Tuesday 6 February 2018

Pancake Day at The Pancake Kitchen, Seaham Harbour - Menu Review

Next week it's Pancake Day, one of the most important days in the year I'm sure you'll agree! To celebrate I'm dedicating the blog this week to pancakes and have a couple of recommendations to share with you all starting with The Pancake Kitchen in Seaham Harbour.

Sitting by the beautiful Seaham Marina in County Durham, The Pancake Kitchen is quite a find! If pancakes are your thing then you'll be really impressed by their huge menu dedicated to all things pancake with over 15 savoury and sweet pancakes to choose from (there are also things available to non pancake lovers ... but who doesn't love pancakes?!)

The Pancake Kitchen, Seaham Harbour
Despite visiting over lunchtime Simon and I decided to ignore the savoury and dive head first into the sweet options, I mean if you can't have a plate covered in cream and toffee for lunch on a Saturday then when can you?

Forever annoying ourselves by wanting the same dish we managed to narrow it down to our favourite two and ordered one each with the promise that we could sample each others pancakes without arguments (life tip - it's always best to set the rules out before the food arrives!)

We agreed that I'd have the Honeycomb Surprise (£4.95) Huge chunks of homemade cinder coffee with toffee sauce, whipped cream and vanilla ice-cream. I definitely think I won, just look at how amazing the Honeycomb looks and there were even more hidden away inside my pancake.

The Pancake Kitchen, Seaham Harbour - Honeycomb Surprise

Hoping it might count towards one of his five a day, Simon opted for the Dutch Apple (£4.95) - a pancake stuffed full with apple and sultanas in homemade toffee sauce topped with whipped cream, vanilla ice-cream and sprinkled with cinnamon sugar.

Our pancakes were delicious, made even better by the wonderful atmosphere in the tiny restaurant. It was buzzing with people and the staff were happily flitting around chatting to customers. They are very dog friendly and we enjoyed seeing all of the furry customers who appeared during our visit. Everyone was making a lot of fuss over two gorgeous wire haired dacshund and we left wishing we could have a dog of our own!

Pancake Kitchen, Seaham Harbour

Of course, after consuming all of those calories it's only right to have a little plod outside and luckily Seaham Harbour is a beautiful little spot for some refreshing sea air.  It may have been a little chilly out in the Winter breeze but I really love the coastline at this time of year. We were very lucky to be blessed with clear blue skies tinted with a tiny bit of pink and the most beautiful fluffy white clouds, I could have stood there for hours admiring the views!

The Pancake Kitchen, Seaham Harbour

If you can't be bothered to peel pancakes off your ceiling next week then get yourself down to The Pancake Kitchen and let them rustle you up something delicious!

Find the Pancake Kitchen at:

Unit 3 Waterside
Seaham Harbour

0191 447 8450



  1. Those pancakes look like they are massive portions! I like the sound of Simon's - definitely one of his five a day x

    1. They were HUGE! I was very surprised when Simon let me go for the honeycomb, usually he shouts the loudest and I end up with the second favourite!

  2. Yum! These pancakes look fab. I'm so excited for pancake day!

    1. Annoyingly we're actually out and can't have any! BOOOOOOO!!

  3. Those pancakes look massive!! I think Matty and I would have to share one. They seem really good value for money. We'll have to take Fenton for a little adventure. Katie x

    1. I'm always trying to convince Simon to share but he never wants to!

  4. Your Honeycomb surprise looks all kinds of amazing!


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