during a 6 mile walk round Gibside when a fly insisted on following him for the entire hike. I have no idea why, but no matter how much he ran away from it, how many times he shouted at it or flicked it away it came back and it stayed with him all day. The angrier he got, the more I laughed ... I am so mean!

The Puddles

If there's a puddle to be found you can guarantee that Simon will put his foot in it. I'll usually be skipping off ahead somewhere when I'll suddenly hear a "Oh crap" behind me, only to turn round and see my poor husband with his foot stuck in some kind of muddy hole. It'll inevitably soak through his shoes, make his feet soggy and he'll spend the rest of the day squelching behind me with a scowl on his face.

The Road Trips

If Simon could limit the journey time of our adventures he'd probably cap it at 20 minutes, he is not a big fan of going on long car trips. So I usually have to trick him into going places, like the time I somehow managed to get him to drive to Scotland and see some snowdrops (still not sure if he's forgiven me for that!) I also have a knack of taking us to places down tiny country roads (where we will inevitably get stuck in some mud) or taking us to places with limited car parking spaces.

The Animals

Although Simon loves animals he does seem to attract the wrong kind of attention when we're out on adventures - like the time that he got chased by a lamb at Wallington after I befriended it and it decided Simon was its Mam. He is forever telling me off for getting too close to things and I have to admit that most of the time when I ignore him it's him that ends up getting chased or attacked!

I'm pretty sure that my adventures annoy the hell out of him and it's pretty amazing he still continues to let me take charge of our weekend plans. Who knows what messes I'll get him into this year!


  1. Eee check you out using the word mam ;-) At least you'll have lots of memories to smile about when you're old and grey x

    1. You know me, love to pretend I'm Geordie if I can get away with it! Simon's buzzing this weekend - the sun is out but I have a packed weekend doing stuff without him so he can sit indoors, shut the curtains and game all day!

  2. Aw bless Simon! He is a real hero though. Especially taking you to Scotland. Katie x

  3. Oh dear, they don't sound like his cup of tea. Lovely that he stills goes along with you though :)


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